Cheetah-Print High Top Sneakers by Kenneth Cole

I reckon that every woman should have their own pair of sneakers. Not only they are comfortable to wear, sneakers are now very fashionable as well.  Sneakers can be paired with jeans, skirt, and even dress for some adventurous fashionistas. In fact, sneakers have become staple shoes of every woman’s closet now and i think they will forever be bought and used by women.

Thanks to designers who are coming up with lots of interesting prints and even colorful sneakers. Take for example this Cheetah-Print High Top sneaker by Kenneth Cole New York. It’s available in high-top and low-top cheetah-print sneakers both for men and women.

Cheetah-Print High Top Sneakers by Kenneth Cole

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Definition via Kenneth Cole store:

cheetah-print leather high-top sneaker
snake-embossed cap toe, tongue, and top of shaft
padded shaft
inner zipper closure
leather laces
padded insole
4.5″ shaft

Tory Burch Fall 2013 Accessories

Aren’t you excited about these wonderful accessories from Tory Burch?

Tory Burch Fall 2013 Accessories: mood of the season: striking and sophisticated, with rich colors and prints, mixed textures, subtle hints of gold — and special pieces for day to evening.

Tory Burch Fall 2013 Accessories

It seems that insects are  staple designs for the fall season for Tory and I’m kinda liking it eventhough bugs looks kinda creepy in real world. I just love how that bug was made into necklace piece and prints in bags and other accessories. It can be included in the long list of bug jewelry trend now-adays.

Tory Burch Fall 2013 Accessories

Tory Burch Fall 2013 Accessories
This vibrant electric eel color is just eye-catching..

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7 Printed Ballet Flats Under $100

I know a lot of women who love to wear pumps or high heels shoes for they feel so stylish and fashionable. It’s true, those killer shoes with 3-5 inches of heels can make any women feel sexy and tall especially those that need a boost in their height. However, wearing those high heels shoes all the time or everyday can hurt your feet and legs for your weight can really get  into your feet when you are wearing one for long period of time.

Anyway,  nothing beats a shoe that can make you feel comfortable when walking for long periods of time and flat shoes are always my bet. I love flat shoes that I normally buy them from time to time.

Any woman should own flat shoes in her closet, not only it can easily be paired with jeans, skirt, shorts, and dress, flat shoes can also make your outfit fab. Don’t just settle wearing only one neutral block colors for you can always experiment with different colors and patterns.

Here are ballet flats under $100 that I found via Polyvore, a drab outfit can make it fab when you wear a splash of colors and patterns. Check out these cuties.

7 Printed Ballet Flats Under $100


C Wonder ballet flat
3,095 PHP –

TOMS ballet flat
3,490 PHP –

Sperry Top Sider ballet flat
4,330 PHP –

French Follies ballet flat
840 PHP –

Iron Fist ballet flat
2,210 PHP –  $50.00

Ann Taylor ballet flat
3,445 PHP – $78.00  –

Puma shoes
3,975 PHP –

Finding Shoes For Narrow Feet

Finding Shoes For Narrow Feet
There are many shapes and sizes of women. From clothes to shoes, getting the right fit will provide more comfort, giving you a better experience on both your body and your feet.

Why is it important to find the right fit? Finding the right fit for shoes is essential. Shoes that are too wide are going to slip off of the feet and create uncomfortable pressure on the toes, or blisters on the heels. Getting the right fit ensures a comfortable and healthy walk.

What are some of the tips you should use when shopping for women’s narrow shoes?

Be Cautious of Shopping Online
Despite the fact that there are online shoe stores that specialize in types of shoes, like narrow shoes for women’s feet — it’s important to try on the shoes in person.

Get Familiar with Brands
Get familiar with certain brands of shoes, as it’s going to ease the shopping trip. Finding versatile brands with shoes that go from day to night and shoes for casual and special occasions make it easy to go shopping, and even order online (as long as you are familiar with the sizing and the brand of shoes).

Shop Sales
Since narrow shoes limit the selection available to you while shopping, it’s going to be more important than ever to shop through the sales. Shop at the end of the season and sign up for communication from your favorite stores and brands that stock specialty shoes for women; helping to stay within budget.

Try Them On
Finding Shoes For Narrow Feet

Instead of visiting the store to try on a pair of shoes for size, give yourself a chance to walk around the store a few times in the shoes. Most women try on their shoes while sitting down, basing their opinion on foot using the appearance and feeling of the shoes without ever walking around. Spend a few minutes walking around the store in the shoes to determine not only how they fit, but also how they feel while they’re actually being worn.

Check the Return Policy
What is the return policy of the store where the shoes are being purchased? You’re going to want to choose a store that allows you the chance to return the shoes in the case they don’t work or are the wrong fit once they’ve been worn. Most stores require the tags to be attached to the shoes and the shoes to be unworn outside. Keep this in mind and try on the shoes again, walking around at home, to make sure that you’ve found the right fit.

Don’t Forget About Support
Narrow feet require support throughout the arches — especially in the case that the shoes are going to be used for sports. Choose high quality shoes with support throughout to reduce the chance of injury and ensure comfort while the shoes are being worn.

Shopping for women’s narrow shoes doesn’t have to be difficult. Finding the right store, the right brand and the right type of shoe that works for your fit is half the battle.
Finding Shoes For Narrow Feet

My Fabulous GAP Finds

I’m itching to shop once again but before I head to the stores or click my mouse and fill my cart, I have to find nice items firsts so that I will make good choices.

1. Printed Camouflage boyfriend shirt for $54.95
I love 3/4 and long sleeves shirt that I can match with my skinny jeans and neutral colored pants. This is something that I can wear at the mall, quick meet-up with friends and quick errands.

2. The Sleeveless Shirtdress  $59.95 & V-Neck Cardigan $27.99 (sale right now)
The shirt dress can be worn with a belt or just as is. Love the print!

3. 100% Cotton T-shirt on sale @ $14.99
Nothing beats wearing a cotton shirt anytime. Love the stripes and the simple design on it.

4. Leather ballet Flats – $39 available in 6 colors
This Cranberry colored ballet flats caught my eyes instantly, never had a flat shoes with a color like this. I’m a flat shoe woman so this will give me lotsa comfort for sure.

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