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Beautiful Wedding Dress of Princess Catherine

Everyone were excited to get the glimpse of the much awaited wedding gown of Kate Middleton now Duchess of Cambridge Princess Catherine. It was so magical when she stepped out of the vehicle wearing her wedding gown. At first, I thought it was so extravagant but it turned out to be regal, sophisticated and classic gown. It was made by Sarah Burton from the house of Alexander MC Queen.


While watching the Royal Wedding on TV, I could not help but to be in awe because she looks stunning, radiant and so poised. I just love everything about the wedding. Eventhough it was such a big event where there are tons of people that witnessed it, still it was solemn ceremony.

Free Software Online for Your PC

Who would have thought that we’ve come to this era where we use the Internet for almost all our daily computing needs, shopping, online banking, sources of various information and even free downloadable software? We are lucky, aren’t we?

Aside from scouring for shopping codes and deals, I also found some free downloadable software that can also help you.

BS Player

– this is perfect for those that love to watch movies in their computers as this multi media player supports variety of video formats such as avi, mpeg, asf, wmv, mp3, and more. It’s even dubbed as the “best multimedia player in the world” for its customizable features. You can manage all your multimedia content, create a play list, and resize movie window and more.

Apart from that, you can view movies at high quality resolution and can even set a movie file as your desktop background. Cool isn’t it?

 Cabos Downloader

– I know all of us have downloaded music, a file or even movies over the internet using Limewire or similar programs. Some people love to upload and share them with others and to do so; you need to have Cabos, which is a peer-to-peer file sharing program. It’s free to download and doesn’t take much space in your computer.

Calibre Download


– If you love reading e-books then this software is for you. Calibre is a free software wherein you can organize your e-book collection.

Tower Defense for Desktop

– My nephew loves to play pc games and this tower defense for desktop challenges him to think strategy on how to play this exciting computer game.

File-Zilla Software

– This is a free (FTP) program designed for business owners or even for personal use. You can transfer files to a server much faster and easier with the use of their drag and drop feature.


It’s Holy Wednesday and I’ll be taking an off hunting and browsing for beautiful things online.

May we all have peaceful and meaningful Holy Week. Be back after Easter Sunday. More great finds are coming so watch out!

Mixing and Matching Fashion Sense at Kendi Everday

Eventhough I lack fashion sense, I love to browse and look for fashion inspiration. A twitter friend recommended this blog wherein the blogger is sharing her outfits everyday.

Aside from admiring how beautiful she was, I was amazed how she can mix and match her outfits most of the times and still come out with beautiful attire. I call her genius because she has an eye on fashion and mixing clothes. Ahh I wish I have that talent.

Here are just some of the outfits she shared on her blog:

image image

image love this look

Tory Burch Roslyn Leather Tote


I love big bags so this Tory Burch Roslyn Leather Tote caught my eye. Also, summer is here and the beach and out of town vacay is already on my list. This elegant bag is made of pebbled calfskin leather. It is roomy and can accommodate almost all your stuff when you travel or go anywhere. Selling for $395 at . Available in Sole Yellow and Black colors. Ahhh..