Beauty Products Used by the Stars

Today’s society is bombarded with images of celebrities.  They are seen on the cover of magazines, on the Internet, in movies, and on TV.  Some people see them so much they long to be friends with them.  Others simply want to look like them.  Fortunately, it is not hard to look as good as your favorite celebrity.  All you need to do is use the beauty products and skin system they rely on daily.  Learn more about their must-haves below.

Anti-Aging Products

Since every celebrity needs to look perfect at all time, they invest in the best quality anti-aging products to prevent wrinkles.  These products help them maintain their youth and provide them with the glowing skin that is seen on the red carpet or the big screen.  In particular, they get regular eye wrinkle treatments to minimize the aging around their eyes.

A Great Moisturizer

Along with their anti-aging products, these stars also use a great moisturizer to provide their skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.  The anti-aging products do not contain this nourishment.  They are only meant to treat the skin.  Therefore, it is important to top the skin with a final layer of support at night and before applying makeup.  This will ensure that your skin always looks great and that your makeup goes on smoothly.

Cream Blush

Blush is essential on the red carpet or at a photo shoot.  Most stars prefer cream to powder when it comes to blush.  Although this might not be the norm for most consumers, it is the best way to create a natural flush in your cheeks.  It will make your skin look healthier and youthful.  If you do not own cream blush, you can always use blend a tiny bit of lipstick on your cheeks.

Shimmery Lotion

Since most celebrities have to show off their skin, they usually like to apply a nice lotion that enhances their skin.  A shimmery lotion is the most popular option.  However, some stars do like the tinted versions that provide a little extra color on their skin.  Either way, the shimmer in the lotion will smooth out imperfections on the body and make you look more radiant.

Fake Lashes

It is extremely common for the stars to wear fake lashes on TV and on the red carpet.  This is because they want their eyes to pop.  There are a few types of lashes that stars choose from:

  • Individual flares
  • Strip lashes
  • Lash extensions

However, there are some celebrities who are using eyelash growth products so they no longer need to rely on fake lashes.

Pressed Powder

Finally, celebrities usually have pressed powder on hand to touch up their makeup and minimize shine.  This is especially important prior to picture taking.  The best pressed powders are sheer.  They will remove excess oil from the skin and help the makeup look smooth in the picture.  Ideally, this product should contain no sunscreen.  Otherwise, it distorts the picture.

If you want to look like a star, make sure to invest in these popular products.  Use them everyday so that you look as beautiful as the celebrities on the red carpet.

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4 Ways to Give Yourself an Amazing Spa Day

Most spas have a certain etiquette to keep in mind when visiting which helps set the mood for whatever you are about to experience. A trip to the spa isn’t like a trip to the salon. There is a certain etiquette that’s followed to optimize your treatments. Recognizing these dos and don’ts of spa behavior will also help you to get the most out of your treatment. Here are some etiquette essentials when it comes to visiting the spa.

1.  Decide what kind of experience you’re looking for.  The best way to get the most out of going to a spa is to choose the right kind of spa and treatments.  For some people, a spa visit means a quick day spa trip with a massage and a manicure; for other people, immersive spa retreats that offer wellness classes as well as treatments are the only true spa experience.  There is no inferior spa experience, but factors like your budget, your schedule, and your desire to escape the outside world all affect which type of spa visit will be best for you.

2.  Take advice from the experts.  When it comes to spa info, there are many online resources that will help you find exciting new services and products – see more at You can sign up for any treatment that you would like at a spa, but there are probably some that will benefit you more than others.  For instance, if you aren’t an athlete, aren’t injured, and don’t suffer from chronic pain, a therapist would likely recommend a Swedish or hot stone massage for you rather than a deep tissue massage.  If you’re younger, a specialist might recommend an exfoliating facial scrub rather than a rejuvenating chemical peel.  Again, you can choose whatever treatment you want, but remember that the specialists are experts and they are there to help you have the best experience.

