Bags and Wallets Sale from Mango

After Christmas, my family and I went to visit my sister who is staying at Manila Peninsula in Makati at that time for a short vacation before they go back to Sydney. The weather was nice so we just decided to walk from the hotel to Glorietta malls and it took us about 20 or so mins to get there.

It’s seldom that I go to Glorietta for its way too far from our place in the East part of the country. A lot of malls are already nearby so going to Makati, Glorietta malls in particular will mean an added effort in terms of commuting and time.

Anyway, my nieces and I entered at different stores while my mom and SIL just sat down in one place to wait for us to finish our shopping. My niece bought some of her stuff while I’m looking for a bag and wallet.

We saw the sale sign at MANGO in Glorietta 4 and immediately our feet lead us inside. Clothes, shoes, and accessories are on sale so we scour the racks for possible finds. The Esprit hand bag that I am carrying that day is in bad shape already so I thought I’d replace it with a more affordable bag.

Saw a black handbag with some studs on the front at Mango and saw it was on sale too. It was originally priced at Php 2,950.00 but it was slashed to P1,450.00 that day so I bought it. When I was on the way to the cashier, I saw some wallets that can be paired with the black bag that I wanted. Original price is P1,500.00 and on sale for P875.00 so I grabbed it too.

I have quite a lot of bags and wallets already but can’t resist buying it (have a low self-control that day My niece found a nice vintage shirt for herself and since I was generous that day, I paid it for her too and she’s happy about it. I guess, I have to put myself on a bag shopping freeze again this year but knowing myself, I don’t think I can do that.

A Christmas Present: Kardashian Kollection Stud Barrel Bag

There’s no doubt that I love bags !

My sister from Sydney came home for their Christmas vacation last year and when I saw her 2 Kardashian Kollection Multi Handle Quilted bags in blue and buttercup (yellow) colors, I immediately asked her to give me the blue one but she declined to give it to She said the yellow one was given by her husband while she bought the blue one and she loves to carry them that;s why she can’t give it to me. Poor me..

Anyway, she told me to ask her hubby to buy me instead for he is coming from Sydney before Christmas to be with them. Of course, I’m too shy to ask my BIL to buy me a bag ! However, I know that my sister will ask her hubby to get me one because she showed me some photos of bags where I can choose. I’m also lucky that it is also on sale at one of the shops in Sydney.. yey.

Christmas passed and all along I thought my BIL didn’t buy me any bag but I got surprised when he handed me this beautiful Kardashian Kollection Stud Barrel Bag one evening while we are having conversations along with my sister. I was so happy!
I love how the faux leather felt and the bag was so spacious inside. It was not that heavy when I carry it because there’s not much blings or metals attached on the bag that will make it heavy even without my things inside and that’s a plus for me. There’s also a detachable shoulder strap that I can always use just in case I want to carry it hands-free.

Love this bag and in fact, I have used it already.

The bag is quite affordable in my opinion since it looks classy and durable. I think that my BIL even got it on sale when he purchased it for me.

Kardashian Kollection Studded Barrel Bag
– faux leather barrel bag with stud feature
– Top zip opening with gold toned hardware
– Signature KK logo plate on front
– Twin handles and detachable shoulder strap included
– KK signature lining with 2 open interior pockets and interior zip pocket
– W 32 X H 20 X D 18cm

Available online at: at AUD 109.99

Check out more KK collections at:

Colorful Shopper Bags on Sale at Mango

I don’t know about you but I love big bags!

I do like carrying lots of stuff inside my bag eventhough I’m not sure if I’m going to use all of them when I go out. Making sure that I have lots of tissue, my medicines, powder, extra foldable shopping bag, umbrella, phone, digi-cam and some of my kikay stuff. I guess I have my whole closet (lol) inside my bag that I carry esp. when I go to the city or long distance traveling. You’d not see me without a bag even when I go to the grocery or just going to withdraw some cash at the ATM, this time smaller bag of course is necessary.

Since I love to carry big bags, a shopper bag fits my bag style. As you can see, a shopper bag has a wide mouth or opening 2 handles for comfort. The opening can either have   magnetic button fastening or a zipper opening . I’d prefer the latter as it can be more secure when carrying.

