Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bass Buying Guide

Buying musical stuff can be daunting sometimes but when you do your thorough research online and even asking friends with knowledge, purchasing your own musical instrument will not be hard anymore. When you are looking for a particular musical instrument, high quality and durability should be considered. Sometimes high-end brand will not perform or give you the best quality so be sure to check around.

Looking for a bass? Then this Bass Buying Guide will definitely help you choose. Not only it will give helpful tips but you'll be more knowledgeable before buying your instrument.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ready for Christmas Shopping?

Can you feel the Christmas air already? I do...

As early as this October, I have all the reasons now to think about Christmas and shopping. First, the malls are filled with Christmas decors already, yeah I'm not kidding. Some radio stations are playing Christmas songs already while some TV shows are featuring products that we can buy as Christmas gifts. How can you not think about Christmas when you hear and see all of those hehe.

I'm not really sure when will I start my Christmas shopping because in the last years I started early November so when December strikes, I only have few gifts to find and to rush about. I hate being in the mall with long lines and low stocks of products just to find the perfect gift, so I make it a point as much as possible to shop early. That is to say I have to have ample amount of money to purchase.

Next month, I have to check on my Christmas decors in the storage room and I know they are filled with dusts already but with some little dusting, I know they will be good and will look like new again. Whilst browsing online for some Christmas ideas this year, those whimsical and unique decors locked my eyes on their website. Whimsical, unique, personalized Christmas decors can be found here and I'm sure you'll find something that will match your decors for the holidays. Now, I need to make a Christmas list soon.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Shopped 'Till She Dropped

Haven't been to the mall for quite a while since I'm still on my shopping freeze. November is coming very soon and that is the time for me to shop once again since it's my birthday month. I can't pass on this special day for it has been my tradition to buy something for me or treat myself on a spa or whatever on my birthday. I have to say that it's pretty hard for me not to shop or even go to the malls to look for something that is on sale or bargain as there are nice items that are always up in so many stores.

My cousin once invited me to come with her on her shopping spree couple of weeks ago but unfortunately I was not available that day. I should have seen what she bought and splurge on that day. I know she's a music lover too, so I bet she will not pass dropping by music stores. She always talk about a certain guitar that she wanted to buy and a stand that is so nice to be put on their music room.

Heard that she shopped so much that she almost got broke that day. Talk about being shopaholic. Ahh.. wished that I have lots of budget for my shopping spree too.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shopping Freeze

Oh dear, I'm on a shopping freeze for the last 6 months already! Blame it on my excessive spending last Christmas till the 1st quarter of the year. This is the first time that I told myself not to shop for a while since my savings are really low lately. Work is slow and I'm praying and hoping that it will pick up soon again just like the past few years. I should have spent less last holidays so that I will not get broke today. Lessons learned.

Well, at least I can discipline myself not to buy things that are not needed in the first place. Right now, I'm working hard and saving til the next Christmas season for I don;t want to end up not giving any gifts to my loved ones. I also need to shop for my fur baby because she needs lots of supplies too. I'm going to buy her a new bed, maybe a new shirt, dog food and probably a nice treat for her because she's been good all the time.

I also hope that I can shop soon because my birthday is coming again soon and I don't want to pass shopping for my birthday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedge Shoes / Sandals from Zara

I'm always comfortable wearing flat shoes over heels. However, there are times that I need to wear heels and even wedge shoes to pair with whatever outfit that I will wear for the day of for a particular occasion. Every woman should really have high heeled shoes in her closet. These days, I like to wear wedge shoes for it can add some height on me. Being a flat 5' tall petite lady, I need to have some height as well and I can only achieve that by wearing shoes with heels or wedge.

Just love these wedges from ZARA and hoping to get one soon for I am itching to wear one this summer.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Apart from shopping, the internet is really a good source of information and I have to say that I have been reading a lot about women's fashion/style, relationships and even health and that includes omega 3 health benefits that can help women during menstruation, pregnancy and even menopause.

ISO Cocktail Dresses

Our 30th Pearl Anniversary reunion in highschool will be this coming May 24th and I'm actually so excited already. Not only I will be able to see my former batchmates after many years but I can also dress up beautifully.  I am one of the organizers and we have been busy these past few days for we wanted to reach out to a lot of our batch '84 classmates.

