SnagTaylor Swift’s Look for Less Style

The Look for Less: Summer Dresses

You can always copy and imitate what celebrities like Taylor Swift is wearing without breaking the bank. Check out this set and you’ll see a matching dress that is hugely affordable and I think much nicer than what Taylor is wearing.

1. Feverfish Blue skater dress
2,145 PHP ($49) –
2. Dorothy Perkins Nude cross-strap high sandals
3. Nîmes Stud Clutch
7,355 PHP ($168) –
4. Flamed Out Mascara
260 PHP ($5.99) –

Oprah’s Big Afro Wig for O’s September 2013 Issue

Oprah's Big Wig for O's September 2013 Issue Image Source: O, The Oprah Magazine

Let’s talk about HAIR!

The queen of talk, Oprah Winfrey wears this big and outrageous wig which is 3 1/2 lbs. in weight for the September 2013 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine that will hit the stands today,  August 13th. The O issue will talk about hair related problems.

The big afro wig is said to be created by Kimberly Kimble who also make wigs for Beyonce and more.

Oprah says:

“I wish I could say it was all mine. In fact, though, it’s borrowed. And it feels like carrying around an extra head.” “Wild Thang!”

I’ve been following her on twitter @Oprah and she even made it her profile picture.

I love her massive wig , it’s like a big black cotton candy lol! What about you?

Summer Ready Celebrity Looks

Summer means hiding all your bulky winter jackets, boots, thick shirts and bringing light and bright clothes in your closet. Summer also means showing off some or for others a lot of skin when they are at the beach or poolside.

It’s the season for tank tops, bathing suits, shorts,  flip-flops, max flowy dresses, huts, shades, sunblock, pina colada and all. So are you ready for summer?

Check these celebrity inspired looks and outfit that you can totally pull off using your own clothes in your closet. Remember, you need not buy new clothes for you can make some twist on your old shirts or shorts by putting some bling, cutting them off or painting something on them to look new and unique.

Kendall Jenner - Summer Style

Celebrity style: Vanessa Hudgens (May 11)


Lauren Conrad Inspired Budget Look

Want to copy one of Lauren Condra’s style but not wanting to break your bank?

Here’s a Lauren Conrad inspired budget look which is under $125 that you can get. Actually you can still wear something like this if you are only patient is scouring your local stores. You don’t even  need a branded and expensive dress like this one for you can score a much cheaper one.

Lauren Conrad inspired budget look

Katie Perry and her Fashion Sense

Aside from Hollywood actors, singers are also looked up to by many of their fans when it comes to their acting or singing abilities. They are often admired for their particular acting in a movie or for singers their ability to sing with their heart. Singer like Katy Perry also has her own sense of fashion. She can be the goddess of music industry trying to master her songs and perfecting her music videos. Any upcoming singers that are looking for affordable folding music stand to be used while practicing or during a performance must exert extra effort, discipline and patience to break into the music scene.

At times, singers should have a gimmick that make them standout but for real singers their different voice and pure talent make them rose to the top. I’ll feature Katie Perry today to show some of her outfits and how anyone can “copy” or imitate her looks.

in my skin tight jeans.
Katy Perry