Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shopping Freeze

Oh dear, I'm on a shopping freeze for the last 6 months already! Blame it on my excessive spending last Christmas till the 1st quarter of the year. This is the first time that I told myself not to shop for a while since my savings are really low lately. Work is slow and I'm praying and hoping that it will pick up soon again just like the past few years. I should have spent less last holidays so that I will not get broke today. Lessons learned.

Well, at least I can discipline myself not to buy things that are not needed in the first place. Right now, I'm working hard and saving til the next Christmas season for I don;t want to end up not giving any gifts to my loved ones. I also need to shop for my fur baby because she needs lots of supplies too. I'm going to buy her a new bed, maybe a new shirt, dog food and probably a nice treat for her because she's been good all the time.

I also hope that I can shop soon because my birthday is coming again soon and I don't want to pass shopping for my birthday.

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