Since the reunion will be held in a hotel, of course we can't wear just casual clothing so I am just eyeing some nice cocktail dresses. I'm not after wearing long gown for I want to be just simple yet elegant and presentable as well. These past few days, I am hooked online trying to find some nice dresses that I can wear and this lead me to look at Nordstrom online to find some inspirations.

Here are my picks and I hope I can find something similar on our local stores. I know, they may look good on models but sometimes it;s different when I fit it already.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Images via:

Monday, March 24, 2014

From Shopping to Printing

In this digital age that we are in now, I can't help but to be thankful each day for all the wonders that is has brought to mankind. A great invention indeed for the Internet plays a major role in our society already. Keeping in touch to our loved ones, clients and friends are now faster and efficient already will all the chat rooms and messengers that are readily available for download without a cost. Communication are faster and very easy so there's no more reason not to get hold of a person if your know their accounts.

Apart from that, shoppers and fashionistas out there are simply enjoying the perks of online shopping. Shopping even without going out of your homes has become part of a lot of shoppers that have limited time to go out to shop and buy something for themselves or as gifts to someone. Shopping online has revolutionized the way people shop at their own capacity.

It's true that shopping for products are much easier now, services as well has become convenient for many shoppers and customers. A lot of business that offers services can be reached online such as those web to print software comparison tools for printing business and many others. Those that are looking for such have a lot of options to choose online rather than going to physical stores in various locations.

Online shopping will always entice every shopper that has always a heart to buy and be satisfied.

Show off your Curves with Bandage Dresses

Women have a lot of to choose from when it comes to dresses. Not all dresses fits or suites every woman because women have different curves, sizes and shapes. In order for women to know which dress fits and suits here, she must be patient in trying out various styles until she finds the right dress. It should be perfect for her personality, age and even type of body though there are some women who are adventurous in wearing dresses that we don't normally figure them wearing such.

One type of dress that women can opt to wear is a bandage dress. It is a dress that can show off off your curves for it is made of strips of stretch materials that can literally hug or woman's body. It's like a bandage or wrap that will cling to a woman's body. It's a figure-hugging dress. So if you have the curves or if you're daring to wear one then go for it.

Various colors and patterns will definitely fit every woman's taste. Just look for a bandage dress that will flatter your body shape. These dresses are sexy and elegant and wearing them will give you a boost while you're on the event.

bandage dresses

Would you dare wear bandage dresses?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Quinceanera Dresses and Celebrations

A Quinceanera celebration is one that is typically held by those of Latin decent to celebrate the fifteenth birthday of a young woman. This type of celebration typically begins with mass or a religious gathering of worship and then is followed by a large party. This birthday is celebrated specifically because it represents a transition from childhood to womanhood. Following are a few traditions that grace the typical quinceanera celebration


Many quinceanera dresses are gowns that are formal enough to make the young woman being celebrated feel beautiful and special. Historically, these were white floor length gowns, but today, girls choose dresses of every color and style. Many of these dresses are purchased with an eye to one's personality. Some choose to purchase a short ruffled dress with many sequins to show that they have a fun loving character. Others may select a long stately dress to reflect the serious nature of taking the next step into life.
Quinceanera Dresses


Anothertradition that quinceanera celebrations honor is the shoe ceremony. Historically, this was a time at which the father of the daughter being celebrated would give a first pair of high heeled shoes to her. Today, many girls wear high heels long before their 15th birthday, but the tradition is still carried out with the father carrying the shoes on a pillow and placing them on the feet of his daughter.


Some quinceanera ceremonies feature dolls as a main part of the event. This is to help represent leaving behind childhood things because the honored guest will be entering the adult world. Some families use the dolls as decorative center pieces on tables or in the theme of decorations. In other parties of this type, the quinceanera or 15 year old girl gets one last doll from her father. Some of these dolls are made of porcelain and have a custom made dress to match the one the girl is wearing. This doll is not meant to be played with, but is to be displayed as a memento of the celebration.


