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TOMS Give Fair and Project Pearls

PROJECT PEARLS – is a non-profit organization helping the poorest of the poor children in the Philippines. Their mission is to help the underprivileged children in the Philippines by giving them PEACE, EDUCATION, ASPIRATION, RESPECT, LOVE, SMILES. 

Project Pearls teamed with TOMS Philippines to bring TOMS GIVE FAIR on November 24-25, 2012 at 11 am-9pm at the Town Plaza, Alabang Town.

If you buy a pair of TOMS, they will give one pair of toms to a kid in need. Also, to help the said event, Project PEARLS will be selling bracelets that are reasonable prices just like at the photo below. Those bracelets are hand-crafted by their  volunteers and  100% proceeds will go to our Pre-School Scholarship Program. Let is support Project Pearls and TOMS.

Camping Supplies That You Need

If you’re the type of a person that loves nature, chances are you already have done some of the exciting outdoor activities. Such activities include hiking, mountain climbing, camping and more. When you go on this kind of adventure or trip again or for those first timers, you need to bring necessary camping and outdoor gears and supplies that you’ll need.

Camping and other outdoor activities are fun and exciting so be sure bring also your cameras or camcoders to capture all the special moments and adventures that you’ll have in the wilderness.

Just remember that where you are already in the middle of the woods, there is a possibility that you might not find any stores where you can buy something that you forgot to bring. Therefore, always be sure that you carry all your stuff before you leave your house. It doesn’t mean that you bring a lot of stuff because it’ll e hard for you to carry them around, just bring necessary stuff. Make a list so you’ll not forget.

You can purchase camping supplies at campbound like tents, sleeping bags, cookware, backpacks and whole lot more.

Look of the Day: In Shorts

I seldom wear shorts when I go out because I’m not confident but for today I did. I went out for a quick errand at the bank and here is what I wore. My navy blue Cotton On shorts, red belt, Penshoppe stripes shirt, over-sized leather DKNY watch and some arm candies bought from a friend.

I feel and look young when I wore something like this, not my everyday outfit though but it’s nice anyway..

Getting Shopping Deals at Shiloh’s List

There’s no doubt that shopping online has become one of the ways shoppers purchase for items that they like. The evolution of the internet has paved the way for shopping at the comforts of our homes. These days, more online stores are thriving while more and more consumers are enticed to shop online for it has many benefits as well.

Every consumer also wants to save even while they are shopping and that is why those stores that often offer sales, discounts and bargains also have a lot of customers and even sales than those that offer incentive for their clients.

Also, a lot of group buying sites are coming up offering good shopping deals to all the customers. Shiloh’s List is one of the emerging group-buying sites in the Philippines now where they offer quality products and services from companies at discounted prices. Apart from the various deals at their site, they have this Reward Points system wherein their customers get points when they shop and once accumulated they can buy it from the store.

Shiloh's List

Upcoming events from Shiloh’s List is their Grand Launch Party on Nov. 22nd at Venice Piazza. There’ll be a concert, fashion show and grand raffle draw wherein they will give lots of prizes that include ZERONA – Zerona Basic Package. The said party will be sponsored by Pepsi, Cable Link and Slimmers World.

Sign up and check out various deals at their site. Like their Facebook page at to know more about their deals and upcoming exciting events. Now, shoppers have more reasons to shop and enjoy good deals.

iPanema Spoil your Sole Brazilian Cruise Promo

iPanema Spoil your Sole Brazilian Cruise Promo

Hey iPanema lovers don’t forget to miss this iPanema Spoil your Sole Brazilian Cruise Promo because you might win that 5 days,4 nights Royal Caribbean cruise for two in Brazil. Ahhh … that would be fun!!

How to join:
Simply purchase any pair of Ipanema slippers from November 5, 2012 to February 5, 2013 at any stores and just enter your promo code in their app to join the promo: www.