Satisfy your Jewelry Cravings with Chocolate Diamonds

For a lot of women, their chocolate cravings can be satisfied in an instant when they munch some delicious dark, white or milk chocolates that can be bought at their groceries. However, not only sweet real chocolates can actually make every women drool because jewelries will always make women want to shop.

If white diamonds are very popular, chocolate diamonds are not left behind. These type of diamonds are so-called chocolate because of their brown color and they are beautiful, elegant and worthy to be invested just like the traditional diamonds. These Reeds chocolate diamonds in the form of ring, pendant and more are just some of the finest chocolate diamonds that you can find in the market.

So if you want to veer away from the traditional diamonds, these chocolate diamonds will surely satisfy your jewelry cravings.
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Some Chic Necklace Finds

If some people loves music and playing with musical instruments like student alto saxophone, there are many people particularly women who love bags, shoes and different accessories that they can use. I’m not really fond of wearing necklaces especially those chunky or statement pieces for there are times that it made me so conscious that there is something on my neck. I guess it’s just a weird feeling but I’m trying to overcome it by wearing necklaces most of the times as much as possible.

When my sis-in-law and I went to Divisoria, the shopping haven here in Metro Manila, I can’t help but to buy some beautiful necklaces when we stopped by a store that sells different kinds of accessories. They are so affordable prices ranges from P180 – P100 being the lowest. Bought them at 999 mall but you can find more at 168 mall.

Here are the necklaces that I bought.

Finding Original Jewellery Online is Easy

Thanks to the growing effectiveness of shopping online the process of finding unique and original jewellery has evolved. A massive selection of handmade jewellery can now be accessed with the click of a mouse. Scrolling through artisan jewellery stores, like those at iCraft, certainly beats strolling past craft tables, and online shopping allows you to find your favourite jewellery designer in seconds rather than days.

One of the best parts about perusing artisan jewelry digitally is that it’s so organized. Choosing a category to refine your search will have you shopping in the right place instantly. Whether your preference is gold or silver, earrings or bracelets, you will always know where to look. You can view many products at a time until you find exactly what you’re looking for. Viewing your favourite crafter’s store online gives you the advantage of getting to see even more of their work. If you have your eye on a particular crafter, you won’t be limited to just one or two sample products. On you will be able to view a wide assortment of their handmade jewellery organized by jewellery categories, holidays and special occasions, like birthdays and Mother’s Day, gender or custom collections, like silver jewellery sets and easily buy unique handmade jewelry online.

When shopping for artisan jewellery online you also have the option of saving things for later. If you see something you like, but can’t afford to buy at this particular moment, it is very easy to save your search and come back to it next week. Shopping for jewellery in person does not afford you this luxury, especially at art shows and craft exhibitions. Doing online shopping makes it easier to return to those coveted rare finds you had every intention of buying eventually. If you’re a craft seeker with a taste for fine handmade jewellery, the online marketplace at has so much to offer.

Purchases can be made quickly from the comfort of your own home. You will not have to rummage and rifle through barrels of questionable goods. You will not have to listen to pushy sales pitches. You will not have to pack up the family and trudge through stores to craft shows in search of that perfect, unique gift. You will have it right in front of you, a virtual interactive list of pages that will guide you through the process effortlessly. At iCraft the online jewellery stores make shopping an experience in confidence as nothing for sale there is mass produced or previously used. Each product available for sale is unique and handmade by each individual artist.

Swarovski Christmas 2013 Collection featuring Miranda Kerr

Who will not fall in love with super model Miranda Kerr? Her smile is so captivating in this TV campaign from Swarovski. Swarovski Christmas 2013 Collection is a perfect gift to give to someone and for yourself this Christmas.