During a special quinceanera mass ceremony, often hosted at a church, the birthday girl may hand out 15 candles to people who have influenced her decisions in her life to this point. Sometimes the giving of candles is followed by a speech by those who received the candles. Each of the candles is said to represent each year of life the girl has finished.


A majority of these ceremonies feature a formal entry and introduction to the party. A toast may be performed in her behalf. Many girls spend the first dance of the evening with their father. When the father releases his daughter after the first dance, often with a whirl of the quinceanera dress, it represents the fact that he is, in essence, releasing her into womanhood.

Dress Colors and Styles

The traditional dress for this occasion was long and white, slightly resembling a wedding dress. Today, those celebrating a quinceanera opt for pastel colors in many ceremonies, and in a few ceremonies, bold reds and purple colors are worn.

The old adage says "you only live once." The same can be said about the 15 year old rite of passage in many Latin cultures. Make sure your search for the perfect dress leads you to memories that will last a lifetime.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Satisfy your Jewelry Cravings with Chocolate Diamonds

For a lot of women, their chocolate cravings can be satisfied in an instant when they munch some delicious dark, white or milk chocolates that can be bought at their groceries. However, not only sweet real chocolates can actually make every women drool because jewelries will always make women want to shop.

If white diamonds are very popular, chocolate diamonds are not left behind. These type of diamonds are so-called chocolate because of their brown color and they are beautiful, elegant and worthy to be invested just like the traditional diamonds. These Reeds chocolate diamonds in the form of ring, pendant and more are just some of the finest chocolate diamonds that you can find in the market.

So if you want to veer away from the traditional diamonds, these chocolate diamonds will surely satisfy your jewelry cravings.
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shopping Tips to Save some Money

Being frugal while shopping is not new to many shoppers out there who wanted to save money even while they are shopping. Why not? Every shopper wants to get good deals and discount even it’s only 5 or 10% from the real amount of the item that they are purchasing. Those little saving if add up will be a good addition for other expenses.

Here are some shopping tips that I have learned while shopping.

Make a List
If you are really on a tight budget, make a list and stick to it especially if you are going to the grocery. Items not on your list will mean added expenses that you might not need in the first place. Shopping for Christmas presents while you have a list will make you shop faster as well.

Cash Payment
As much as possible, pay cash before you’ll have the tendency to buy or add an item in your cart when you know you’re paying with your card, so to avoid that keep your card away.

Outlet Shopping
It’s always fun to shop at the outlet stores for you can get real good bargains. So be sure to check your local outlets stores if you have one in your area.

There’s no doubt that shopping online or at your fave physical stores using coupons codes or cards will give you good discounts so be sure to look for these coupons before heading to the store.

Check the Items
Even if you are looking for bargain items, always check the items thoroughly for damages to avoid returns. Some stores sell products with damages at very low rate so be sure if you want those items. Items like appliance or gadgets and even musical instruments of accessories like exceptional behringer b212xl speakers and such need to be thoroughly check. Always ask for warranty cards all the time.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bags and Wallets Sale from Mango

After Christmas, my family and I went to visit my sister who is staying at Manila Peninsula in Makati at that time for a short vacation before they go back to Sydney. The weather was nice so we just decided to walk from the hotel to Glorietta malls and it took us about 20 or so mins to get there.

It’s seldom that I go to Glorietta for its way too far from our place in the East part of the country. A lot of malls are already nearby so going to Makati, Glorietta malls in particular will mean an added effort in terms of commuting and time.

Anyway, my nieces and I entered at different stores while my mom and SIL just sat down in one place to wait for us to finish our shopping. My niece bought some of her stuff while I’m looking for a bag and wallet.

We saw the sale sign at MANGO in Glorietta 4 and immediately our feet lead us inside. Clothes, shoes, and accessories are on sale so we scour the racks for possible finds. The Esprit hand bag that I am carrying that day is in bad shape already so I thought I’d replace it with a more affordable bag.

Saw a black handbag with some studs on the front at Mango and saw it was on sale too. It was originally priced at Php 2,950.00 but it was slashed to P1,450.00 that day so I bought it. When I was on the way to the cashier, I saw some wallets that can be paired with the black bag that I wanted. Original price is P1,500.00 and on sale for P875.00 so I grabbed it too.

