Wednesday, January 29, 2014

High-Waist Colored Leggings with Pockets

Every year before my birthday in arrives, I see to it that I will splurge (a bit) on something or will shop for myself as a birthday gift. It has been my self-tradition for many years already and I have to say that it made November as one of the months that I have the most expenses apart from December and November.

Divisoria, in Manila if you are not familiar yet is the shopping sanctuary for many shoppers who wanted to get good deals on different items. Shoppers can buy by bulk or wholesale and you can save a lot while you can also purchase items individually at a much lower price than some malls.

Air-conditioned malls like 168 mall and 999 mall make shoppers more comfortable while purchasing because they are spacious and air-conditioned. The only thing that you need to be aware is that pickpockets can be roaming around especially in crowded areas so you need to be extra careful and attentive on your belongings all the time. If not for that, Divisoria is one of the best places to shop . I usually just shop there 2x or just once a year but I when I go there I really shop a lot. You may not find moog effects software for your musical paraphernalia but Divisoria is a place for many items whole or not.

It was in November when my sister-in-law and I went there to buy some Christmas gifts and also the birthday gifts to myself. It’s funny how we literally scoured almost all the stores there to the point that we got too exhausted. We arrived at almost 12 noon and end up at around 5 or 6 pm that made us especially me too tired that I got sick few days after our shopping...

Anyway, bought these nice high-waist colored leggings with pockets in various colors. I only wanted to get a red one but I ended up getting other colors because they are cheap. Each legging is worth P250 at some stores but it was only P200 at the store we got them. I bought 6 pcs – which is already wholesale, so they gave it to me at P190.00 only. You can buy these at other stores for 300-350 each.High Waist Colored Leggings with PocketsBought a black one for SIL too and i got the rust, blue, green, brown and black colors. I’ve been using them already by pairing them with white or black shirts or blouse depending on how it looks. I can pair it with my ballerina shoes, thong flats or with a wedge sandal.

Now, I am wishing to have a not so-red color leggings soon. Not so sure though if I can come back soon but who knows by November again, I might buy another one.

What about you, have you owned any colored leggings or pants too?

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