Friday, September 19, 2014

Shopped 'Till She Dropped

Haven't been to the mall for quite a while since I'm still on my shopping freeze. November is coming very soon and that is the time for me to shop once again since it's my birthday month. I can't pass on this special day for it has been my tradition to buy something for me or treat myself on a spa or whatever on my birthday. I have to say that it's pretty hard for me not to shop or even go to the malls to look for something that is on sale or bargain as there are nice items that are always up in so many stores.

My cousin once invited me to come with her on her shopping spree couple of weeks ago but unfortunately I was not available that day. I should have seen what she bought and splurge on that day. I know she's a music lover too, so I bet she will not pass dropping by music stores. She always talk about a certain guitar that she wanted to buy and a stand that is so nice to be put on their music room.

Heard that she shopped so much that she almost got broke that day. Talk about being shopaholic. Ahh.. wished that I have lots of budget for my shopping spree too.

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