Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Can you Stop those Shopaholics?

If there is an opiate rapid detox center for those that abuse illegal drugs,  is there a rehab center for SHOPAHOLICS hehe?

I know a lot of women are guilty of endless shopping to the point that it has already become their habit or shopping has taken over their "normal" lives already. An addiction can be habit forming and like what experts say, you'll be considered an addict to something if you continuously eat/drink or do the those things all the time and to the point that it can already hinder you from doing other things.

Women can indulge for things they like and shop from time to time for it can relive stress (but stress will come if the bills come) or make they feel good. Some women shop just for the sake of shopping. Have you raid your closet lately and have you found some clothes with tags still intact? If so, then wear them first or you don;t like them anymore, give them to someone or sell it.

Women will never stop shopping for more clothes, bags, shoes, makeup and more .....but every woman should have self control and be responsible for their endless spending.

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