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Nail Art Designs: Chevron French Manicure

I just removed the nailpolish on my nails few days ago but  after seeing simple tutorial, I wan to have my nails done one again. I think this Chevron French manicure style is just so easy to do provided that you have that thin brush. I have to try this on the weekend when I have time. You see, chevron prints are very “ ïn” these days, I can see them on clothes, furniture and now on nails. I have to try this nail art for I’m already getting bored with just plain colored manicure.

Sheer Fashion/ Style

I bought a sheer mustard / yellowish long sleeves with Chinese collar shirt (similar to the photo below) about a month ago and I love it. I love the texture of the cloth as it is so soft plus I never thought that mustard color will suit my skin color. I got a small size but wishing there’s an xs but with no choice I still got it coz I couldn’t resist the style and how it falls on my body. I already used it when I was in Singapore the other week and it’s perfect for the cool rainy weather there. I paired it with a skinny jeans and a sandals.

I made a set at Polyvore and it looks like this. You can wear this type of clothes even if you’re a student, an event planner, doctor, accountant or have any other jobs. You can tuck the shirt in if you like or wear it with a wedge or a sandals for more comfort. To complete the look, a gray bag , a Ray Ban aviator and a statement turquoise ring can be worn.


Layering Watches with Bracelets

This trend has been in for a while but I noticed that it is ïn these days. I personally love this look and I do layer at times. It’s like an art, mixing and matching oversized watch with beads, leather or bracelets made of other materials. I love putting 2-3 bracelets with my watch but going more than that make my hand look like I already need a bracelet organizer Don’t go overboard in putting too much bracelets though.

Here are some samples that you can imitate. Don’t be afraid to experiment to get the look that you wanted.



Music Festival Syle/ Fashion

I’m still very young when the famous Woodstock music festival in 1969 was held. How’d I wish I can attend modern music festivals in our area for I bet it’s awesome to experience such. Poor me, I’m only contented hearing music with my headphones in the comforts of my room and disregarding the would be awesome experience outside of my home.

Anyway, musical festivals do happen every year in our area so I still have many chances to attend. In the meantime, here’s a Music Festival Style or fashion that I found so cool.

Tunic Dress with Chevron Pattern



Lately, chervron patterns are making waves and I have to say that I’m loving it as well. I’ve been seeing it used not only on clothes but on various items as well. These tunic dress used a chevron pattern that looks so refreshing. I love the red color paired with that bib necklace. This dress is made of 100% polyester and can be bought at but unfortunately it’s out of stock at the moment since it’s only priced at $48 so many are buying them.