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Colorful Nursing Scrubs and Medical Uniforms

Just one of the most demanding professions is in the medical industry. Not only they (medical professionals) need to give their utmost care and understanding to patients but they also need to provide an absolute competency and dedication to work. I once worked in this kind of field and there’s no doubt that it can be tiring and intense especially when emergency situation is on. No one is allowed to be sluggish and unprofessional that’s why we also see to it that we’re wearing comfortable uniforms when we go to work.

Nursing Scrubs and Medical Uniforms Nursing Scrubs and Medical Uniforms

 Nursing Scrubs and Medical Uniforms Nursing Scrubs and Medical Uniforms
I’m pleased to know that medical professionals are embracing a lift in their uniforms nowadays. In fact, I have seen some nurses wearing colorful   in the operating room etc. It’s a welcoming change in terms of fashion in the medical field and I’m sure they love it. Patterned uniforms are also seen most of the times.

If you’re in the medical field finding medical uniforms online are made easier now, check out or they have wide range of affordable, comfortable and durable medical uniforms for men and women.

Handmade Travel and Make-Up Pouches and Bags is a wonderful place to find personalized and handmade items. I often frequent the site and I have tons of products that goes into my wish list and hoping that I can buy something for my birthday this year and for Christmas as presents to my girl friends.

I know they love handmade items and I’m thinking of giving them and myself these cute cosmetic and gadget bags that I saw at BAGEL CREATION’s shop. There are lots of different patterns and styles and now I’ll have a hard time picking what to get hehe.

Here are my top picks:

image image

 image image


Summer 2011 at Rustan’s Belle Mama

Pregnant women must still look beautiful despite having a baby bump. Check out the Summer 2011 pregnancy /maxi dress collection at Rustan’s Belle Mama  Check out this season’s collection which is exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati, Edsa Shangri-La and Alabang Town Center

.image image
Chic printed wrap dresses are perfect for your growing belly. (Wrap Dress Php1550)

Tory Burch Wedges

Don’t you just love wedges?

I do. Aside from it’s fashionable it also gives me that added height when I wear them. I can pair it with shorts, long dress/skirt and skinny jeans. Here are some of the newest wedges from Tory Burch.

image image

image image

This Desert Bootie Wedge Espadrille is unique, a combination of a shoe and an espadrille. Price tag: $165. Buy them now at


Eva Longoria and Turquiose Fashion



Pretty Eva Longoria is stunning with this turquoise colored fashion. Her sense of style and elegance are always evident no matter what she is wearing. You can check out where to buy the bags, shoes etc by clicking the image above. I definitely love Eva and her style and I hope I can imitate her sense of style.