Special Occasion Dresses for Little Girls

The most wonderful time of the year is coming and I’m actually pretty excited. Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and of course shopping! I have purchased almost half on my Christmas shopping list and I’m still looking for my own dress as well.

Kids are the most excited during Christmas and I have to say that they are already awaiting to know what will be their gifts. Aside from letting them know that they will receive gifts Christmas, we should never forget to let them know that it is the birth of Jesus Christ and what truly is the meaning of this season. All over the world, we celebrate Christmas and we all have different Christmas traditions to follow. We often go to mass on Christmas Eve and share all the food served on the table and later on is Christmas exchange of gifts.

Christmas Day is spent going to relatives to give gifts and mostly kids will get their presents (money or gift form). Kids are clad in their best outfits, girls are mostly wearing dresses whiles boys have their polo shirts or t-shirts with cartoon characters. Dress up your kids comfortably so they can move and play freely.

Here are some cute dresses for girls that I found online.
Youngland Animal Dress & Cardigan Set – Toddler – Sale at $26.40 available at www.kohls.com

Hello Kitty Girls Dress, Little Girls Shrug Tutu Dress available at macys.com

Tiered ruffle dress – GAP.com $60.00 – a little bit pricey though

Unique and Alternative Prom Dresses

If you’re finishing school or sixth form, or attending a formal event at university, then you’ll no doubt want a prom dress that really looks the part. Your classmates might go to their local designer store for an off-the-shelf ball gown, but what if you’re looking for something a bit different? Something that’s really ‘you’? Something that nobody else is likely to have?

Do you have to make a prom dress on your own, or could you choose something completely different and go against the grain? Here are a few ways to avoid looking like everyone else, whilst still looking your best on prom night:

Mix and Match Your Patterns

A lot of prom dresses are surprisingly plain and simple, and are mono-colour without detailed designs. Buy a patterned prom dress or party dress and you’re sure to stand out. You can either buy a prom dress with a single repeated pattern, or one that mixes a variety of different patterns and designs like the prom dresses and party dresses from Ginger Fizz.

Choose a Shorter Length Dress

Full-length prom dresses have their place, but if you want an alternative prom dress then they’re probably not your style. Knee-length and thigh-length dresses provide you with a lot more options, and a chance to show off your shoes. Want to turn up in a prom dress and a pair of Converse shoes? Nobody’s stopping you! Shorter prom dresses come in a wide range of styles, which means that you’ll have no trouble finding something that flatters your figure.

Go Vintage

Vintage dresses are ideal for parties and proms. If you’re creative enough and brave enough to wear a dress in a style more than three decades old, then you’ll find that you’re flattered by laces, bows and ribbons that add a ‘classic’ look.

Wear Something Dark

Proms aren’t all about pretty pastel colours and sparkling jewels. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with showing up in something darker. How about a gorgeous designer dresses from Worn By, with prints and patterns for that rock star look?

Or Don’t Wear a Dress?

As much as people talk about find their perfect prom dress or party dress, they’re not the only option. In fact, more and more people are finding the confidence to ditch the dress and attend wearing a suit, or something a little more casual. Vila blazers are perfect accompaniments to a skirt or pair of trousers, and with the right accessories you can make any outfit look prom-ready.

Your prom night might be one of the most glamorous nights of your life, but to make an impression you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Instead of visiting high street stores packed full with every other student fighting over the same dress at the same high price, why not find a party style of your own?

When you look back at your prom photograph, do you really want to blend with everyone else? Make sure that your outfit is one that you’ll love on the night, and you might even find that it becomes a wardrobe staple for other important events.

Sarah Mitchell is a fashion writer and a big fan of the prom dress.

Where To Find Beautiful Party Dresses For The Holidays

Christmas time is fast approaching and time for me to shop for dresses for holiday parties. And when it comes to shopping for party dresses and gowns, I know just where to find them. So for those of you are having troubles on finding you dress resource for the coming holidays, I suggest you read along because I am going to share to you some places where you can go to find beautiful party dresses for the holidays.

