Shop for Products Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month and you can always help in the campaign by buying products that support this campaign. There are many stores that offer products that you can buy and some of the profits will directly go to the Breast Cancer Awareness and Research to help prevent and cure this disease that cause millions of deaths already in the world.


Check out these products :

Products Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

~~Coach Mini Boyfriend Breast Cancer Awareness Small Strap Watch
9,875 PHP ($228)

~~ MARC JACOBS ‘Daisy Hot Pink’ Eau de Parfum (Limited Edition)
3,420 PHP ($79)

~~Pink Ribbon | Estee Lauder Official Site
1,275 PHP ($30)

~~Keratin Complex Heat Therapy Ceramic Ball Dryer – Pink
6,450 PHP ($149)

Hair Tools to Keep Every Woman’s Hair in Style

Women should always give extra time for themselves by making themselves feel and look great. No need to go to the salon all the time to have your hair fix when you need to go out or when you have special occasions for we can always do it on our own.

All we need are the right hair tools that can help us style our hair for it can aid us in creating various hairstyles. There are heaps of tutorial videos online especially at Youtube where we can learn the basics and even the advance hairstyling.

Here are some hair tools that every woman should have in her vanity dresser. All can be purchased at

1. Hair Dryer – Pink $39.00. This can straighten and give volume to you hair while it can also fix unruly strands to stay in place.Travel Hair Dryer


2. Curling Iron– The 3-Day Bender Drybar   $125.00 – gives nice curls on your hair
3. Hot Rollers Short Length Style Set $145.00

4. Flat Iron– ghd Gold Professonal 2” styler at $225- gives your hair that shiny straight hair that most women wanted to have.

Taking Care of Hair Extensions

Great length, curly or wavy volume, balanced and healthy bouncy happy hair! Short hair provides you with minimal hair-styling and lengthy hair provide you with voluminous styles having an elegant and classy look. So if you’re getting short hair, why not choose real human hair extensions?

Hair extension is really a magic formula to possess lengthy hair do without waiting for several weeks or months for the hair to grow. To be able to get hair extensions, it’s more essential to understand how to take care of them. The cleaner your hair, the more your extensions can last and in order to do that, you need to learn how to carefully take care of them. Therefore, proper understanding about hair extension care can provide you with lengthy, strong, soft, bouncy, healthy and flexible hair.

Brushing, Styling and Shampooing

You will find some measures for hair extensions care which are essential to follow along with like staying away from the tangling of hair, keeping the hair dry while going to sleep, always shampoo after working out and swimming, using brush with soft bristles on extensions, etc. Brush hair lightly within the downward motion and don’t tug difficult on it. Then use the conditioner to prevent tangling of hair. Brushing hair as much as three occasions each day allows you to get tangle free beautiful extensions. The greater warmth styling you utilize, the shorter your extensions can last, so avoid using hair dryer, curl irons or straight irons. Don’t color hair extension yourself. Allow the professionals perform the hair remedies. Use dry shampoo around the roots of natural hair to soak up excess oil.

Effect of Chemicals

Swimming pool water and brine can discolor your extensions so attempt to put on swimming gear cap or create a ponytail while opting for swimming and beaches. Chemicals and hair treatment may harm the extensions. Don’t use hair remedies that have alcohol. Avoid matting and don’t attempt to forget extension maintenance appointment for the hair extension care.

Which hair styles I’m able to opt after hair extension?

After you have your hair extension care, you are able to go for different elegant hair styles like lengthy and bouncy, French twist, looped under ponytail and half up Brigitte Bardot Hair.

Lengthy and Bouncy– If you’re searching for a larger look, do this hair do. It not only makes hair appear more bouncy, but additionally soft particulars with light waves.

French Twist- It is among the classic styles that may add elegance for your beauty. Lengthy hair goes well with this particular hair do.

Looped under ponytail- In this kind of hair do, the ponytail is folded to create a loop. This style is ideal for casual looks.

Half up Brigitte Bardot Hair– Part hair in 2 sections and tie top of the section while helping to loosen the low one. This gives sexy and sleek hair do for lengthy hair, which could transform you into diva very quickly.

These hair styles provide you with attention and increase your confidence, as the beauty increases with four folds. If wish to stay searching luxurious with hair extensions, then start understanding how to take proper care of your extensions. Hair is among the important assets of ladies. Lengthy and stylish hairis what every woman dreamed of and after proper care with the hair extensions; it becomes more stylish and offers an exquisite feature.

Cute Ribbons/ Headbands for Girls at Dainty Ashley

A friend of mine is making and selling ribbons and headbands online and I have to say that they are so cute and beautiful. They are handmade with love and made of quality materials. I have ordered from her already and gave it us gifts to my niece and my cousin’s baby.

Check out all her designs and order at

Here are just some of their ribbon collections.

Beautiful Handmade Ribbons/ Headbands and more by Dainty Ashley

A friend of mine is making beautiful ribbons for babies and kids and all hand-made with love. I ordered some headbands as gifts for my nieces and they are all cute and well made. Check out her collections at their Facebook page: and be sure to order as early as you can if you want to give them as gifts this Christmas.

Dainty Ashley is all about handmade dainty hair trinkets and bows for your little girl. Every little girl is beautiful. To accentuate your little girl’s natural beauty is our Mission.

Dainty Ashley was inspired by our love for baby headbands and seeing how cuter a baby or a little girl will look donning such intricate dainty hair pieces. Our Bowtique consists of quality handmade hair bows, hair clips, ponytails, and headbands for newborns, infants, little girls, and yes, even for the little girls at heart.

There are many more different styles of ribbons and clips that you can choose from.
Raine- by Dainty Ashley

Raine -Price: Php 250/pair
Carys by Dainty AshleyCarys- Price: Php 250

I ordered Hannah, Autumn, Kelsey, and Lily collection. They are actually on sale now!

Here’s my niece modeling the Hannah Bow Clip with Headband at Php125.00 each only.  I chose the Island Blue color so that it will match her school uniform. Actually she loves the ribbon so much that she wanted to use it everyday.