3.  Respect spa etiquette.  Spas are one place where it is essential to be polite and respect etiquette; this helps maintain a good environment both for other visitors and for employees.  When you visit a spa you should leave as much of the outside world at the door as possible.  You should turn your cell phone off or refrain from talking on it and checking it constantly.  This will help you relax while improving the experience of other guests.  You should try to bring a positive attitude, which shouldn’t be difficult, and be respectful to employees and other visitors.  You should also show up early for appointments and make sure that, if you have to cancel, you do it as early as possible.

4.  Be open with the spa specialists.  Whether you’re a seasoned spa-goer or relatively new to the experience, it’s always important to communicate.  The person who is providing your treatment needs to be aware of whether you are pregnant and have any allergies or injuries so that you can receive the most appropriate treatment.  If you’re having an unfamiliar treatment like a mud wrap or a more forceful treatment like a deep tissue massage, you’ll have a better experience if you talk about what to expect and vocalize any pain or discomfort during the treatment.

When you’re new to visiting spas, it’s important to be open to new things, respectful of policies and employees, and up front about the kind of experience you are looking for.  Besides keeping these things in mind, however, you shouldn’t have to put any work into having an enjoyable spa experience.

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4 Things A Great Facial Skin Care Routine Should Have

All of us want to have a pretty face. One thing that a pretty face needs is a great facial skin. If you want to have a pretty face with a healthy glow, you need to spend some time and money on it. Of course, you will need to shell out some money to avail of professional skin care products like DDF skin care. In addition to that, you will need some time to do your research and get to know more about the five processes that are involved in a great facial skin care regimen. With that in mind, here is the information that you need in terms of caring for your face.

The face is exposed to the pollution and dirt of the world. If you wish to make your skin glow healthy, then it is a must that you remove the contaminants, dirt as well as the extra oil that are damaging your skin. This can be done with the use of a cleansing cream. Apply this on the parts of your neck and face. Massage the cream gently into the skin by using gentle and upward strokes. Allow it to settle then pat your face dry with the use of a tissue or a cloth. Avoid rubbing at all costs. The rule of the thumb is to clean your skin twice a day– once in the morning and once in the evening before you sleep.

When you cleanse your face properly, it can be a great substitute for toning. However, this extra step will remove any extra dirt, grime or cleanser in your face. Keep in mind that this should not be done on a daily basis. You can opt for skin toning two to three times a week. This is best done once your skin has been exposed to harmful chemicals and conditions.

This is also optional but is highly recommended if you wish to avoid having to deal with blackheads and pimples since this extra step allows you to get rid of the dead skin cells that may clog your pores. When you exfoliate, you are allowing your skin to replenish for every three weeks. This should also be done twice or thrice a week only.

This is a very vital step of the facial skin care process. When you moisturize, you are preventing your skin from drying up. When you have dry skin, you will look old and weary and no one wants that. When your skin is dry, it will be easy for the epidermis to break and this may result to higher number of skin cells.

A lot of women are already aware of these four elements of a good facial skin care. However, the importance of these processes should not be overlooked as all the processes work hand in hand with each other. Never skip any of these and ensure that you are using a high quality professional skin care product like DDF skincare. With the right knowledge and the right ammunition, your face will surely be on its way to beauty and youthful glow.

3 Lip Make-Up Trends to Watch Out for This Season

It’s no news anymore that this autumn/winter season came with a lot of interesting new trends in fashion and make-up. The famous smoky and cat eyes, the revival of the grunge style or the revamping of the Italian eye makeup style have made the headlines of many beauty and lifestyle magazines in the past few months. Movie and TV celebrities started experiencing with the new trends and you can find quite a handful of useful written and video tutorials on how to create a perfect smoky eye look with Kim Kardashian’s tips and tricks or a Vanessa Hudgensstylehotcat-eyes appearance. You will need high quality liquid liners, an extremely steady hand and some fashionable products all great labels are more than willing to provide besides the spectacular creamy, satin metallic glam and earthly colored eye make-ups.

But since the eyes are this season’s highlight, one must wonder how to use this season’s lipstick trends, as they are also very spectacular and daring. There are at least four major such trends, although the designers and the big fashion houses have already started to envision and promote next spring’s style.

