Threadbloom Blouse by Anthropologie

I was looking for a blouse with thin cloth material since it’s summer already here in our part of the world that is why I always wanted to wear something light and comfy at the same time. Whilst browsing online, found this threadbloom blouse at and found this very cute. I look fair in lime color so this blouse stood out. I have a warm skintone and that makes orange, yellow, lime and coral colors looks good on me.

This Threadbloom Blouse by Anthropologie has dainty embroidered flowers and costs $78 and I hope I can find something similar here in our place. I hope Plains and Prints can have this type of blouse. Available in Lime and Lavender colors.

Threadbloom Blouse by Anthropologie Threadbloom Blouse by Anthropologie

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Orange Delight

Eversince I learned that orange or coral colors look good on me, I never stopped looking for blouses or top that I can buy if my budget allows. I already have several printed and solid colored orange blouses but still I can’t get enough. Look, I found a cute one at pinterest! That blouse looks so simple and I think the cut or style of the blouse can hide my big belly hehe. I’m not loving the orange wedge sandals though , I think I’ll just opt wearing beige or brown wedge sandals for this look. That multi-colored bracelets can add some spice on the whole outfit and I love it.

Right now, I’ve been browsing both pinterest and polyvore sites looking for more ideas and I just hope computer running slow problem will not happen on my pc when I open multiple programs or sites at the same time. Thank goodness, pc is running and performing at its best up to now.

Clean and Neat White Tops

Ahhhh summer is here and wearing colored clothes can be too hot and uncomfortable as they attract more heat than usual. My fave color for this season is white and I can wear 3/4 sleeves, tank, spaghetti strapped and more.

Saw these nice white tops at bloomingdales and I reckon they are pretty summer must have. You can pair it with jeans, shorts or mini-skirts with matching flip-flops or sandals.

Vintage Inspired Tops/Blouses at Ruche

If you love vintage style of dressing then head to RUCHE online to find fabulous vintage inspired tops and blouses at affordable blouses. You don’t need to spend a fortune and break your wallet buying those designer expensive clothes for there are shops online that sells not so expensive clothes that can show your personality.

Here are my top picks at RUCHE and would you believe they costs from $35+ and up.