NY 2014: Your Most Stylish Year Ever Starts Here

2014 means a fresh start for everyone, and especially for fashionistas! The beginning of the year is a great excuse to re-organize your wardrobe and get rid of the things you no longer use. And with all that new closet space, there’s plenty of room for new purchases! 2014 is a year with very mixed trends, which is good, because you’ll surely find something for suit your taste! For Hermes, for example, it’s all about earth tones and simple cuts, while for MiuMiu prints and 60s cuts rule once again.

We saw opulence at Dolce&Gabbana for the SS14 collection, and elegant minimalist at Saint Laurent. Which one is more you? Mix and match until you find your perfect style for 2014! And here are our suggestions for two stylish outfits you can try out, one for everyday and one for the evening:

NY 2014: Your Most Stylish Year Ever Starts Here

Day outfit:Denim shirt Mango; Jeans – Elizabeth & James; Coat – By Marlene Birger; Shoes – Acne Studios; Bag – Michael Kors; Sunglasses Ray Ban; Necklace –Nasty Gal;

For everyday wear, try the “Canadian tuxedo”, which actually means double denim. Of course, you don’t want to look like a cowboy of sorts, so pick cool jeans and an even cooler shirt. Make it work with this winter’s trendiest coat – a pink pastel one – and a pair of masculine brogues in a pastel color. No denim shirt is cool without a statement necklace on top, and don’t forget your best mirror-lensed sunglasses either. Finally, a leather crossbody bag will be easy to carry and large enough to fit your daily essentials.

Night outfit: Dress – DKNY; Jacket – Kenzo; Tights – Spanx; Ankle boots – Givenchy; Sunglasses Marc Jacobs; Bangles – Monsoon; Clutch – Street Level;

If you’re headed for the clubs or a party, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress, no matter the year. Keep warm with a pair of opaque tights and a cool shearling jacket. Have fun with your shoes, by picking printed, heeled ankle boots, and colorful bangles all around. A fun clutch will make your outfit whole, and you’ll be happy you brought sunglasses with you when you leave the party the next morning.

About Author:

Daria is a fashion enthusiast with a soft spot for vintage style and cats. She also blogs at CelebritySunglassesWatcher.com

Four Ways to Wear Head Scarves

Having a bad hair day or just want something to uplift your look for the day? A head scarf can be your lifesaver for those days when you are tired or too lazy to make your hair look tamed and beautiful.

Headscarves are so versatile piece of women’s accessories for you can use them in so many ways and purposes. You can tie it into your head to cover your messy hair, those that undergoing a chemo therapy can hide their losing hair underneath a headscarf , use it as a protection against gusty winds/drizzle and can use it as fashion statement and even a piece of accessory for your costume outfit.

Various materials like cotton, silk, and more can be chosen while various prints and colors can match your personality and mood for the day.

Here are 4 fun and cute ways to wear head scarves that I found in Youtube and it can become a stylish fashion statement.
1. Bohemian
2. Funky Bow
3. Hidden Bow
4. Turban

How to Wear a Leather Jacket

Who says that leather jackets are for men only? Many women have grown to love leather jackets for it can  give them an edgy style without loosing their femininity. For many years now, leather jackets have been worn by women. These jackets keep on trending in fashion and probably they will stay forever as it can be versatile. It can probably be considered as one of the good investments that any woman can put in her closet.

There are some people who think that leather jackets are for rugged style only, but the truth is, women’s leather jackets can be worn together with jeans, skirts, and even long dress. You just need to find the  jacket that will perfectly fit your frame or body type to make your whole outfit to work.  Finding one can be a challenge though but there are some  shops that offer their customers customized leather jackets wherein jackets are made solely for them according to their measurements.

Leather jacket is not only a good piece of clothing that can make any woman chic and fab but it can be a perfect partner for cold winter days that can warm your body.

Here are some of the ways on how to wear a leather jacket.

How to wear a leather jacket.

How to Wear the Rock Chic Fashion Style

Women can still look feminine and edgy at the same time. This can be achieve wearing a rock chic fashion style. You don’t even need to be a musician or a rocker playing musical instruments to pull off a rocker chic fashion. All you need to have is attitude and some great rock chic wardrobe that you can even find in your own closet.

There are many rock chic styles that you wear and it all depends on the what you like and what is comfortable for you. Just some of the few items that can start your rock chic fashion.
1. Leather jackets  and pants
2. Leather shoes
3. Spikes or edgy bracelets/necklaces and other accesories
4. Studded belts, shoes and bags
5. Dark eyeliner
6. Dark skinny jeans
7. Oversized sunglasses
8. Blings and other stuff

Leighton Meester rocking the rock chic fashion style,

Leighton Meester Rock Chic
rock ur life!


10 Tips for Creating Your Personal Fashion Style

When it comes to fashion is easy to get lost in do’s and don’ts, must-haves and trends and very hard to create a unique personal style. Sometimes we don’t make the most fortunate choices since we are constantly thinking of trends. But what you should consider actually your personality, personal preference and body shape. So, here are ten easy tips that will help you develop your own fashion style.
1. Evaluate your wardrobe
Check what you have in your wardrobe and choose those items that fit your figure and give up those that you can no longer wear and accessorize.

2. Make a list of details that you really like
Rate each item of clothing that you know really want to keep in the closet and write what you like about it. The cut, color, sleeves, details, applications. With such a list then you can go shopping because you will know clearly what to choose and what you can wear it with.

3. Find inspiration
A good way to develop your personal style is to analyze what looks good around you. Browse magazines, watch special programs or fashion shows on TV (check out the Time Warner Cable Deals for style TV on demand) look for trends that strike you. If you get compliments and people say you look like some celebrity, search the web to find out what she dresses like.

4. Ask for help
When you encounter problems and you’re afraid to fail, ask an objective opinion. Ask a close friend whose style you admire. Or you can go to a fashion boutique or a designer shop. There, a specialist could give you great advice, even if you don’t buy anything.

5. Don’t forget the shoes
A new pair of shoes can bring a certain something to any outfit. Find shoes that you can wear on several occasions and match the general style you’re aiming for.

6. Go shopping
When you have decided what you want, you are ready to go shopping No need to purchase everything at once. Focus on special shopping sessions for various accessories and step by step, you will complete your dreamy wardrobe.

7. Accent on accessories
Highlight your outfit adding some interesting accessories. It can be something as simple as colored laces for shoes or a belt. For a more daring look add jewelry, scarves, hats and hair accessories.

8. Combine
Try to accessorize different clothing items in your wardrobe to get a unique look. For example, even if you think your new white top doesn’t go with Capri pants, try it anyway. Maybe all you need to tie this outfit together is that belt that you haven’t worn since last summer.

9. Change your hairstyle
True, hair has nothing to do with clothing, but can totally change your appearance. Arrange your hair differently every morning and try new shampoos and styling products. If you want to radically change your hairstyle or hair color, consult a stylist who can advise you what is the best look for you. Inspire yourself from magazines or websites and show your stylist photos.

10. Be yourself

The most important thing when you change your clothing style is that you must feel great wearing them. Creating a personal style means wearing what you want. Think positive, be creative and expressive!