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How to Wear Sneakers

Sneakers and jeans will never fade away in every women/men’s fashion. Wearing sneakers can be a statement on fashion but also wearing them especially during long walking and travel can definitely make you more comfortable.

Here are some ways on HOW TO WEAR SNEAKERS. Pair them with skinny jeans and shirt and you’re off to go.  How To Wear Sneakers .

Honey Opal Beads

Aside from scrapbooking and cross-stitching, jewelry making is one of my favorite hobbies to date. I just love making bracelets and even necklaces that I can use personally and some to sell to my friends.

I love using different kinds of beads  from wood, metal, plastic, sandstones, seeds, clay, precious and semi-precious stones. I just recently found out about Honey Opal Beads from a friend who is into beading and I will try using opal beads in my future projects as they look attractive and would be great to them into jewelry. 
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Casual Look

~Sequin Scarf~


I’m done with my switchplate online so it’s now my turn to look for my fave look. Found this super cute outfit today at Polyvore and what makes me glued to this outfit is the cream batwing knitted jumper and the flat sandals. The maong shorts makes it look more comfortable to wear. The aviator sunglass will make the look more cool. I’m not fond od chunky bracelets but these brown ones are cute.

New Style: Sneaker Wedges

I’m pretty sure that there are lots of people who are attracted with affiliate network because it’s another way to earn extra online. I sure want to know more about it but in the meantime, I can’t get over this SNEAKER WEDGES that are hot trend right now.

I might not be able to pull this off but I’m sure there’s someone out there who loves unique styles and new trends. It sure looks like your normal sneakers but the twist is that it has wedges that gives you height and style. Perfect for young ones who love to be adventurous when it comes to dressing and styling, not sure though if they are comfortable or it’s just for styling only. Price range $200 –up.

Sneaker Wedges


The TrekSta Evolution Rubber Shoes

A friend of mine loves the outdoor and mostly everyday she runs together with her husband before going to work or after work, or it depends on what schedule they are both available. I always admire both of them because they are not only disciplined in doing their running religiously but they have the passion for sports. I’m not an outdoor person but it looks so much fun to go outside and I have to teach my body with that routine soon.

Running or just trekking is not complete if you are not wearing proper attire. Rubber shoes are always comfortable to wear when you like to run, trek, camp or backpacking. One of the shoes that my friends always love is the Treksta Evolution that can give its user an unmatched grip and stability while they are on the road.