Sexy Lingerie and Intimate Relationship

If you are married or with someone, strive hard to keep your relationship on top of your priority. There should be love, respect and intimacy. These days, there are lots of temptations so keeping your love and sexual intimacy on a deeper level can maintain your relationship to each other. There are so many ways on how to spice up your intimacy and it is known that an intimate moment between a couple is very necessary as it can deepen the level of your relationship.

You can definitely add more excitement in your relationship. Make your night sizzling and hot every time you are together. Explore and experiment for it can help you discover more things about your partner. Women can wear sexy lingerie for it can make her feel sexier. It can also help her express her sensuality and this is a good advantage for her partner. There are many different types of lingerie that can surely make your man hot and excited. You can buy lingerie accessories online as it can also add fun and excitement. Communication is also a key to better sexual experience. Talk to each other on what you like so you both have better understanding and mutual conformity.

Suasion Secrets, a one-stop shop for intimate apparels and more. If you are bolder and more adventurous, order sex toys online to spice up your intimate activities. Browse their online category and for sure, you’ll find something that you’ll want and need.

American Eagle Outfitters Philippines Now Open

American Eagle Outfitters Phillippines is now open at Building 5, Bonifacio High Street at Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars show even welcomed guests and customers during the opening of the store last March 1st. Now, Pinoys will get to wear comfortable clothes from an international brand.


All Images are from
American Eagle Outfitters Philippines-

All Images are from
American Eagle Outfitters Philippines-

Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 Big Pony Collection

Fun and vibrant colors embodies Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 Big Pony Collection.

Polo shirts will never go out of style, in fact, you can create color blocking style with these fun colors . Mix neon pink polo shirt with bright yellow pants or other colors and you’ll have a standout look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors for it will be fun. I personally love the fluorescent orange polo shirt as I learned that orange can compliment my skintone as well.

The citrus shades will also make you think about summer and fresh fruits. Check these collection at

Cute Summer Outfits

Ahh… I can slowly feel that summer will be coming very soon!

With the summer arriving in no time, I’m already thinking of where to go for a summer escapade with my nieces. I really wanted to go out of town to experience what is life out there and of course to see different views/sceneries that a particular province has.

Going on a vacation or out of town is not complete without cute summer outfit. Summer here in our part of the world can scorching hot, sticky and humid so, lightweight or loose materials are recommended.

Here are some cute summer outfits that I found and I’m hoping that I can somewhat copy these style. They all look comfy and fashionable as well.

Khaki and Mauve
Untitled #160
Summer! :)

Out With the Old: Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

One of the best ways to re-organize your life in 2013 is to clean out old items and make space for new. If you are looking to get better organized to maximize time with friends, spouse, or kids — or time for you — it’s time to take a look at those items that have been lurking in the back of your closet and replace them with new, more functional wardrobe pieces.

Pull Everything Out
It’s hard to let go of clothing you love and think you’ll wear, or clothing that you have loved but has gone out of style. To do a major overhaul to your closet, pull everything out and lay it on the bed, so you can do an in-depth inventory of everything you have. Identify items you cannot live without. These are items that you wear on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Then identify items you are on the fence about. These include items that you wear monthly or what might have sentimental value. Then identify items you can get rid of. As you’re evaluating these items, be sure to consider that you can replace these items with things that fit your body and lifestyle better. You can even save money replacing things by using an coupon code.

On the Fence
If you have items you’re having trouble parting with, think of friends who might benefit from having these items. Sometimes it’s easier to imagine parting with something you don’t use but consider valuable if you realize that someone you love might benefit from it more than you do. Consider setting up a clothing swap with a few friends, and you can replace your old items with new-to-you items and give new life to items you once valued.

Organize Your Closet
As you put items back in, take the time to organize them in a way that makes sense for you. Some people prefer to do this by color, and others prefer to do it by type-of-item. If you can, invest in some nice hangers — possibly wood — that will motivate you to cherish your wardrobe and encourage you to keep it organized in the future. Invest in any other organizational pieces, such as new laundry baskets, which will help you keep everything tidy and peaceful.