Finding Good Clothing Pieces Online

Shoppers are getting smarter each day when they go shopping. Now, shoppers don’t usually just go to the store and buy something that they instantly see because smart shoppers do some research or scour several shops first to find what they want, a good deal and what will suit their budget.

The various leaflets/catalogues and online promotions of various stores can help consumers find the best deals in town. Shoppers can have the option to buy the items on sale not just on local stores but online as well.

Most shoppers these days are hooked at online shopping because of the various conveniences it can bring to many. Browsing through the online catalogue will save them a lot of time and purchasing in an instant saving them time and even gas for shopping online is fast and easier already. There are also some items that you can’t normally find on some stores and this is a good advantage for people who are busy to go to the malls and look for items that they are finding.

Online shoppers normally shop at well-known stores that have millions of followers already but didn’t you know that you can also find good clothing pieces on other online stores that you may not have heard of yet at a much more affordable prices too.

A lot of women who are fashionistas or those that want to be always up to date with the latest fashion trends and styles may find Rosie True a good source for Michael Stars clothing  and other designers. Every clothes or accessories on the store are hand-picked knowing that those items will match every woman’s sense of style.

The collections are combinations of luxury and casual, hip and flirty, and fashionably chic and stylish. Here are just some of the items that I found.

Run Wild With Leopard Print Pieces

Animal inspired designs have been in trend for a while now and it seems that they are here to stay for a lot of designers are still coming up with different clothing and accessories to tickle those that are head-over heels with animal prints, particularly those of leopard prints.

Not every one can carry or pull off  these leopard prints though so be sure to try those shirts or blouses first if it fits your body type or your personality because if not you’ll just end up a fashion victim.

Just some few notes to know when wearing these leopard prints. Just make sure that if you are wearing leopard blouse or shirt pairing it with solid or no print jeans or shirt will be much more appropriate as leopard prints are too “busy” already. You can choose leopard print items as an accent to your wardrobe. Have fun wearing these leopard print pieces and they are worth investing in to bring some jazz into your wardrobe.

Run wild with these leopard print pieces and bring out the diva and wild side in you.! Sometimes we all need some bold and edgy pieces in our closet to break the monotony of our style and bring some new fashion kick in us.

Leopard Prints

Where To Find Beautiful Party Dresses For The Holidays

Christmas time is fast approaching and time for me to shop for dresses for holiday parties. And when it comes to shopping for party dresses and gowns, I know just where to find them. So for those of you are having troubles on finding you dress resource for the coming holidays, I suggest you read along because I am going to share to you some places where you can go to find beautiful party dresses for the holidays.

1. Online Stores – If you have a knack for shopping online, then I suggest you visit some of the many online stores today selling cocktail dresses. I happen to do a little dress shopping of my own a few weeks ago and I found these dresses online to be very beautiful. I’m really impressed by their extensive dress collection and I wouldn’t mind buying a dress again online pretty soon. Check these pictures below and see how elegant these dresses are:

Click here to see more dresses of similar styles.

2. Retail chains – If you’re tired of doing the usual shopping chores and want to save money, then it’s time you head to the retail stores and check out their dress collection today. Some of the top names in the retail chain industry have already ventured into selling designer dress and you don’t have to worry on the quality and the money because all their goods are reasonably priced as usual.

3. Used clothing stores – If you’re and adventurous type of a shopper, then maybe it’s fitting that you shop for dresses at used clothing stores. Our dwindling economy paved way for these markets to become a popular choice to the practical shopper and you’ll be bound to find a nice-looking dress minus the heavy tag price.

How to Impress at your Next Trade Show with Printed Clothing

Trade shows are an unmissable opportunity to create new leads and get your brand out there. The best part is you don’t even need a marketing expert to impress potential clients. Simple details like glossy booklets and matching printed t-shirts can create a lasting impression which offers ROI.

In the weeks and days running up to the event, remember not to focus all of your resources on preparation for the show itself. Pre-show blog posts, social networking and newsletters can generate buzz and anticipation, letting clients and potential clients see your business is pro-active and exciting. Consider posting cards in shipments for deals or freebies at your stand.

Look the part with printed workwear

Investment in a high quality booth can offer returns, show after show. Professional graphic designers can create an eye-catching stand which will have visitors queuing up to chat to your staff. Product based businesses will need to showcase their items within the stand, while service based companies can use LCD screens to impress.

Take enough friendly and approachable staff to offer one-on-one advice, but don’t invite everyone to the day out. Too many staff standing around can drag the buzzy atmosphere down and intimidate those passing by. Tables can introduce a barrier between you, as can formal business wear.

