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Make a Bold Statement with a Gold Cuff Bracelet

Women will never have too many bags, shoes and jewelries. Jewelries have been used for thousand of years ago and before they symbolize social status and power but these days, wearing jewelries are already part of every woman’s outfit.

For women with discerning taste, wearing a gold cuff bracelet will always be her top choice when it comes to picking a jewelry. A drab outfit can instantly be uplifted just by wearing a statement cuff bracelet that can draw attention. Cuff bracelets are not only meant to be worn on formal occasion that matches a formal attire because this piece of jewelry is also very versatile.

From casual, semi-formal and formal dressing, cuff bracelet will no doubt make  any woman’s attire look fab, elegant and glamorous. Cuff bracelets may come in various styles that will suit your style and budget. Some of these styles have stones, crystals and other accents. It’s easy to wear and there are heaps of contemporary designs that are available on various stores. Styles may vary from simple cuff accentuated by a statement jewel, strips of gold entangled together to make an interesting design and/or a zigzag pattern of various sizes as well that can match any woman’s wrist. It’s a no fuzz jewelry that every woman would want to wearing over and over.

When you want to buy this kind of bracelet, always make sure to check out various stores for you can always find affordable ones that are not too far behind from designer’s brands when it comes to quality. You can find cuff bracelets for as low as $20 to $400 each depending if it’s real gold or just a gold plated one.

Check out these gold cuff bracelet and I’m sure they will make a bold statement and make you feel like a queen.

Gold Cuffs

Adia Kibur bracelet
($24) 1,040 PHP –

Melinda Maria feather cuff bracelet
(£114) 7,950 PHP –

Vince Camuto bracelet
($148) 6,415 PHP –

Elie Tahari filigree cuff bracelet
(£51) 2,815 PHP –

ASOS bracelet
(£7.50) 550 PHP –

K LLER COLLECTION gold tone cuff bracelet
( $360) 15,600 PHP –

Stella Dot bracelet
($79) 3,425 PHP –

Masonic Jewelry : A Symbol of Brotherhood

At first, I was baffled when I heard about masonic jewelry, so I made a very brief research about it.  Freemasonry according to is a secret society or organization that had their own tradition, rituals, signs and symbols. It’s a brotherhood organization that dates back to 17th century and if you’re a member you’ll be proud to wear one of those masonic rings that can symbolize brotherhood. These rings symbolizes you’re a part of the group and proud to be one. Famous members are Julius Ceasar, Michaelangelo and lots more. I even heard that Obama is a member as well.

Just some of the many masonic rings that you can find these days and each ring can distinguish the social standing of a member.

5 of the Most Successful Beauty Brands on the Market

There are plenty of big name beauty brands out there for women to choose from today. Some specialize in anti-aging products while others focus more on makeup, fragrances, or skin-clearing products. But the vast majority of them know that they should not put all of their eggs in one basket, and that is why they offer a variety of different product lines to keep women looking and feeling beautiful, from products that rejuvenate the skin to those that are focused on delivering shine and vitality to even the driest hair.

No matter what, though, there are a select few brands who have found a high level of success in an industry that is saturated with competition. Continue reading to learn about five of the most successful beauty brands today.
5 of the Most Successful Beauty Brands on the Market


When most women think of Olay, they think of a brand that has outstanding anti-aging products. This US-based brand is consistently recognized as one of the best when it comes to providing women with a variety of skincare lines to improve the look and tone of every skin type. Their products are said to work as well as the most expensive products out there, but they are much more affordable so they are accessible by women of all income levels as well. It is no surprise, then, that in 2013, Forbes listed Olay as the number 1 beauty company, thereby holding onto the number 1 spot since 2012 while watching profits soar.


L’Oreal is a multi-billion dollar company based in France that is extremely popular not only for its makeup lines but also for its skincare products, hair care products, fragrances, and more. In fact, it is considered the world’s largest beauty company, and it also owns a variety of other brands, ranging from The Body Shop to Diesel, Lancôme, and many more.


Neutrogena provides products for women of all ages, from cosmetics that can make you look and feel beautiful to skincare products that can help clear up acne. The US-based brand is also worth several billion dollars, making it one of the best in the industry. It even manufactures products specifically geared towards men’s skincare needs.


If you have ever been approached by an Avon saleswoman, you are definitely familiar with the brand, which caters to women’s needs for great beauty products, fragrances, skincare products, accessories, and more. An Avon representative can help a woman find the perfect foundation, lipsticks, eye shadows, and more, so one of the things that differentiates this brand from others is its ability to really work directly with customers to meet their expectations.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is yet another US-based, multi-billion dollar company that has been successful for many years and is still going strong. With great leaders, such as William Lauder, the company has been able to be at the top of its game since its founding in 1946. The company provides women around the world with high quality skincare products, hair care products, fragrances, and makeup.

Annie Clarence is a freelance health and beauty blogger who loves staying on top of what the biggest names in the beauty industry are up to. From Estee Lauder to Olay, she has tried myriad high-quality products from these companies and is not surprised that they are the top selling brands out there.

6 Lace Dresses Under $100

Every woman should have at least 1 or 2 dresses in her closet for dresses can really bring out the femininity of a woman. We have seen lace clothing before mostly on wedding dresses but these days, lace has become part of any woman’s closet. From lace blouse to skirts and of course lace dresses. Lace materials have come a long way now, they are now incorporated with various cloth materials like silk,  polyester, cotton and more to bring out fresh new look and style.

Designers have been designing various lace dresses that can compliment every woman’s body shapes and bring out their sense of style. We have seen various styles of lace dresses and it can be  in a form of pleated style, bonded, figure hugging, skater dress with lace overlay, and other styles. They can be perfect for evening and daily wear as you can dress it up or down depending on your mood or the event. The lace dresses are elegant and feminine and will always bring out the chicness in you.

Here are 6 lace dresses that are under $100. I personally love that Almari lilac dress (bottom right) that has fit and flare shape that can give a nice curve silhouette that any woman wants.

6 Lace Dresses Under $100

River Island dress
($89) 2,425 PHP –

Traffic People dress
($98) 4,260 PHP –

Lipsy dress
(£48) 3,330 PHP –

($89) 3,865 PHP –

Sugarhill Boutique teal dress
(£58) 4,020 PHP –

Almari lilac dress
(£62) 4,300 PHP –

Smart Shoppers Use Coupon Codes

Every consumer wants to save on their purchases and that is why a lot of us scour different racks or stores hoping to find bargain or discounted items.
Going to the grocery these days with only few bucks on your hand may only sent you home with few grocery items. Commodities keep on getting pricier each day and consumers need to tighten their belts from time to time.

One of the many ways on how to stretch your grocery budget is by using coupons. Most penny pinching moms will take time cutting coupons on magazines and make good strategies on how they can lower their grocery bills. Not only that, these days you can actually print out coupons from coupon websites that you can use on your next grocery. Those that are patient in cutting or printing coupons can save more on their purchases as oppose to those that buy items on regular price.

If you’re an online shopper, using online coupons when you shop can also save you a lot of money if you also know where to find those coupon codes. GroupOn, Retail Me Not, Living Social, Coupon and Slick Deals are just some of the coupon websites where you can get grocery/printable and online coupon codes on various items on many stores online.

The infographic below states that almost 80% of consumers use coupons when they shop and it clearly shows that consumers want to save money when they shop. So the next time you hit the grocery or shop online, don’t forget to look for coupons. Nothing beats a shopper who knows how to find a good deal.