        1.  Smokey eyes and nude lipstick

Beauty consultants say that perfectly-crafted smoky eyes represent a statement for women who are cool, with an underground allure and a very sophisticated attitude. And since this type of eye make-up is meant to take the cake and be the highlight, fashion designers displayed a combination of big, impressive eyes and nude or pale pink lips for a striking contrast and a dash of innocence to soften the grunge aspect of their models. Pale pink, pale peach, these are the best choices of lipstick when it comes to show off your cat eye style, in perfect harmony with an impeccable skin tone and contoured features

    2.  Light make-up with dark purple lips

It is indeed an act of bravery to get out of the house wearing dark purple or plum lipstick, but it made a riot on fashion podiums and beauty magazines. It is fascinating, intriguing and demanding, as not many women have the perfect lips for such a color, nor the clean, smooth skin tone to match this courageous style. History has witnessed some moments of dark lipstick display and even today some rock concerts count among the participants fans of the gothic style, but this is something completely different. Purple lipstick goes great with nude and light eye make-up, has nothing to do with any type of underground movement and is a preferred make-up tendency by huge labels such as Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta or Fendi.

3.  Shady lips and bright eyes

Summer is gone and so is the perfect contoured lips and mate lipstick textures. This season comes with shady lips in burgundy, dark red wine and forest fruit nuances. The shades can be created from the interior to the exterior and the other way around, depending on what effect you intend to obtain and major labels such as Armani or Marni seem to be very fond of this style, which is indeed a beauty statement. However, it requires even more skill to obtain the lip shades and to play with nuances transgressing progressively from dark burgundy to fruity, but if you can do it, the results will be spectacular. No much effort is needed for the eyes in this case, either, as light make-up is all you need when your lips are the guests of honor.

Also, you should remember that red is still a fashionable color for this season’s lipsticks, in mate textures and intense nuances. Vibrant effects can be obtained with strawberry nuances and pigments. However, take a look over the trends subjected to debate for the next season, as you will have the surprise of your life when seeing neon orange lipstick as a major 2014 make-up trend, matched with more natural make-up and fashion styles.

5 Easy Hairstyles for Work

Looking good every day is pretty hard. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you just don’t have it in you to spend time doing your hair. This is fair, and here are a few easy ways to deal with that problem.

Loop Ponytail

This is simple, five minute and above all manageable hairstyle that can give you a clean cut look and make it look like you went the extra mile on a simple hairstyle First spray your hair smooth with hairspray, then pull your hair back into a ponytail and secure it with elastic. Use your fingers to separate your hair above elastic and create a hole that is centred above it. Pull the ponytail through the hole and pull it taut. Smart, simple, professional.

DIY Ballerina Bun

If you need to look elegant and like you really tried with your hair without wasting the effort this is a hairstyle that really makes it look like you care. Flip your hair into a high ponytail, use a holder to secure. Use a smoothing brush to tease your hair to give the illusion of volume, alternately if you don’t have the hair volume a BioTHIK treatment may be worth considering. Next, twist your hair and wrap it around the base to create the shape. Secure this with bobby pins until you can shake your head without slipping. Then just smooth the hair down.

Bubble Ponytail

This will give a bouncy excitable and cheerful image to a hairstyle and will make you seem lively and fully energized. First pull your hair into a ponytail, tease out the length, starting at the hair tie. Then tie another elastic band around the ponytail about a third of the way down from the base, then another about two thirds of the way down. Finally slide the elastic bands toward the base. This should bunch things up and create bubbles.

Chignon Twist

A twisted chignon can pull of an elegant look and project a simple no-fuss attitude that will make you look intense and focused. First, get your hair straight and tie a low ponytail. Then twist the ponytail, if you’re feeling energetic divide it into separate sections and wrap them around each other. Then secure them with another hair band. Curl the twisted hair around the base of the ponytail. Once there’s a full circle around the base, pin the other end of the ponytail to your head.

Knot Ponytail

This is another cool twist on a basic ponytail that you don’t’ have to wrestle with. Divide your hair in half and tie it in a double knot. Secure the knotted ponytail with an elastic band and a couple of pins, then just tease the end, done and dusted no fuss muss and only two minutes work.

So if you’re running late, or you just don’t feel like really fixing your hair on the way out of the door, this is a quick way to get things done.