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Rocker Chic fashion or style has been a craze for many women for a while now and still more women are drawn into this kind of dressing. If chunky belts, studded bracelets, leather jackets or pants, black shirts, faded jeans with over-sized sunglasses and chunky boots appeal to you, then you are leaning towards the rocker chic fashion. Not only those that are rock singers can pull this fashion off for anyone can be a rocker chic anytime if you want.

When I think of rock, Avril Lavigne always comes to my mind immediately. I remember my niece idolizes her before and she even bought CDs of her songs and incorporating her way of dressing to hers as well. I guess rock music also play a part on this kind of bold, edgy but still sexy kind of fashion. I don’t see any wrong or negative about this style for it has its own charm and place in the fashion industry. It’s been many years ago since I’ve been to a local rock concert and I believe that lights and sounds are way too different now too. I am sure that technical and sound people have all the high-tech machines for their concerts. Musical instruments that can be bought at guitar center el paso are now on top of the line, durable and high quality.

Anyway, here are some of the Rocker Chic Fashion / Style that you can get inspirations.

Rocker Chic
Taylor Momsen
Rocker Chic


ISO Cocktail Dresses

Our 30th Pearl Anniversary reunion in highschool will be this coming May 24th and I’m actually so excited already. Not only I will be able to see my former batchmates after many years but I can also dress up beautifully.  I am one of the organizers and we have been busy these past few days for we wanted to reach out to a lot of our batch ’84 classmates.

Since the reunion will be held in a hotel, of course we can’t wear just casual clothing so I am just eyeing some nice cocktail dresses. I’m not after wearing long gown for I want to be just simple yet elegant and presentable as well. These past few days, I am hooked online trying to find some nice dresses that I can wear and this lead me to look at Nordstrom online to find some inspirations.

Here are my picks and I hope I can find something similar on our local stores. I know, they may look good on models but sometimes it;s different when I fit it already.
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Show off your Curves with Bandage Dresses

Women have a lot of to choose from when it comes to dresses. Not all dresses fits or suites every woman because women have different curves, sizes and shapes. In order for women to know which dress fits and suits here, she must be patient in trying out various styles until she finds the right dress. It should be perfect for her personality, age and even type of body though there are some women who are adventurous in wearing dresses that we don’t normally figure them wearing such.

One type of dress that women can opt to wear is a bandage dress. It is a dress that can show off off your curves for it is made of strips of stretch materials that can literally hug or woman’s body. It’s like a bandage or wrap that will cling to a woman’s body. It’s a figure-hugging dress. So if you have the curves or if you’re daring to wear one then go for it.

Various colors and patterns will definitely fit every woman’s taste. Just look for a bandage dress that will flatter your body shape. These dresses are sexy and elegant and wearing them will give you a boost while you’re on the event.

bandage dresses

Would you dare wear bandage dresses?

Quinceanera Dresses and Celebrations

A Quinceanera celebration is one that is typically held by those of Latin decent to celebrate the fifteenth birthday of a young woman. This type of celebration typically begins with mass or a religious gathering of worship and then is followed by a large party. This birthday is celebrated specifically because it represents a transition from childhood to womanhood. Following are a few traditions that grace the typical quinceanera celebration


Many quinceanera dresses are gowns that are formal enough to make the young woman being celebrated feel beautiful and special. Historically, these were white floor length gowns, but today, girls choose dresses of every color and style. Many of these dresses are purchased with an eye to one’s personality. Some choose to purchase a short ruffled dress with many sequins to show that they have a fun loving character. Others may select a long stately dress to reflect the serious nature of taking the next step into life.
Quinceanera Dresses


Anothertradition that quinceanera celebrations honor is the shoe ceremony. Historically, this was a time at which the father of the daughter being celebrated would give a first pair of high heeled shoes to her. Today, many girls wear high heels long before their 15th birthday, but the tradition is still carried out with the father carrying the shoes on a pillow and placing them on the feet of his daughter.


Some quinceanera ceremonies feature dolls as a main part of the event. This is to help represent leaving behind childhood things because the honored guest will be entering the adult world. Some families use the dolls as decorative center pieces on tables or in the theme of decorations. In other parties of this type, the quinceanera or 15 year old girl gets one last doll from her father. Some of these dolls are made of porcelain and have a custom made dress to match the one the girl is wearing. This doll is not meant to be played with, but is to be displayed as a memento of the celebration.


During a special quinceanera mass ceremony, often hosted at a church, the birthday girl may hand out 15 candles to people who have influenced her decisions in her life to this point. Sometimes the giving of candles is followed by a speech by those who received the candles. Each of the candles is said to represent each year of life the girl has finished.


A majority of these ceremonies feature a formal entry and introduction to the party. A toast may be performed in her behalf. Many girls spend the first dance of the evening with their father. When the father releases his daughter after the first dance, often with a whirl of the quinceanera dress, it represents the fact that he is, in essence, releasing her into womanhood.

Dress Colors and Styles

The traditional dress for this occasion was long and white, slightly resembling a wedding dress. Today, those celebrating a quinceanera opt for pastel colors in many ceremonies, and in a few ceremonies, bold reds and purple colors are worn.

The old adage says “you only live once.” The same can be said about the 15 year old rite of passage in many Latin cultures. Make sure your search for the perfect dress leads you to memories that will last a lifetime.

Make a Statement with Rocker Chic Fashion

Everyone of us has its own style of dressing up. All of us have various tastes dressing up and when it comes to picking clothes to buy. There are those that only wanted a simple no frill look while others want to be extreme to the point that they wanted to be the center of attraction.

We develop our own style of dressing through the years and no one can really impose on what we need to wear or how we should look because if we tried so hard then our sense of personality may lose. If you’re a simple person that only loves to wear plain shirt and jean, then go for it but don’t be afraid to try other styles or colors too. Experiment from time-to-time, who knows you might find a style or fashion that you’ll love as well.

For those brave individuals who are not afraid to show who they are, it can show in their way of dressing. Some can be rugged or can be a rocker chic that can be fashionable as well.

Just one of the popular fashion styles these days is the rocker chic fashion. Chunky accessories, black jeans or blazer match with black boots and skinny jeans. It can be influenced by those rockers like Avril Lavingne or bands. Even if you’re not a rocker that holds guitar with those EVH Amplifiers, you can definitely make a statement with your rocker chic fashion.

Your style can be like this.

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Rocker Chic