The Ferber Method – An In-depth Look

The Ferber Method was invented by Dr Richard Ferber as a means of helping babies soothe themselves to sleep after crying. He explained more about this training in his book titled Solving Your Baby’s Sleep Problems. There are quite a number of misapprehensions about the Ferber Method as some parents think it is the wrong approach towards getting a child child.

There are still a lot of grey areas on that and it is not the objective of this post to recommend the sleep training method to any parents but as with all things, information is crucial. Therefore this post is aimed at providing as much information as possible about the Ferber method.

Dr Richard recommends that the Ferber method be employed with babies that are above 5 months old. Though infants are allowed to cry in his approach, it is only for specific lengths of time before receiving external comfort from parents. So parents can be rest assured that the training does not encourage abandonment.

Infants are also checked upon at intervals to ensure they are safe from external distress factors. One can also choose to use baby monitors to have an eye on their babies at all times.

For more information on the Ferber sleep training method, check out the infographic here.

The Perks of Online Shopping

The advent of the Internet has paved the way to a lot of things for all of us. Not only can we read/send emails, talk/chat, do banking online, or work  but we can also shop using our computers at the comfort of our homes or office. Shopping these days like what I’m always saying has become easier and convenient for many of us shoppers. No need to go to a store which can be far away from your place just to buy a present for someone or stuff that you need because we can already do the shopping just in front of our computer.

All we need to have are desktop computer/laptop/mobile phones or tablet, internet connection, credit card/paypal to finish your online transactions. It’s even more convenient because some sellers are offering various ways to pay other than your CC or paypal and because of these more shoppers are enticed to buy online.

Online stores also have mushroomed the past few years and this rapid growth gave online shoppers more options to buy items that sometimes they will not normally find on local stores. A lot of stores also give regular discounts or promos to their customers to increase sales and profits while a lot of shoppers also believe that there are more great deals at online stores, which I believe is also true.

More shoppers also do their searches and price comparisons using their preferred gadgets and NRF even say that 5-7% of US shoppers used their mobile phones. I see no reason why these stats will not go up because our gadgets help a lot in our online shopping and with the holidays coming, I can feel that the rates will soar high.

Let’s go shopping and enjoy the perks of shopping at our homes!

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Smart Shoppers Use Coupon Codes

Every consumer wants to save on their purchases and that is why a lot of us scour different racks or stores hoping to find bargain or discounted items.
Going to the grocery these days with only few bucks on your hand may only sent you home with few grocery items. Commodities keep on getting pricier each day and consumers need to tighten their belts from time to time.

One of the many ways on how to stretch your grocery budget is by using coupons. Most penny pinching moms will take time cutting coupons on magazines and make good strategies on how they can lower their grocery bills. Not only that, these days you can actually print out coupons from coupon websites that you can use on your next grocery. Those that are patient in cutting or printing coupons can save more on their purchases as oppose to those that buy items on regular price.

If you’re an online shopper, using online coupons when you shop can also save you a lot of money if you also know where to find those coupon codes. GroupOn, Retail Me Not, Living Social, Coupon and Slick Deals are just some of the coupon websites where you can get grocery/printable and online coupon codes on various items on many stores online.

The infographic below states that almost 80% of consumers use coupons when they shop and it clearly shows that consumers want to save money when they shop. So the next time you hit the grocery or shop online, don’t forget to look for coupons. Nothing beats a shopper who knows how to find a good deal.