Not Fade Away: Why Faded Jeans are in this Season

It’s funny how the big wheel of fashion turns. Throughout the 90s and 00s we always tried to prevent our jeans from fading. Block denim colours were in, and faded jeans were a big faux pas. Then something happened and we rediscovered our love for all things stonewashed.

Just take a quick look through any fashion magazine this year and you’ll notice everyone (and we mean everyone) is wearing faded or stonewash denim.

The faded look was last big in the 80s, so in a way it makes perfect sense that it should come back into fashion around now. In the 90s, it was the turn of the 60s to be reinvented.

When kids found their parents old stash of records and 60s clothes in the back of the cupboard there was a move towards reinvention. In the 00s, the 70s were back with flares making a big comeback (although this one was mostly for the girls).

So, it is perfect timing for the younger generation to rediscover faded and stonewashed jeans. Despite people often professing a desire to get away from their parents ideas, style and music, there is an influence underlying it that is hard to escape.

You’re instinctively drawn to things you see in old family albums. Seeing pictures of your parents as young people in faded jeans puts this image into your head – and it stays there. You might outwardly profess that they look stupid but inside you can’t help feeling that actually they look pretty cool.

That’s why the fashion wheel often turns in 30 year or generational cycles. It’s also why faded jeans are back now. Take a look elsewhere at the culture that’s going on.

In music, 80s electro pop is back in a big way. Everywhere you look there are neon colours which couldn’t be more 80s if it tried. In films, Superman is back on the big screen trying to recreate his 80s heyday. It’s quite literally everywhere.

It’s just a theory but it does seem to explain a lot. It’s why faded jeans are back and why you should be wearing them this summer. The 80s may have seemed like they were gone forever but if you look closely you’ll see them coming back. Soon you might realise that those guys from the 80s were actually pretty cool, and that might even include your folks. Just don’t tell them we said so.

Jim Rowland is a freelance stylist based in Melbourne, Australia who enjoys the latest in men’s fashion. When he is not busy with photoshoots and events, he loves to frequent his local cafe for a good cup of coffee.

Getting Suits Your Groomsmen Will Love

When you are planning out your wedding, you need to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect suits for your groomsmen. This is basically like looking for your decorations. The groomsmen are going to be part of the ceremony and the reception, and they all need to look their best. On top of that, they need to have suits that match the theme or the colors of the wedding. This makes everything look like it was planned out well in advance. It helps to create the perfect atmosphere that you need to have on your wedding day to make it really special.

The first step should be deciding on a style and a color. Go look at a number of different suits with your bride-to-be. Bring along one of the dresses, if she already has them, that the bridesmaids are going to wear. This will help you to choose a suit that matches the colors and the style of the dresses. You need everyone to look great together, not just on their own. If she does not have the dresses yet, you could consider getting the suits that you like and then looking for matching dresses, though it is often easier to do things the other way around.
Getting Suits Your Groomsmen Will Love
There are a few choices that you can make about how you want to incorporate the colors. For example, even if your main color is green, you probably do not want everyone to wear green suits. However, it would look very sharp if your groomsmen all had white suits with green undershirts. You could also be even more subtle and give them black suits, white undershirts, and green ties. You should at least look at all of these combinations when you are in the rental shop so that you know you are getting the style that you like the most.

As far as shoes and belts are concerned, you have some options here as well. You could choose to rent them along with the suits at some shops. At others, you may have to buy them separately. Many groomsman just wear the nicest dress shoes that they own, or they borrow some from a brother or father, rather than buying them since they may not wear them again. Therefore, if you want all of the shoes to match just like the bridesmaids’ shoes do, you are best off to rent them as part of the whole package.

Most wedding suit rentals need to be made long before the wedding – typically, you have to do this weeks or even months in advance. The suits are not already going to be in stock, at least not in the numbers that you need them. The larger your party, the more time you need to provide so that all of the right suits can be ordered. Do not put this off until the last minute, or you may not be able to get them in time, and you will have to settle for something else.

Summer Trend: Men’s Short Suits

The hot weather  can easily become unbearable in a hot office lacking air conditioning but you can easily make  few changes to your working wardrobe to combat this! Short suits with lightweight suit jackets are one on trend item which will soon become a staple in your seasonal wardrobe, versatile enough for the office teamed with a formal shirt or with a casual t-shirt from the designer collections at Boudi London, perfect for the weekend!

The catwalks predicted the need for short suits this summer months ago and as a result there are plenty of options available regardless of your exact tastes, there should be the perfect suit out there. Even women’s collections had a significant number of short suit pieces making their way out onto the runway! You’ll typically find most of the short suits across designer collections focus on neutral and light colours, which of course are perfect for summer! But for those who would like a more reserved short suit some shopping around will lead you to what you are looking for. For example Raf Simmons has a navy checked short suit which is available at Mr Porter, giving you everything you would expect from a designer suit!

If you would prefer something from the high street Topman have an enviable collection currently available, their light grey piece deserves a look whereas ASOS have two tone colour block piece in light blue and a darker shade of grey with both pieces available for under £70.

Short suits are also perfect for summer holidays and weddings abroad which have a more formal dress code and can often be the solution to an array of outfit dilemmas! No longer will you have to sacrifice style for comfort when adhering to dress codes. Ben Sherman has a statement piece in light red, this teams up with a white shirt and sandals.

After picking up a short suit you then have to decide which items to put together for the perfect outfit; light shirts and sandals should be considered a necessity for ultimate style and comfort. Practically you may prefer to have a men’s designer coat or jacket with you and there are plenty of lightweight summer styles to choose from that will go perfectly with your suit! So, enjoy the heatwave and switch up your summer wardrobe with a short suit!
Summer Trend: Men’s Short Suits