How to Choose the Ideal Eyeglass Frames for Your Face’s Shape

Shopping for your next pair of eyeglasses should be fun, not annoying. So if you find yourself at the store trying on a variety of different types of frames for hours only to leave yourself confused about which ones really complement your face best, take the following advice into consideration the next time you need new frames.

Figure Out the Shape of Your Face

The first step involves figuring out what the shape of your face is. Categories include oval, round, oblong, diamond, heart, and square. Once you’ve analyzed your face in the mirror, preferably with your hair pulled back after a shower, and you’ve figured out what the shape of your face is, you can confidently go shopping for the right pair of frames.

Descriptions of Each Shape

  • Oval – An oval face is pretty balanced. The chin is only a bit narrower than the forehead.
  • Round – If you were to measure a round face, the length and width are pretty much the same. These faces tend to have full cheeks.
  • Oblong – On the other hand, an oblong face is longer. People with oblong faces tend to have longer noses, higher cheekbones, and high foreheads.
  • Diamond – A small chin and a small forehead are characteristic of a diamond shaped face. The eye line and jawline are also narrow, with prominent cheekbones.
  • Heart – Hearts have broader foreheads and narrower chins. You should notice that the wide cheekbones give way to a narrower jawline.
  • Square – A square face has a strong, defined jawline, but the cheeks and forehead, too, are prominent features.

The Best Frames for Each Shape

If you have an oval face, you’re pretty lucky because just about any type of frame will work on you. If you want to give some contrast to the soft lines of your face, though, consider getting frames that are rectangular or square, or have fun with geometric shapes.

If you find that your face is round, go with frames that will sharpen and enhance your features. To make your face appear longer and thinner, stick with rectangular options or styles that are very horizontal in appearance. You may also want to go with any frames that are able to draw attention to the top of the face.

Oblong faces do best with frames that shorten them. Choose broad options with a decorative temple or a top rim that really stands out.

Diamonds do great with cat eye styles or even rimless frames, both of which really bring out the cheekbones. You can bring balance to this face by going with oval frames too.

Heart faces need frames that are heavier on the bottom, as this will add width to the otherwise narrow end of the face. Go with styles that have low-set temples, narrow frames, or round frames. All of these will draw attention down and away from the forehead.

Finally, for square faces, stick with round or oval frames, or even butterfly shapes. You can order designer glasses online that also feature center-set temples.

About the author:

LisaSelvaggio is a freelance writer who always hated shopping for her frames, until she learned about how easy it could be to narrow down her choices by going with her face shape. After measuring her face, she was able to go to the store and order a pair that really flattered her features.

Getting the Best Eye Glasses for Your Face Shape

Getting the Best Eye Glasses for Your Face Shape

To look your best in your eyeglasses you’ll need to first get glasses that perfectly complement the shape of your face. While you might like the look and design of a certain pair of frames, you might not necessarily like the way that they look on your face. Find out what will work best for your features before you start your search for cheap glasses.

Circular Faces

If you have a face that has a circular shape, you’ll have well rounded cheeks, a wider forehead and a full chin. Everything on your face will be proportional as far as the width and length is concerned. Circular faces are well suited for frames that have lenses that are wider than they are deep. You can also try out frames that have a gentle upsweep at the edges in order to adequately complement your eyes and your cheeks. Other viable options are frames that will add angles to your face and dark-colored frames.

Round Faces

Round and oval faces have great balance and a softly curving jawline that is only slightly narrower than the person’s forehead. The cheekbones will sit high on the face, which is perfect for a variety of frames.

Your best bet will be either rectangular or square frames that will generously complement the curved lines of your face. One thing to keep in mind if you have a round or oval shaped face is that you’ll want to beware of frames that are either too big or too small for your face since they can ruin the natural balance of your features.

Square Faces

Individuals with square faces will have a broad forehead, square-shaped chin and a strong jawline. You’ll also have even proportions in terms of the length and width of your face. In order to find the frames that suit your square face the best, be on the lookout for frames that really let your features stand out.

Stick with round or oval-shaped frames as a way to add balance to your naturally straight lines. If you’ve got your eye on a rectangular pair of frames, look for frames that have subdued edges and steer clear of sharp corners.

Heart Faces

You’ll know you have a heart-shaped face if you have a broad forehead that curves down to a small chin. Your angled cheekbones will sit high on your face, which means you’ll need to make sure that the eyeglasses that you get will properly balance the rest of your face.

As you’re shopping for frames, find ones that are wider at the bottom than they are at the top in order to minimize your broad forehead. One of the very best things about having a heart face is that you can confidently pull off nearly any style of frame.

Rectangular Faces

A face that has more length than width is considered to be rectangular. Additional characteristics of rectangular faces are high cheekbones and longer noses and foreheads. By getting the right lenses for your face, you’ll be able to divide the length of your face and add width as well.

Select a pair of frames that have a prominent or strong brow line that will give you the necessary horizontal element near your forehead. You can also bring balance to your face by getting frames that have a bit of depth to the lenses. You can also round out the angularity of your rectangular face with frames that have gently curving lines and rounded edges. Frames to sidestep include narrow and small frames and lenses that will bring attention to the overall length of your face.

Be sure that you’re constantly thinking about the shape of your face, your fashion sense and your skin tone as you’re picking out glasses in order to find the most complementary match.

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Lusting Over Gucci Rectangle Sunglasses

I’m seriously finding another sunglasses that I can give myself for my birthday this November. I was trying out some sunglasses the other weekend and can’t seem to find the perfect fit for my face. I have a small somewhat elongated face shape so I think I need to find something round or rectangular in shape. I tried the Ray-Ban aviator type sunglasses and since the shape is kind elongated it makes me face longer. Arghhh.. so now, I’m erasing the aviator type on my list :(.

Saw this Gucci rectangle shape at Bloomingdales website and I can’t get my eyes off it. I’ll try to look for this style when I go back to the mall soon. Hope this will suit my face.
large image view

Warby Parker: A New Concept in Prescription Eyewear

I’ve been wearing my prescription reading glasses for a while now since I’m not able to read clearly when I’m texting, reading a book and using my laptop. Going to an eye doctor is sometimes daunting especially when you have no such budget to pay for their professional fee and for prescription glasses that they’ll provide for you. Sometimes I’m pretty stunned to know that prices of prescription glasses increased dramatically particularly if you choose branded eye frames.

In this case, people with financial difficulties opted not to visit their doctor and just let their vision become worst. These days, there are billions of people who can’t even afford to have their eye checked by their ophthalmologist and more so to buy prescription glasses. This is quite heart-rending to know.

I’m surprised and happy to know that there are still stores that sells prescription glasses as low at $95 without sacrificing the quality of the product. Warby Parker is one of those stores who are not only selling affordable designer frames but they are stylish and trendy as well. I’m further awed with their mission to give something to charity because for every pair of glasses that they sold, they give one pair to someone who are in need in many developing countries.

 Why opt for very expensive branded prescription glasses when you can have quality affordable glasses?