Bags at EBay Philippines

Oh dear.. now that the season for shopping  bec. holidays are coming I’m already itching to shop.. I want a Coach bag for my birthday this year!!! I really want one.. I have been eyeing a signature coach bag for months now and I have not seen the style that I want at EBAY phil. I will wait until October and see what styles will be available.


Create Music with Chinese Gong

Music is universal. Music is everywhere. Music is here to stay.

I bet you’ll not find any person who doesn’t know any song or has not been exposed to music. Music is already a part of our lives and I can’t even imagine life without music. Music helps us to be happy, feel melancholic, give us groove, relaxes us and whatever mood you are into, there is always a tune that you can find that will suit what you are experiencing at the moment.

Musical instruments also play an important role in creating music. Different instruments create different sound. While there are also musical instruments that can reflects a certain culture or country like the chinese gong. Gongs are used in ceremonies and other occasions and can create music as well.

School and Classroom Instruments

These days a lot of people are getting more interested in the study of music. Not many can sing with a good quality voice but many can learn musical instruments. Learning to play musical instruments require patience and dedication. If one is patient and willing to learn no matter how long it may take him as long as there is passion and liking, I don’t think there is no reason not to learn.

Schools have extra curricular activities are being given to students and this is a good way where students can express their talents thru music. School and Classroom Instruments at MF are readily available where schools can acquire instruments for their music class.

Bass Buying Guide

Buying musical stuff can be daunting sometimes but when you do your thorough research online and even asking friends with knowledge, purchasing your own musical instrument will not be hard anymore. When you are looking for a particular musical instrument, high quality and durability should be considered. Sometimes high-end brand will not perform or give you the best quality so be sure to check around.

Looking for a bass? Then this Bass Buying Guide will definitely help you choose. Not only it will give helpful tips but you’ll be more knowledgeable before buying your instrument.

Ready for Christmas Shopping?

Can you feel the Christmas air already? I do…

As early as this October, I have all the reasons now to think about Christmas and shopping. First, the malls are filled with Christmas decors already, yeah I’m not kidding. Some radio stations are playing Christmas songs already while some TV shows are featuring products that we can buy as Christmas gifts. How can you not think about Christmas when you hear and see all of those hehe.

I’m not really sure when will I start my Christmas shopping because in the last years I started early November so when December strikes, I only have few gifts to find and to rush about. I hate being in the mall with long lines and low stocks of products just to find the perfect gift, so I make it a point as much as possible to shop early. That is to say I have to have ample amount of money to purchase.

Next month, I have to check on my Christmas decors in the storage room and I know they are filled with dusts already but with some little dusting, I know they will be good and will look like new again. Whilst browsing online for some Christmas ideas this year, those whimsical and unique decors locked my eyes on their website. Whimsical, unique, personalized Christmas decors can be found here and I’m sure you’ll find something that will match your decors for the holidays. Now, I need to make a Christmas list soon.