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Nicki Minaj – Super Bass Inspired Outfit

Still remember Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” song? All of us went ga-ga over that song and we could not help ourselves dancing and singing that song. Why not? It’s upbeat and a great dance song, kids (that includes my 9 yr old niece) also enjoyed it too.

It’s pretty easy to get Nicki Minaj’s outfit just like on her Super Bass video. Oh to complete the outfit, it would be great if you also have a Fender Precision Bass to go well with your outfit.
1. Find a pink long hair wig
2. White tank top
3. Jeans shorts
4. Doc Martens pink boots

Super bass

Versatile Sarong

We are still in the middle of rainy season yet I’m already thinking of summer. Ahhh… why not? Summer is a time to go to many destinations most especially the beach and have some fun. I just love the cool breeze of the wind and the sun sans humidity when I’m in the beach area or on top of a mountain resort. How’d I wish life can be laid-back all the time.

Wearing a maxi dress, shorts, tank top, loose pants with thin material and sarong are just some of the perfect summer get-up. Nothing beats the comfort that they can give during summer but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable when you wear them.

Sarong is a very versatile fabric that can be used as a clothing, head scarves, blanket, shawl or even as a towel. Versatile as it is, it also can be worn in so many ways. Even I was surprised to know that sarong can be tied up beautifully in variety of ways to make it more fashionable. It’s good to find a site that shows how to tie a sarong in so many ways I can imagine.

My fave sarong are the full ones and those that have colorful prints but there are also mini-sarongs and solid colored ones that you can opt to choose depending on your taste.

Here are my top sarong picks:

Sequined / Embroidered / "Floral-10" w/ Butterflies Sarong "Turquoise"Sarong w/ Triple Embroidery "Orange"-

Cute Hello Kitty Figurines by Swarovski

Our all-time favorite super cute cat, Hello Kitty is made into figurines. Hello Kitty Figurines by Swarovski are now available at their site Hello Kitty lovers and collectors, you should not miss this 2012 collection because some are Limited Edition only just like the Hello Kitty Hearts ($600- wow!) that has cute pink hearts and bow.

Hello Kitty Hearts, Limited Edition 2012

Hello Kitty Gold Bow – priced at $140 wears a rockstar inspired outfit. Approximate size: 1 9/16 x 2 3/16 inches
Hello Kitty Gold BowHello Kitty Santa

Hello Kitty Pink BowHello Kitty BearHello Kitty Red Apple

Fashionable Medical Lab Coats

Medical professionals need not to be left behind when it comes to fashion. Wearing white uniforms can be boring at times but thankfully they can now buy medical scrubs that comes in variety of colors and patterns that they can use in their hospital duties. During my medical years many years ago, those pattern scrubs are still non-existent so seeing my former colleagues with their new uniforms is just refreshing.

However, white lab coats will never go out of style and use but medical professional need to make sure that only use and buy comfortable coats for most of the times their duties can be pretty hectic and toxic as we call it.

Arm Candies / Bracelets Galore

These days, arm candies of different styles, materials and colors make women drool.These accessories are the fad these days and it’s also nice to pair them with bulky or big leather or metallic watches. Just don’t overdo it too much, maybe 3 bracelets of your choice and a watch will be enough to make a statement. Actually, I ordered some few colorful faux leather bracelets from my friend and I’m kinda excited to finally have it and use them.