Smart Shoppers Use Coupon Codes

Every consumer wants to save on their purchases and that is why a lot of us scour different racks or stores hoping to find bargain or discounted items.
Going to the grocery these days with only few bucks on your hand may only sent you home with few grocery items. Commodities keep on getting pricier each day and consumers need to tighten their belts from time to time.

One of the many ways on how to stretch your grocery budget is by using coupons. Most penny pinching moms will take time cutting coupons on magazines and make good strategies on how they can lower their grocery bills. Not only that, these days you can actually print out coupons from coupon websites that you can use on your next grocery. Those that are patient in cutting or printing coupons can save more on their purchases as oppose to those that buy items on regular price.

If you’re an online shopper, using online coupons when you shop can also save you a lot of money if you also know where to find those coupon codes. GroupOn, Retail Me Not, Living Social, Coupon and Slick Deals are just some of the coupon websites where you can get grocery/printable and online coupon codes on various items on many stores online.

The infographic below states that almost 80% of consumers use coupons when they shop and it clearly shows that consumers want to save money when they shop. So the next time you hit the grocery or shop online, don’t forget to look for coupons. Nothing beats a shopper who knows how to find a good deal.


The Art of Online Shopping

I know many of you love shopping and that includes me. Most of the times, I browse the net hoping to find a great deal on various products or even services on various online stores. Shopping online for many has become part of their lives. Why not? Shopping in your jammies at the comfort of your homes using your computer is very convenient and easier for a lot of consumers who has limited time to go out to physical store to buy a gift or something that they need. Others shop online because they can get best deals on shopping that they would not normally get on local stores.

Online shopping has become a trend these days and there’s no doubt that more consumers will find it more fitting as more and more stores add up stocks and offer more discounts and deals to their clients.

Looking at the stats below, I was impressed that in 2016 there will be an estimate of USD361.9 million of online spending.

Source Site

With the emergence of various popular online stores like Amazon, E-Bay, Etsy and more that are offering various products at a good prices and quality, I will not wonder anymore if people will continue to patronage these stores and stick to online shopping most of the times.

Coupon sites like Retail Me Not, Coupon Mom etc. have been sharing various online coupon codes that we can use on our online shopping. Getting discounts while we shop is something all consumers would like to get and these sites are very helpful especially for bargain hunters and penny pinchers who’d like to save money.

Aside from checking comparison sites to know various prices of an item from different stores online, it’s always best to scour for coupon codes before even checking out your items.

Women: Dress for Success

The world of business was dominated by men, but women have become a force to be reckoned with over the last forty years. A woman has to dress for that success, ans promo coupons can help do that without devastating her wallet at the same time. There are many successful business women whose style and grace can be emulated to help you get a little higher up the ladder in your chosen career.

The way a woman dresses says a lot about her self esteem and confidence in her ability to do the job she has been hired to do. A coupon code can help buy that perfect briefcase to accent her position and attire.  We all know that women love to shop, and shopping for those perfect business outfits can be a little daunting the first time. It never hurts to ask for help from a friend who has a similar business style to what you need. Getting feed back from the friend who always dresses “flirty” is probably not the best idea.

Make sure to check the dress code very carefully before you purchase an expensive blouse that may not be acceptable, for your job. There are many companies these days that have “casual fridays” or just a more relaxed atmosphere. This does not mean you can wear your most comfortable pair of “holy” jeans and flip flops. That is a definite mistake to avoid. Even on casual Friday’s, you should be dressed neatly. Khaki’s or Capri’s are always a good bet and can still be worn with either runner’s, sandals or heels. We women are versatile, if nothing else.

Piercings are a great way to express your individuality, but they can hinder you from being hired or for advancement within a company. It is always best to wear the least amount of jewelry possible, and it should always be relatively small. Makeup, should always be worn with the less is best motto. A natural look gives a more honest impression. You shouldn’t go to work looking like a circus clown (unless you ARE a circus clown, of course).

Always keep an extra pair of panty hose with you in case of runs. You never know when you will get called into that important meeting and you want look your best, rather then worried that someone will notice the run. Neutral colors for your hose are better then loud, flashy or sexy hose.  You don’t want people to get the wrong impression.

Well-fitting clothing is very important. They should not be too tight to be called sexy or ill-fitting, and not so relaxed that you look like a slob. Above all they should be comfortable, because you will be in them for eight to ten hours a day and comfort is important. If you are not comfortable in your clothing, you cannot concentrate and do your best work. You will only to leave for the day and not come back.

Keep a smile on your face when you are at work, because it is part of your attire. Smiling people tend to stay in a better mood throughout the day and it helps keep your co-workers in a good mood as well. A good mood will help make that day fly by much faster and you will enjoy your job a lot more as well.

Using Your Extra Coupons to Help Others Save a Buck

Once you begin couponing, the amount of savings you earn for your family is extremely obvious. After a while, you begin to realize that you have extra coupons and access to deals you don’t need, or simply aren’t interested in. When this happens, it is the perfect opportunity to take what you have learned and help others. Continue reading below to find out how you can help others save a buck with coupons.

Donate Extra Items
If you have an opportunity to purchase items for free, even if it isn’t an item or service you need, you should take advantage of the sale. Instead of simply hoarding free items, or letting them collect dust in your stockpile, you can donate the items. For instance, if you have a large stockpile of razors, but find a razor deal that allows you to score razors for free, go ahead and purchase the razors. Razors are a common item that can be appreciated by just about anyone, so the purchase will definitely not go to waste. Popular places to donate items you got for free and almost free are homeless shelters, non-profit organizations, schools, child care establishments and churches. These organizations can take your donated items and make sure they get to individuals or families who will truly appreciate your act of kindness.

Teach Others to Coupon
While people will certainly enjoy your generosity if you donate coupons and free items to them, they will undoubtedly enjoy learning how to coupon themselves too. Whether you sit down with your college daughter and her friends or organize a coupon class at your local library, teaching others how to coupon like a master will provide them with an opportunity to save money, and to eventually teach others their money saving tips as well.

If you are tech savvy, you can even set up a blog that can teach people all over the world how to use coupons effectively and efficiently. If done properly, an extreme couponer can even earn residual income off of their coupon blog. Blogging extreme couponers can choose to keep their profits or continue to help others by donating their income to a local charity or organization.

Trade Goods or Coupons
Online, especially social media sites, there are local groups of extreme and avid couponers. To get the most out of your extra coupons join one of these groups, so you have an opportunity to trade coupons or goods with others who share your passion for couponing. Sharing coupons allows others to stock up on items they need while providing you with coupons you need to meet your family’s needs. Joining these coupon trade groups also gives you another source to tap for leads on sales, clearances and coupon opportunities in your local area.

Many people turn to couponing as a way to save their household money. While couponers can save a considerable amount of money for their household, it also gives them an opportunity to help others. This is extremely beneficial, especially in this economy, because for many people helping others outside their own family wouldn’t be a possibility without the use of coupons and other money saving deals.

Kara Fielder is a working mom with two kids. She enjoys sharing her tips and tricks on frugal living by blogging regularly for a variety of websites. Click here for online coupons.

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