These types of bags are spacious and light weight depending on the material used. But mostly soft leather, faux leather, canvass, cotton and nylon materials are used.

Maroon Studded shopper bag – PhpP1,950

Would really love to have this studded shopper bag that costs Php1,950.00. The only thing that’s hindering me from buying this is that it has no zipper fastening on top that makes it not secure (for me) when I go to the malls. You know there are many pickpockets in the metro so carrying this would mean an invitation for them to pickpocket. Yay! Also, I don’t want to be conscious  checking my bag all the time if my wallet or phone are still inside because it has no zipper but some bags bellow have zippers though.

Metal plate shopper bag = Php 1,250.00

Cotton Shopper Bag from Php1,250 >>>>Php595 (-52%)

Bicolor shopper Php 1,250.00

Cotton shopper bag
From: Php1,750
Now: Php795 (-55%)

Get them at: MANGO

What about you, what type of bags do you always buy and why?

3 Must Have’s When Going to a Polo Match

Polo is a high speed team sport involving players on horseback striking a ball toward the opposing team’s goal. Although the sport’s exact origin is unknown, polo has enjoyed a successful history with the first recorded tournament held in 600 BC. Fortunately, for people that want to experience what a polo match is like today, here are 3 must haves when attending:

1. Hat

If you are attending a polo match on a bright and sunny day, having a hat handy will help protect your scalp, eyes, and face. Fortunately, there are plenty of styles and colors available to help you find the perfect hat to fit your preference. However, it may be beneficial to avoid oversized hats that can potentially block other people’s view of the playing field.

Since polo matches are held outside, it is important that you dress for any type of weather to ensure that you are comfortable and healthy. The styles you see will vary since some people attend matches in jeans while others focus on high fashion. However, if you are attending a tournament or charity event, you should dress up appropriately.

2. Bag

For polo players, choosing the right bag is a must for carrying their gear around in comfort. In fact, just some of the types of bags available include:

  • Polo mallet bags
  • Polo boots bags
  • Polo helmet bags
  • Polo team bags
  • Polo carry-all bags

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a polo player to enjoy polo gear bag. For example, a La Martina bag is a popular accessory for spectators because of its functional design. Whether you want to use it as an oversized purse to a polo match or a gear bag for another sport, polo gear bags are handy.

It should be noted that most polo clubs open the matches for public viewing on weekends. All you need to do to enjoy a match is bring a lawn chair and pack your gear bag with a blanket. To ensure that you are even more comfortable, be sure to pack refreshments and snacks. Yet, always dispose of your trash properly to be respectful toward the environment and people around you.

 3. Binoculars

Since polo matches are fast and played on large fields, it can be difficult to keep up with the action. Whenever possible, you should focus your efforts on watching the ball and players clustered around it. Unfortunately, if you are seated on the opposite end of the field away from the action, it can be difficult to see what’s going on.

To keep up with the action at a polo match, you should bring along a pair of binoculars. Although you can buy binoculars for around $15 or so, they may not be of the best quality. Higher quality binoculars typically fall anywhere between $30 to $2,500.

Going to a polo match can be a great way to spend the day out. With these 3 must haves, you can make the most of the experience and develop a passion for the sport with less stress.

Adam Jenson is a polo player. He frequently writes about how to be properly equipped for a polo match on sport blogs.

Tory Burch Fall 2013 Accessories

Aren’t you excited about these wonderful accessories from Tory Burch?

Tory Burch Fall 2013 Accessories: mood of the season: striking and sophisticated, with rich colors and prints, mixed textures, subtle hints of gold — and special pieces for day to evening.

Tory Burch Fall 2013 Accessories

It seems that insects are  staple designs for the fall season for Tory and I’m kinda liking it eventhough bugs looks kinda creepy in real world. I just love how that bug was made into necklace piece and prints in bags and other accessories. It can be included in the long list of bug jewelry trend now-adays.

Tory Burch Fall 2013 Accessories

Tory Burch Fall 2013 Accessories
This vibrant electric eel color is just eye-catching..

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