4 Ways to Give Yourself an Amazing Spa Day

Most spas have a certain etiquette to keep in mind when visiting which helps set the mood for whatever you are about to experience. A trip to the spa isn’t like a trip to the salon. There is a certain etiquette that’s followed to optimize your treatments. Recognizing these dos and don’ts of spa behavior will also help you to get the most out of your treatment. Here are some etiquette essentials when it comes to visiting the spa.

1.  Decide what kind of experience you’re looking for.  The best way to get the most out of going to a spa is to choose the right kind of spa and treatments.  For some people, a spa visit means a quick day spa trip with a massage and a manicure; for other people, immersive spa retreats that offer wellness classes as well as treatments are the only true spa experience.  There is no inferior spa experience, but factors like your budget, your schedule, and your desire to escape the outside world all affect which type of spa visit will be best for you.

2.  Take advice from the experts.  When it comes to spa info, there are many online resources that will help you find exciting new services and products – see more at http://www.livelovespa.com/browse-spa-brands. You can sign up for any treatment that you would like at a spa, but there are probably some that will benefit you more than others.  For instance, if you aren’t an athlete, aren’t injured, and don’t suffer from chronic pain, a therapist would likely recommend a Swedish or hot stone massage for you rather than a deep tissue massage.  If you’re younger, a specialist might recommend an exfoliating facial scrub rather than a rejuvenating chemical peel.  Again, you can choose whatever treatment you want, but remember that the specialists are experts and they are there to help you have the best experience.

3.  Respect spa etiquette.  Spas are one place where it is essential to be polite and respect etiquette; this helps maintain a good environment both for other visitors and for employees.  When you visit a spa you should leave as much of the outside world at the door as possible.  You should turn your cell phone off or refrain from talking on it and checking it constantly.  This will help you relax while improving the experience of other guests.  You should try to bring a positive attitude, which shouldn’t be difficult, and be respectful to employees and other visitors.  You should also show up early for appointments and make sure that, if you have to cancel, you do it as early as possible.

4.  Be open with the spa specialists.  Whether you’re a seasoned spa-goer or relatively new to the experience, it’s always important to communicate.  The person who is providing your treatment needs to be aware of whether you are pregnant and have any allergies or injuries so that you can receive the most appropriate treatment.  If you’re having an unfamiliar treatment like a mud wrap or a more forceful treatment like a deep tissue massage, you’ll have a better experience if you talk about what to expect and vocalize any pain or discomfort during the treatment.

When you’re new to visiting spas, it’s important to be open to new things, respectful of policies and employees, and up front about the kind of experience you are looking for.  Besides keeping these things in mind, however, you shouldn’t have to put any work into having an enjoyable spa experience.

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Importance of Finding the Right Beauty Product for You

As a woman, nothing beats feeling and looking beautiful all the time. There’s no reason not to feel good about oneself because we can find beauty within ourselves, which is our character. Apart from our quest to enhance our inner beauty, our physical beauty should follow suit. There are products that can aid or help us enhance our physical beauty and we just need to find the right beauty product that will truly match our skin types so that it can give us youthful glow and satisfaction. Finding the right beauty product for you can be challenging and quite a feat but if you’re patient enough then the reward is in the end.

One product that works wonders for someone may not work great for another person simply because we all have different skin types and some products react on our skins differently. Also, don’t expect an overnight miracle when you use a certain soap, wrinkle remover or eye cream for it can really take a while for the effects to be noticeable.

It’s normal for us to try different kinds of beauty products though for it can really help us in finding what’s best for us. Thankfully, there are manufacturers that sell their products in sachets or even small bottles for us to test for few weeks. Once you like the product, then that is the time to buy then in big bottles.

As a consumer, we always need to take note of the changes that it can do to our skin especially on our faces. Check for possible allergy or reaction and once you noticed that you are not “hiyang” or your skin is irritated, immediately discontinue your use. Never test a product of the same kind but of 2 different brands at the same time on your face to avoid untoward reactions. Let your skin “breathe” and rest for a while before using another kind.

I was going through my beauty and hygiene supplies this morning and saw that I already need to buy another feminine wash soon while others are still half way through. In my case, I’ve been using Unilab products for a while now, actually, for years already and I guess I’m sticking to these products (some products not on photo) for I have grown to love them because they’re working for me.

I’ve got those Celeteque facial wash which has micro beads that can help in scrubbing all the dead cells and even those blackheads on my face while I also use their alcohol-free hydrating toner before I go to sleep at night. To keep me fresh down there, instead of soap or just plain water, I’m using pH care’s feminine wash with no fragrance. I have tried some with scent but I still prefer the non-scented one.

It’s not only beauty products from Unilab that I am using but I’m also taking their Conzace multi-vitamins  since last year for immunity boost. When my stomach needs to be tamed for hyperacidity, Kremil-S is always to the rescue and in fact, I always have one on my wallet just in case the attack will come. I definitely would want to try their other products in the future.

So far, I have found the right products for myself and I hope you already found yours.

