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Women: Dress for Success

The world of business was dominated by men, but women have become a force to be reckoned with over the last forty years. A woman has to dress for that success, ans promo coupons can help do that without devastating her wallet at the same time. There are many successful business women whose style and grace can be emulated to help you get a little higher up the ladder in your chosen career.

The way a woman dresses says a lot about her self esteem and confidence in her ability to do the job she has been hired to do. A coupon code can help buy that perfect briefcase to accent her position and attire.  We all know that women love to shop, and shopping for those perfect business outfits can be a little daunting the first time. It never hurts to ask for help from a friend who has a similar business style to what you need. Getting feed back from the friend who always dresses “flirty” is probably not the best idea.

Make sure to check the dress code very carefully before you purchase an expensive blouse that may not be acceptable, for your job. There are many companies these days that have “casual fridays” or just a more relaxed atmosphere. This does not mean you can wear your most comfortable pair of “holy” jeans and flip flops. That is a definite mistake to avoid. Even on casual Friday’s, you should be dressed neatly. Khaki’s or Capri’s are always a good bet and can still be worn with either runner’s, sandals or heels. We women are versatile, if nothing else.

Piercings are a great way to express your individuality, but they can hinder you from being hired or for advancement within a company. It is always best to wear the least amount of jewelry possible, and it should always be relatively small. Makeup, should always be worn with the less is best motto. A natural look gives a more honest impression. You shouldn’t go to work looking like a circus clown (unless you ARE a circus clown, of course).

Always keep an extra pair of panty hose with you in case of runs. You never know when you will get called into that important meeting and you want look your best, rather then worried that someone will notice the run. Neutral colors for your hose are better then loud, flashy or sexy hose.  You don’t want people to get the wrong impression.

Well-fitting clothing is very important. They should not be too tight to be called sexy or ill-fitting, and not so relaxed that you look like a slob. Above all they should be comfortable, because you will be in them for eight to ten hours a day and comfort is important. If you are not comfortable in your clothing, you cannot concentrate and do your best work. You will only to leave for the day and not come back.

Keep a smile on your face when you are at work, because it is part of your attire. Smiling people tend to stay in a better mood throughout the day and it helps keep your co-workers in a good mood as well. A good mood will help make that day fly by much faster and you will enjoy your job a lot more as well.

Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale 2013

Just a heads up to all Victoria’s Secret ( fans. Today is the start of the ONLINE Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale 2013 and Semi Annual Sale for stores will be on June 11, 23.

Check out the various sales on bra, panties, swimwear, summer tops and more!  I know you don;t want to miss this !

Just some of the sale tops at $19.+

5 Reasons to Wear a Wig

At some point in every woman’s life, she has the opportunity, or the need, to try on a wig or wear a hairpiece. Sometimes it might be for a school play or recital. It might be for a Sweet 16 Party, prom or for some lucky girls, their Debutante Ball. Everyone has worn some type of wig for Halloween.

Depending upon their style preference, some women like a nice up-do for their wedding, which can be styled using a hairpiece. And both girls and women faced with cancer treatments or other hair loss issues related to health need a wig for several months during chemotherapy and recovery.

Synthetic hair is less expensive than human hair, but real hair wigs are easier to style. Price ranges can be from as little as $25 for a clip in extension to $1,000 for fully styled, hand woven human hair. For the most part, the inexpensive, synthetic wigs and hair pieces are mostly for costume wear, the more expensive ones are for every-day casual wear.

Here are five reasons women wear wigs:

1.  Fashion and Special Events – Wigs for the sake of fashion and special events are the fun and frivolous ones. These let you try a totally different color, cut or length from your normal hair and are only used once in a while. Hair pieces let you easily add a flirty, bouncy ponytail or extra height. You can add a streak of blonde or go crazy with bright pink or peacock blue for a fun night out. Halloween and masquerade balls are great reasons to have fun with a totally different style for the night.

2.  Illness and Medical Treatments – There are illnesses that result in thinning or balding, which is very embarrassing for women. Of course, chemotherapy can wipe out all the hair on your head, including eyebrows and eyelashes. Full head wigs help add a sense of normalcy to your appearance will going through treatment and recovery. This can affect women and girls of all ages and wigs help restore some of the self esteem lost to medical conditions and side effects.

3.  Aging or Hereditary Factors – As women age, their hair changes. Not only does it go gray, but hair changes texture and gets thinner due to decreasing levels of hormones. Rather than the constant expense and time involved with color treatments, some women turn to wigs for every day wear.

4.  Performance Arts – Theater loves dramatic costumes, makeup and hair. Wigs can turn a mousy brown haired actress into the beautiful blonde Marilyn Monroe, or the exotic Cleopatra. Nicki Minaj created her signature look by wearing her pink wig during concerts. Wigs allow a chorus line of showgirls to all have the same color and style of hair. And the use of wigs along with costume changes can make the same actress appear to be several different characters in the same play or production.

5.  Versatility – Women who like to mix things up can use wigs and hair pieces to temporarily change their entire appearance. A wardrobe of different wig colors and styles can give you a new look quickly and easily. Some like to have a short cut for days in the office, then slip on a sexy, long hair wig for a night out on the town or clubbing.

Women who are blessed with long natural hair who are ready for a new, short cut can donate their hair to one of several charities who make wigs available to cancer patients. Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids and Children With Hair Loss all welcome donated hair. Some of the organizations will not accept color treated or permed hair, but others do. Find an organization online that lets you donate hair for wigs and read their website FAQs or instructions, then take the instructions with you to the hairdresser so they know what is needed for that particular organization.
hairwig2 hairwig3

Lauren Conrad Inspired Budget Look

Want to copy one of Lauren Condra’s style but not wanting to break your bank?

Here’s a Lauren Conrad inspired budget look which is under $125 that you can get. Actually you can still wear something like this if you are only patient is scouring your local stores. You don’t even  need a branded and expensive dress like this one for you can score a much cheaper one.

Lauren Conrad inspired budget look

Katie Perry and her Fashion Sense

Aside from Hollywood actors, singers are also looked up to by many of their fans when it comes to their acting or singing abilities. They are often admired for their particular acting in a movie or for singers their ability to sing with their heart. Singer like Katy Perry also has her own sense of fashion. She can be the goddess of music industry trying to master her songs and perfecting her music videos. Any upcoming singers that are looking for affordable folding music stand to be used while practicing or during a performance must exert extra effort, discipline and patience to break into the music scene.

At times, singers should have a gimmick that make them standout but for real singers their different voice and pure talent make them rose to the top. I’ll feature Katie Perry today to show some of her outfits and how anyone can “copy” or imitate her looks.

in my skin tight jeans.
Katy Perry