Printed workwear gives your brand consistency and creates a professional yet friendly feel. It also means your employees will advertise your brand when walking around the show floor. Embroidered polo shirts have a high quality finish and can be paired with simple black trousers for a uniformed look. Printed designs are cost effective alternative, perfect if trade shows aren’t a regular occurrence for your business.

printed shirts

Promotional items
As professional as visitors may like to appear, everybody loves a freebie. In addition to your glossy marketing literature (brochures, fliers and CD ROMs), use promotional items to attract people to your stand. The perfect freebie is cheap to produce, yet useful and reflects quality. Printed t-shirts and socks are a great way to get your brand out there, while embroidered towels and polo shirts give a more executive feel.

If you’re organising a cool social event, sports team outing or running an exciting business project then one way to create some buzz around the occasion is with embroidered clothing featuring your own custom design and wording.

Embroidered t-shirts for example are very popular for social events such as sports teams going on tour, University and College societies, corporate events and team building days.

Brandawear aims to cover custom embroidered clothing for any event you can think off! Going on a group camping and adventure sports weekend? Their high quality embroidered jackets and embroidered activewear is perfect for you. If you’re running an important business event then their custom embroidered t-shirts, embroidered polo shirts, embroidered knitwear, embroidered trousers, embroidered shirts and embroidered workwear can give you the professional and unified presence you deserve.

Embroidered t-shirts made with quality chain stitches
Brandawear is the best destination online for custom embroidered T-Shirts, embroidered hoodies, polo shirts, jackets and embroidered workwear. All Brandawear embroidered garments are subject to high levels of quality control and are produced in house before dispatch to you. Their embroidery processes use chain stitches to produce your artwork into garments. Chain stitched embroidery is a traditional method and delivers a high quality finish. With an embroidered design your artwork can use a mix of up to 15 colours in both basic and more elaborate designs.

UK based with fast turnaround
All Brandawear garments are embroidered in the UK to deliver superior quality products, fast production times and speedy delivery. While the costs of producing embroidered t-shirts or other embroidered garments is initially higher than that of printed products, embroidered designs last longest and can provide excellent value for money. For all embroidered t-shirt enquiries contact for a free quote.

George Christo has a passion for Customised t-shirts, work wear embroidery and teamwear – this is his job and his world. You can connect with him on Google+

Do You Know Different Styles of Skirts? Here are Some most Common Styles

Do You Know Different Styles of Skirts? Here are Some most Common StylesWhen it comes to buying women’s skirts, keeping up with all the trending styles can get confusing. It seems like there’s a new fashion fad hitting the market every other day. Skirts are quite the popular staple in women’s apparel because they are so very versatile. They can be easily mixed and matched with any number of shirts and blouses to create different look each time they are worn. If you are looking to add a few new women’s skirts to your wardrobe, but are not sure where to start – don’t worry. We are going to highlight some of the most common styles of women’s skirts and how each one is different from the other.

A-line Skirts

A-line skirts get their name from the way they are made – in the shape of the letter “A”. They are made to fit snug at the waist, hips and thighs before flaring out into a wider, fuller shape at the hem. Some A-line skirts have added flare at the bottom or even pleats. However, most of them are fairly straight down in their design. A-line skirts can come in any length, but the hemline generally falls just below the knee.

Flared Skirts

Flared skirts are, basically, A-line skirts with lots more flare added at the hem. They get their name from the way they ‘flare’ out at the bottom. Flared skirts, just like A-line skirts, fit snug at the top and through the hips, but are made to have lots of movement and swing in the hemline when you walk. They can be short or long, but for the most flare and flounce, go with the longer ones.
Do You Know Different Styles of Skirts? Here are Some most Common StylesStraight Skirts

Straight skirts are just what their name implies – skirts that are cut to fit straight down the body from top to bottom. An example of a straight skirt would be the ever popular pencil skirt. They can be very flattering to long, slender frames as well.

Circle Skirts

Circle skirts are super fun to wear. They are cut in a circle shape so that when you spin and twirl, the skirt flares out around you in a full circle design. Circle skirts are usually super full in their design and form a half circle shape whenever you hold the edges of the hem out to your sides. They are perfect for dancing during a night on the town or just for when you want to feel like a little girl again as you twirl and spin as your skirt flies around you.

Mermaid Skirts

Mermaid skirts get their name from the way their shape resembles a mermaid’s lower body. The skirt is quite snug from the hips all the way past the knee where the hem flares out between the ankle and knee to create the fin shape.


Sarongs really are not skirts, but are worn like them. They are actually large pieces of rectangular fabric that is wrapped around the body to create a skirt and then fastened off some way at the hip.

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