Importance of Using Organic Skin Care Products

Importance of Using Organic Skin Care ProductsWhen a multitude of organic beauty products started showing up on store shelves a few years ago, one might have thought that it was just a trend. But, experts and users alike are still faithfully searching out and using the best organic products, and for good reason. One of the obvious reasons organic skin care products are beneficial is that they are better for the environment, but the most appealing reason to purchase them for many consumers is that they are much healthier for your skin than other traditional alternatives. Most people don’t like the idea of slathering products laden with chemicals and synthetic substances over their body. Skin acts as a sponge with many of the things that are put on it. It is easy to see why harmful substances used on the skin can cause both external and internal problems.

Harmful Ingredients

If the majority of ingredients on a product’s label are difficult to pronounce, it is probably not composed of natural ingredients. Many substances that are believed to be linked to cancer are used in common products, which can also cause inflammation, irritation, and dryness, among other negative effects. There have even been products imported to America from other countries that contain mercury, which is poisonous to the human body. Although those products are not approved by the FDA, they have still made their way into many households. The body might have no problem absorbing harmful ingredients, but it might not be able to excrete them before they cause damage.

Check the Label

The best way to avoid products that contain unnatural ingredients is to only use completely organic skin care products. Look for products that are certified by the USDA as organic. There are skin care lines that are gluten free and vegan as well. When you search the label for these designations, you can also see which natural substances it contains. Ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, acai berry, jojoba oil, and many others each have their own benefits. When you use these natural ingredients on your skin, it will become soft and revitalized in the most natural way possible.

Top Tips for Fuller Lips

If you aren’t lucky enough to have been born with full, pouty lips like Angelina Jolie or Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely, don’t despair. There are a few things you can do to create the appearance of fuller lips, some of which will be particularly useful to older women whose lips have naturally become thinner and less defined with age.
full lips

Try these lip-enhancing tricks:

1. Try a lip plumping lip gloss
If you can put up with the slight stinging sensation, lip plumping glosses and other products can make your lips look quite a lot fuller. These products slightly irritate the lips for more of a bee-stung look.

2. Use cosmetics to create a new lip line
Cosmetics brand Elizabeth Arden recommends using concealer or foundation to erase your existing lip line, then drawing a new one in slightly above and slightly below your lip line with a natural-toned lip pencil. Avoid making this line too exaggerated or using a lip pencil that is too dark. Fill in your lips with a lip liner (except for the very centre), dab a little concealer in the centre and then apply lipstick. Finish with a shimmery lip gloss for a gorgeous full-lipped look.

3. Take care of your lips
It goes without saying that your lips will look healthier and fuller if they are properly looked after. Make sure you stay really hydrated by drinking lots of water, and remember to gently exfoliate your lips with Vaseline and a soft toothbrush to get rid of any dry skin. Last of all, protect your lips from the sun’s harmful UV rays by applying an SPF lip balm.

If you’ve tried these tips and you still feel like your lips need a little help to look fuller, you can if you want resort to cosmetic surgery. There are a few different procedures available, from lip injections to lip fillers. But remember, cosmetic surgery on your lips can still be quite risky and very invasive. Only try it if you have exhausted all other options and have thought very carefully about your decision.

Breast Reduction Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re unhappy with the size of your chest, breast reduction surgery might be the right option for you. It’s available at clinics across the UK and can dramatically improve your confidence, so let’s find out more. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

What happens during a breast reduction procedure?
During a breast reduction – which is medically known as a mammoplasty – fat, glandular tissue and skin is removed from the chest. Each boob is then reshaped to form a smaller cone of breast tissue and the nipples are repositioned as necessary.

What happens after the surgery is complete
After surgery, you’ll normally be taken to a special part of the clinic, where you’ll be monitored by highly-trained staff. Your dressings will be changed accordingly and you might be asked to wear a surgical bra to help with recovery. Many patients are let home the same day, but there’s usually no need to worry if you have to stay longer

How long will it take to recover?
Of course, every patient is different, but it should only take a few weeks for the swelling and bruising to subside. Stitches will normally dissolve and if any clips have been removed, they’ll be taken out as soon as possible. The incision wounds will take longer to heal and will probably leave small scars – but these should become less visible with time.

Who will carry out the boob job?
Like a breast enlargement procedure a reduction requires skill and concentration, so it’s important to know who will be operating on you. NHS consultants will be registered with the General Medical Council and should hold a license to practice with Britain’s governing body, so don’t be afraid to double check their qualifications and reputation.

What is the benefit of a breast reduction?
According to the NHS Choices website, a large chest can cause many physical ailments including backache, poor posture, shoulder pain, excessive sweating and skin irritations. As a breast reduction decreases the size of the chest, it can often help to ease these problems, so it’s worth finding out more.

Are the results permanent?
The skin and tissue removed will be gone for good, but it’s important to remember that breasts can grow again if you put on weight. They also react to hormonal changes and can grow bigger during pregnancy and the menopause, so it’s wise to keep this in mind before arranging surgery.

If you have a specific question in mind, don’t forget to ask your surgeon at a pre-surgery consultation.