6 Ways for the Work at Home Mom to Juggle Finances and Family Life

Telecommuting and the number of home businesses are rising all the time. Working out of the home is a great opportunity for moms but how do you manage both the finances and your family? Here are six ways to stay on track.

Set Regular Work Times


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Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can leave you home office constantly for household chores or family duties. You will get a lot more work done if you set home office hours and stick to them.

Let your family, babysitters or nanny know what your work hours are. If they are during the evening hours, ask your spouse to keep the kids at bay.

Have a Financial Discussion with Your Family

Although younger children may not understand the value of a dollar, tweens and teens are able to grasp and understand the importance of saving and spending.

Determine a household budget that includes all income and expenses and review the budget with your family. Initially, your budget should include actual expenses to see if your finances are in the red. Ask each family member to help you decide how to save more each month. Make sure everyone sticks to their fiscal responsibilities. Start a nest egg account, open a money market account or invest in mutual funds with your extra disposable income.

Keep Business and Personal Bank Accounts Separate

It’s important to ensure your business expenses are paid from a home business bank account. Any income you receive from working at home should also be deposited into a dedicated account. Open separate banking accounts for this purpose and don’t comingle funds—even in an emergency.

Make sure you set aside enough money to pay self-employment taxes quarterly when due.

Learn Top Tips from the Experts

There are a plethora of magazines dedicated to working moms that offer tons of tips for managing family and finances—many are available in electronic form. You should also browse the Internet for websites that offer useful ways to help you manage your household.

Get tips from Amerisave’s Blog where you’ll learn all about refinancing your home, how to finance a new home and the various types of mortgage products on the market today along with other money-saving tips.

The more you learn and read, the better prepared you’ll be to handle any financial situation that may arise.

Treat Yourself!

Everyone needs some special time dedicated to something they love. Each month, make sure you choose a day and get a massage, go window shopping, have lunch with friends or form a club of moms to discuss challenges and exchange ideas.

Paying attention to you not only offers relief, it also helps to keep a peaceful mindset.

Spend Time with the Family

Try not to be the work at home mom who throws up her hands and claims work and household chores don’t allow for spending quality time with the family.

Do rely on older children for help with the chores and your spouse for errands and household cleaning or laundry duties. If you try to be Wonder Woman you won’t have time for family events. Enlist the help of your family and explain why you need it.

The secret to being a successful work at home mom that can also manage the finances is employing these six tactics and sticking to the new plan.


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Investing for Your Dream House Using Loan

Finally, you have found your dream home or dream vacation home. Now all you need are the funds to purchase it. One way you might obtain the funds is by getting a loan. When you do this, there are three things you might want to know about getting your cash loan.

Finding the Right Lender Matters

Different lenders offer different types of loans so it’s important to understand what your lender offers. For example, your bank might offer limited loans while another lender, such as Great Plains Loan, might offer more options.

It’s Important to Know the Different Types of Loans

There are several different factors to consider when getting a loan.

  • Consider how much you want to put down. Some loans will let you put down 5 percent or less. You might even find a lender that offers no money down. Keep in mind that if you put down less than 20 percent, you will more likely have to have your mortgage guaranteed by some sort of outside third-party. This could be a private mortgage insurer, the Veterans Administration, or the Federal Housing Administration.
  • You should also consider your credit when looking for the best loan for your situation. Ask your lender which type of loan works best with your current credit situation.
  • Remember there are special loans for first-time buyers. Many people think that presenting themselves as a first-time buyer means you have never owned property before. This is not always true. In many state programs, this term also refers to individuals who have not owned property during the past three years. The benefit of this type of loan is that it often comes with smaller down-payments and interest rates that are below-market.

You Must Have Your Documentation in Order

Paperwork is never fun, but with a bit of preparation, getting your loan doesn’t have to become a nightmare. Get the following paperwork in order, and your loan process will most likely run smoothly:

  • Get a copy of your monthly wages. Gather up all your pay stubs for the month for each wage earner in the household. If you are self-employed, bring photocopies and records of the previous month’s income.
  • Gather your tax forms. You will need to show proof of the past two years’ federal tax returns. You might also have to show copies of the W-2s for these years.
  • Offer banking information. Provide copies of the past three statements from all your accounts: checking, savings, CDs, IRAs, etc. You will also have to show all your credit card information and proof of other debts.
  • Obtain a copy of your credit score.
  • Collect information on the house you wish to purchase. Some lenders might want information on the new property.

Knowing these three steps — finding the right lender, knowing your loan options, and collecting the proper paperwork — you will be well on your way to purchasing your dream home.