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Body Jewelry: Another Form of Enhancing Beauty

For many women dressing up is their chance to show off their personality and to express themselves not to mention the probability of boasting their new clothes, jewelries of bags to other people. Jewelries can enhance any outfit. A simple block colored shirt and a pair of pants can be turned into something fabulous when you wear a chucky bib necklace, cuff bracelet or sparkly chandelier earrings. It can turn a drab outfit into a fab one.

Personally, I love wearing charmed bracelets for it can enhance my dainty little arm. These days, big chunky or chrono typed watches are just so fashionable and popular to women so I didn’t let that pass and I end up buying 2 oversized watches with leather strapped watches. I’m still drooling over the dual toned (silver and gold) watch that I saw from DKNY and Fossil and hoping before my birthday this November it’s in my arm already.

All of us have different personalities or character and no one can ever dictate us what to wear or like. Wearing something that we don’t like or not in our personality will definitely be evident on how we carry the dress or particular jewelry. We need to be comfortable so we can be confident while wearing them.

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Super Mario Inspired Two Piece Cosplay Dress-up Comic Outfit

Ahhhh.. who will ever forget Super Mario game back in the 80’s? We have a neighborhood family computer shop back then and this is one of the many favorite games of our customers and also me. I spent hours playing this and even though I fall, eaten my the flower or bumped by the turtle, I kept on playing the game with the hopes of saving the Princess in the end. My hard work paid off when I finished the game and saved the princess hehe..

Just in case you have no idea what SUPER MARIO game looks like, watch the video. Ahhh… I so miss this game! Oh this also gives you hint that I’m old

Super Mario has been immortalized in so many ways already. There are lots of Super Mario merchandise that was sold for many years now but still Super Mario and Luigi will still be around. Look at this Super Mario Inspired Two Piece Cosplay Dress-up Comic Outfit that you can wear during a Halloween Party or at cosplay meetings. This outfit is high-waisted and made of latex rubber materials.

It’s pretty, isn’t it? You can buy this at ETSY. Link of the store is at the bottom.


Venturing into a Business

A good friend of mine is venturing into a business soon and I’m kinda helping her in some ways. I know it’s not that easy to put up a business these days since the economy is a bit shaky at times but with her perseverance and faith that she can do it, she still wanted to push her plans. We’ve been looking for some suppliers for her Resto-Bar and this Rapids Wholesale bar equipment proves to have good supplies that she needs. I wish her the best and there’s no doubt in my mind that she will succeed as she has great passion and dedication on all things that she’s doing.

Simple Yet Elegant

I’m not really a black or gray person because I’m leaning towards to a more colorful wardrobe. I always thought that black and neutral colors don;t look good on me and they kinda make me feel dull but when I see this kind of combination on other people I always rethink. I think I need to get some of these colors and play with it. Perhaps a little boost of color just like on the accessories can make me feel more alive.

I love this combo and her use of the turquoise necklace and purple back make this style as standout. I want this

Fireman Inspired Outfit

I’ve been seeing a lot of teens wearing themed costumes for their party or gatherings. Just the other week, my niece asked me if I have boots and cowboy hat because she’ll be a cowgirl on her friends birthday. I have no boots but I got a cowgirl hat that I bought in Sydney few years back so I was able to gave it to her. Halloween is also fast approaching and everybody will be busy looking for costumes once again and here’s a fireman inspired outfit that you can copy.

It’s even more realistic if you have a double jacket fire hose as your prop,  but if you don’t have then it’s still be fine. This outfit is like a firewoman with a pom-pom hehe. Just be creative when you want to pull off this attire. .

Ember Flicker Flame