1. Online Stores – If you have a knack for shopping online, then I suggest you visit some of the many online stores today selling cocktail dresses. I happen to do a little dress shopping of my own a few weeks ago and I found these dresses online to be very beautiful. I’m really impressed by their extensive dress collection and I wouldn’t mind buying a dress again online pretty soon. Check these pictures below and see how elegant these dresses are:

Click here to see more dresses of similar styles.

2. Retail chains – If you’re tired of doing the usual shopping chores and want to save money, then it’s time you head to the retail stores and check out their dress collection today. Some of the top names in the retail chain industry have already ventured into selling designer dress and you don’t have to worry on the quality and the money because all their goods are reasonably priced as usual.

3. Used clothing stores – If you’re and adventurous type of a shopper, then maybe it’s fitting that you shop for dresses at used clothing stores. Our dwindling economy paved way for these markets to become a popular choice to the practical shopper and you’ll be bound to find a nice-looking dress minus the heavy tag price.

6 Lace Dresses Under $100

Every woman should have at least 1 or 2 dresses in her closet for dresses can really bring out the femininity of a woman. We have seen lace clothing before mostly on wedding dresses but these days, lace has become part of any woman’s closet. From lace blouse to skirts and of course lace dresses. Lace materials have come a long way now, they are now incorporated with various cloth materials like silk,  polyester, cotton and more to bring out fresh new look and style.

Designers have been designing various lace dresses that can compliment every woman’s body shapes and bring out their sense of style. We have seen various styles of lace dresses and it can be  in a form of pleated style, bonded, figure hugging, skater dress with lace overlay, and other styles. They can be perfect for evening and daily wear as you can dress it up or down depending on your mood or the event. The lace dresses are elegant and feminine and will always bring out the chicness in you.

Here are 6 lace dresses that are under $100. I personally love that Almari lilac dress (bottom right) that has fit and flare shape that can give a nice curve silhouette that any woman wants.

6 Lace Dresses Under $100

River Island dress
($89) 2,425 PHP – riverisland.com

Traffic People dress
($98) 4,260 PHP – yoox.com

Lipsy dress
(£48) 3,330 PHP – lipsy.co.uk

($89) 3,865 PHP – warehouse.andotherbrands.com

Sugarhill Boutique teal dress
(£58) 4,020 PHP – oliverbonas.com

Almari lilac dress
(£62) 4,300 PHP – johnlewis.com

How to Find the Perfect Homecoming Dresses

A school homecoming event is definitely an occasion that is not to be missed. Aside from having the chance to mingle with your friends and classmates to have fun it’s also a time for you to dress up and feel fabulous. Wearing a formal dress with a nice make up and a pretty smile on your face will surely make the night more memorable for you.

However, finding that perfect homecoming dress can be daunting for some girls because no one wants to end up wearing something tacky and the worst to see a girl wearing similar dress as theirs.

Start Early
Make sure to plan ahead, start scouring the stores or boutiques and even online stores to find out the latest trends on homecoming dresses. It’s not fun shopping for a dress only few days before the event for you can end up cramming and not getting the dress that will really suit you.

When you shop early, you have the opportunity to check out the various styles and colors that are still on stocks. In the moment when your gown doesn’t perfectly fit on you, you’ll also have ample time for repair and minor adjustments.

Check Out Numerous Options
Ask a  friend or someone for suggestions and constructive criticisms. There are various places where you can scour for your dress. Don’t limit yourself to only one store as you can find heaps of styles that you might like at various stores, boutique, couturier, designer stores and even online. You can start by checking out DressFirst online for they have wide range of homecoming dresses that will suit your taste and budget.

You can opt for a bustier type, empire cut, one shoulder, a-line cut, halter, cowl neck style dresses just to name a few. There are various homecoming dresses that you can consider to pick depending on the style, fabric,  embellishments and sleeves. Colors are also important factor in choosing your dress, so be sure what you want. Stay classic with black, white or earth tones while you can be daring and unique with those pastels and eye-catching colors like red or turquoise. Your choices depend on your personality and your sense of style.

homecoming dresses

homecoming dresses

Have Fun
Just remember to choose a dress that can bring out the confidence and style  in you not forgetting that it should be comfortable as well because you’ll be dancing the night away. Have fun choosing the dress that you like and feel like one fab gal.