10 Creative Costume Ideas for Teens

Creative teens can have lots of fun designing, making and customising creative costumes this Halloween. Take your favourite film or tv character, celebrity or inspiration and add your own unique touch to your costume. Find a local craft store and paint, glue, sew, and create items to personalise your costume and make it stand out this Halloween! Let your imagination run wild, nothing is too extravagant for Halloween.

While teens might not be keen on trick or treating anymore, an elaborate costume for halloween parties is a definite must. Visit Spirit Halloween for costume ideas!

    1. Favourite film/cartoon characters. Dressing as your favourite movie character is a great way to make a creative costume that fits the year. It will make for a memorable reminder over the years.

Favourite film/cartoon characters costumes

            1. Twilight: Pick you team Edward v Jacob for the ultimate classic Halloween characters. Dress as a vampire or warewolf in this popular teen series. Make your costume change between their human and supernatural personas.
            2. Harry Potter: customise your Harry Potter costume by finding witch and wizard inspired items, gothic jewellery. Colour your costumes to match your house colours, make your own wand, accessorise your wig or hair with fake spiders, cobwebs, ornaments, feathers, potion bottles etc..
            3. Celeb Disasters: Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears.  Pick your favourite Hollywood train wreck and make a costume to suit their latest exploits!
            4. Ghosts of famous dead people. Elvis Ghosts, Presidents, Pop Stars and famous inventors. Make your own props that reflect the invention of the person you’re dressing as.
            5. Inanimate objects. These costumes are often the most challenging to create. Making a costume out of a box, plastic, metal or fabric.
            6. Pop stars. Pop stars are some of the most outlandish and recognised people on the planet, so you’re sure to be instantly recognised dressed as your favourite ground-breaking pop star. Lady Gaga is surely a fabulous teen inspiration for Halloween. Take your favourite Gags costume as a starting point. Take on the challenge to replicate a design with your own materials, or
            7. Teen Superheroes. Add a teen/young adult twist to your favourite movie or comic superhero. For ideas try favourite Disney characters, cartoon characters, or the classic superheroes like Batman and Superman and customise the costumes, colours and props to suit your personality.
            8. Gory Zombie. For those who have made zombie costumes year after year, there is always the challenge of making something really extreme. Get to your local Halloween costume store and find fake blood, limbs, brains and body paint to customise your look this year. Google zombie images and be amazed by the makeup transformations the professionals can create. Choose a look you like and interpret it as best you can. The aim is not to copy an idea to perfection, but to create your own take on a design.Zombie Costumes
            9. Group Costumes. Get a group of friends together and go as the members of your favourite rock band, or the sports stars of your favourite sports team. The possibilities to customise your costume are endless. Use your school or college team colours, mascot, or logo as design inspirations.

Group Costumes

Have fun creating your costumes with your friends! Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Costumes for your Pets

Halloween is just around the corner once again and I’m sure most of you are looking for Halloween costumes for yourself and for your kids. But, what about for your little furry friends? I’m sure they will look cute wearing Halloween costumes as well. Our pets are already part of the family and most families also bring them while trick or treating in the neighborhood as well. They will certainly add fun and cuteness to this well celebrated event each year.

There are various Halloween costumes for pets that I found at ETSY.com and here are some of them. Halloween costumes need not to be scary and creepy all the time because cute costumes can win the hearts of many.

Your pets may not look happy sometimes but they are certainly oh sooooooo cute! Find more handmade Halloween Pet Costumes at Etsy.

Halloween Costumes for your PetsFurry Brown Dog Halloween Costume/Hood $39.00


Cat Hat Costume - The Flying PurpleCat Hat Costume – The Flying Purple $17.00

What about you, are you joining Halloween costume party this year? What theme do you have in mind?

DIY Robot Costumes

Since it’s summer, finding ways to be busy and creative these days is a must so that kids and even adults will not get bored. It’s not fun sweating around the house for nothing so making the most out of your time is a good thing. Creating arts, craft and even mechanical creations that often need nuts, bolts, bushings and other screws are a good sign that your creativity is working and flowing.

Making DIY robot costumes will be perfect for Halloween and other kiddy parties. It can be made either with soft metal, wood, cartons and cloth. Parents and kids will surely enjoy this activity.  OH how cute are these Robot Costumes!

robot costumes

DIY robot costumes – via costume-works.com

DIY robot csstumes via .freefunhalloween.com

DIY robot csstumes via .freefunhalloween.com

Halloween Costumes for Girls

Halloween is one of the most celebrated event in many parts of the world and not only adults get to dress up and have some fun. Kids and even babies take part on this celebration and they are even cuter when you dress them up with something different that can raise curiosity and liking by many people.  I remember taking our nieces and nephews when they are still kids on Halloween costume parties on different malls in the Metro and to see them excited to get their treats are priceless. A nephew even won in a Halloween costume contest where he wore a “KAPRE” mask made by my older brother.

These days, Halloween costumes need not to be scary at all for anyone can wear any theme.

Are you joining any Halloween costume party this year and what theme do you have in mind?

Here are just some of the Halloween costumes for kids that I found at ETSY.com.

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Toddler Girls  Medium 4T through size 7
Super Hero costumes by: etsy.com/shop/SweetLaylaKays

Baby -Children Girls Superwoman Halloween Costume SmallMedium  Captain America Tutu Outfit with Shield

Red Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume and Purple Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume by: etsy.com/shop/primafashions

Custom Boutique Red Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume 2t

Pirate costume 12 Custom Boutique purple  Pirate skull tutu Halloween costume