Monday, September 18, 2017

The Ferber Method - An In-depth Look

The Ferber Method was invented by Dr Richard Ferber as a means of helping babies soothe themselves to sleep after crying. He explained more about this training in his book titled Solving Your Baby’s Sleep Problems. There are quite a number of misapprehensions about the Ferber Method as some parents think it is the wrong approach towards getting a child child.

There are still a lot of grey areas on that and it is not the objective of this post to recommend the sleep training method to any parents but as with all things, information is crucial. Therefore this post is aimed at providing as much information as possible about the Ferber method.

Dr Richard recommends that the Ferber method be employed with babies that are above 5 months old. Though infants are allowed to cry in his approach, it is only for specific lengths of time before receiving external comfort from parents. So parents can be rest assured that the training does not encourage abandonment.

Infants are also checked upon at intervals to ensure they are safe from external distress factors. One can also choose to use baby monitors to have an eye on their babies at all times.

For more information on the Ferber sleep training method, check out the infographic here.

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