Four Ways to Wear Head Scarves

Having a bad hair day or just want something to uplift your look for the day? A head scarf can be your lifesaver for those days when you are tired or too lazy to make your hair look tamed and beautiful.

Headscarves are so versatile piece of women’s accessories for you can use them in so many ways and purposes. You can tie it into your head to cover your messy hair, those that undergoing a chemo therapy can hide their losing hair underneath a headscarf , use it as a protection against gusty winds/drizzle and can use it as fashion statement and even a piece of accessory for your costume outfit.

Various materials like cotton, silk, and more can be chosen while various prints and colors can match your personality and mood for the day.

Here are 4 fun and cute ways to wear head scarves that I found in Youtube and it can become a stylish fashion statement.
1. Bohemian
2. Funky Bow
3. Hidden Bow
4. Turban

DIY: Tie Dye T-Shirts Tutorial

I remember when I was still in highschool, we used to make tie-dyed shirts as part of our project in home economics. It’s actually pretty easy to make and it’s fun as long as you have all the materials that you need, which is actually just simple and can easily be purchased at local stores.

Your creativity and color combination skills will be put into use in this DIY project. There are actually a lot of different patterns that you can make depending on the way that you tied your shirts.

Materials needed:
1. White shirt
2. Dyes of various colors
3. Rubber Bands
4. gloves
5. plastic bottles

Tie dyed shirts are still in the fashion these days. Not only you can tie dye your shirts but also your shorts and even shoes. This is one fun activity just in case you have not experience it.

Here’s a simple Tie Dye Fashion tutorial that you can make with your friends.

DIY Crystal Necklace

I’ve been seeing lots of nice chunky necklaces these days and they are awesome accessories to wear if you want your wardrobe to have some sparkle or an instant lift. There are lots of necklaces available at many stores and they even have different types to suit the neckline of the blouse or shirt that you are wearing.

If you feel like being creative today, you can make your own easy DIY crystal necklace especially if you already have some tools that you will need. I have tried making some bracelets and necklaces before using various crystals and beads so this DIY tutorial will be easy for me and I’m sure for you all. I found this at POLYVORE and it’s worth sharing. I know a lot of women are into accessories and into craft so making your own will make it more personalized. You can even give these as gifts to your girl friends.

DIY: Crystal Necklace

Materials needed:
wire cutters and pliers
crystals (with holes),
eye pins (one per crystal)

First, cut the chain to your desired length and attach a clasp to the end using pliers. Lay out the chain and figure out where you’ll attach the crystals. Next, loop an eye pin through the hole in the top of the crystal and wrap and secure the pin through the chain. Do this last step for each of the crystals.

How to Wear Same Shirt in 8 Different Ways

This is very interesting, I never thought I can use wear the same shirt in so many ways. Ahhh.. that only shows that I’m not imaginative or creative enough when it comes to dressing up. I’m actually learning a lot on ways to dress up and mix and match clothes. Right now, I think I need to look over my closet and see what goes well into others so I can maximize the use of my clothes. There are times that I wear that same shirt anymore because it will be the same look.

DIY Audrey Cape for Kids

Oh how cute is this! Kids are getting so fashionable these days too! Thanks to their moms who have keen eye on fashion.

Actually those capes are DIY and if you love making and sewing clothes for your kids this is definitely a great idea to make. The link on the step-by-step tutorial for this cape is there below the photo, just click it and you can practice and make one for your little kids.