Swarovski’s Collection for 2013 is named “Moments to Give” and this 30-second video will certainly make you shop for Swarovski jewelries soon. Stunning bracelets, necklaces and rings plus jewelry sets are available at their online store,

Every woman needs to splurge on something that she loves once in a while and Swarovski jewelries are always a great option to have. I hope Santa is reading this because I want a pair of earrings this Christmas.. hehe

Fashion Isn’t Just for Bimbos: 4 Stylish Accessories That Also Have Deep Meanings

When people think of fashion, they often think of individuals with questionable IQs who seem more concerned with what they’re getting out of their closet for the day than what’s going on in the world. While there are definitely individuals who unfortunately live up to that stereotype, it doesn’t mean all of fashion is completely vapid and shallow. Since self-expression is a big part of fashion, it makes sense that there are accessories people wear to convey beliefs that they hold close. Let’s go over four different accessories that fall into this category:

Livestrong Bracelet

 photo live_strong_zpse0ea79f7.jpg

When the International Cycling Union officially stripped Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles, it came as a shock to cycling fans all over the globe. While allegations of performance-enhancing drugs had swirled around Armstrong for quite some time, he had always denied them. So when the ICU made this official decision, it was a huge deal. And it also had some major effects.

According to various reports, Armstrong said that this decision cost him $75 million in income that’s never coming back. Additionally, there are at least six pending lawsuits that could cost him more than $110 million. Those lawsuits are all in some way related to accusing him of financially benefiting from cheating and lying about his cheating for multiple years.

Another big impact of this scandal was on the Livestrong Foundation. Previously known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the cyclist founded it in 1997 after surviving testicular cancer. In 2003, the foundation launched its yellow Livestrong bracelet. Over the last decade, this bracelet has become one of the most iconic fashion accessories in the world. It seems like just about everyone has had one on their wrist at some point.

The reason Livestrong bracelets seem so prominent is because over 80 million have been sold. That alone has raised closed to $100 million for inspiring and empowering cancer survivors and their families. And while Nike will officially quit making the Livestrong bracelet and all other apparel in 2014, that shouldn’t diminish what this foundation has accomplished. In total, the foundation has generated over half a billion dollars since its inception.

Red String Bracelet

 photo Red-String-Bracelet_zps333a1b23.jpg

Celebrities like Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and Gwyneth Paltrow have all been photographed with a red string bracelet on their wrist. Since celebrities are known for being quite fashionable even when they’re just going to the gym, it’s normal to assume that this bracelet was just a trend that suddenly caught on in Hollywood. However, it’s actually a fashion choice that can be traced all the way back to the Bible.

This bracelet is a folk custom among the Jewish population. The reason it’s worn is to help ward off all the bad things that can be brought on by the evil eye. And if you’re wondering why it’s been so prominently seen among celebrities, it’s because it’s commonly associated with Kabbalah, which is a specific realm within Jewish thought.

Fish Necklace

If you see someone wearing a necklace with a fish on it, you may think they just liked the way it looked. You may even think they just happen to be fond of fishing. While that’s a possibility, if the head of the fish faces left and the tail consists of two lines crossing, chances are it’s actually something more meaningful. So, what exactly is this fish? It’s known as an ichthys. That word is actually Greek for fish. And the reason this accessory has meaning behind it is because it’s a very popular Christian symbol. That’s the result of several prominent mentions of fish throughout the Bible.

Pink Ribbon Pin

This accessory is actually related to the first item on our list. Most people don’t only wear a pink ribbon pin because it looks nice. Instead, they do it to show their support and help spread awareness about breast cancer. While plenty of people wear this accessory throughout the year, it’s especially popular during October since that’s officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And because breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, as well as the most common cause of cancer death among Hispanic women, it’s an accessory that has a deeply personal meaning for many of those who wear it.

Much like tattoos, some fashion accessories are simply about their visual appeal. However, accessories don’t only have to serve that purpose. As the above examples show, it’s also possible to wear an accessory that shares an important belief with the world.

About the Author:
Cole Westervelt is a journalist and editor from the Midwest. After discovering he had a knack for writing in middle school, it’s what he’s been busy doing ever since!