I have quite a lot of bags and wallets already but can’t resist buying it (have a low self-control that day My niece found a nice vintage shirt for herself and since I was generous that day, I paid it for her too and she’s happy about it. I guess, I have to put myself on a bag shopping freeze again this year but knowing myself, I don’t think I can do that.

A Quick Guide To Collecting Toys

Toy collecting can become somewhat of an addictive hobby and with the right collection it is a hobby with the potential to be a lucrative one too!

This market has taken off in such a way in recent years that a number of serious collectors have been able to put together collections of a significant value as a future investment.

This hobby suits anyone with a real passion for toys, (age is no restriction!) or anyone who loves antiques. Toy collecting can be great fun for nostalgic adults and can be an incredibly appealing and rewarding hobby for youngsters of all ages too! Some people collect for their own satisfaction and enjoyment whilst others focus on collecting for profit.

Choose a category of toy that appeals to you and gives you pleasure, after all toys are meant to be enjoyed, right!?

Collectable toys don’t necessarily have to be old or vintage in order to have value and you will find that toys that are as little as twenty years old can be desirable enough to be worth a bit of money now.

Examples of popular collectable toys include;

  • ACTION FIGURES – Superheroes like Superman, Batman and Spiderman, G.I Joe and Marvel figures, figures from Star Wars, The A Team and Transformers, all have great appeal to collectors and prices have a tendency to peak when new films are released.

  • WOODEN TOYS – Rocking horses, spinning tops, wooden train sets and all the popular old classics have a timeless appeal to a broad audience.

  • VINTAGE TIN TOYS – Japanese tin windups, cars, buses, aircraft and motorcycles, Marx trucks and cars and high quality early German tin toys are popular items to collect.

  • DIE CAST – Model trucks and cars are another popular classic with great staying power in the collectable toy market.

  • DOLLS – Vintage dolls, dolls houses and accessories, good examples of Antique French and English miniatures can command some impressive prices in the right condition!


Generally speaking, the toys that have the most value are:

  • RARE




Generally the better the condition the more the toy will be worth. It is always worth hanging onto packaging regardless of its condition as it is desirable to collectors and holds a great deal of useful information too.

It is important to keep your toy collection clean to keep it in shape but overzealous cleaning can damage fragile packaging and delicate finishes, so it is important to take care, or you may do more harm than good.

Sunlight, humidity and extreme temperatures can destroy and discolour toys and packaging so take care to consider your storage options for your toy collection carefully.

Although attics are exactly the type of place where collectible toys lay forgotten for decades, this is often not the best place to store valuable items due to the usual fluctuation in temperature and humidity.

The internet has opened up the market and made it far easier for collectors to ‘go the extra mile’ to find the toys they are hunting for and access useful information.

Toy collector forums are a great place to interact with fellow collectors and share information and online businesses and auctions enable you to collect toys from anywhere in the world without even touching your passport!

Closer to home, auction houses, toy conventions, car boot sales and junk shops are the ideal hunting ground for that hidden gem.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Redecorating My Bedroom

Time is a commodity and a privilege that I do not have these days. I used to be very free and my time is flexible, but not anymore. And so, when I was on a short weekend break not long ago, I went to visit a friend who had just given birth in her beautiful home.

It's been awhile since I met this friend and catch up with her. It's nice to see an old friend who used to be so close to me been keeping well and have such a loving family and a beautiful home. Her newborn is such a darling, but what actually caught my attention that day is not just her adorable baby, but the interior decorations that she used in the baby's nursery too. The curtains that she used to filter out excessive sunlight in the nursery is not only effective, but beautiful too.
curtainSeeing the relaxing setting make me feel like want to revamp my bedroom too. I could use a much more relaxing interior setting at home since I'm always stressed up with work. I bet it would be therapeutic. Perhaps I should get some Bargain Grommet Curtains and start redecorating my bedroom soon. I'm sure they will bring some calm and peace in my life a little bit if not much. I may not have much time to go around and shop, but there is plenty of online curtain stores around that's offering very competitive prices for high quality drapes and curtains. All I need to do is just turn on my PC and browse away.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie by Happy Skin

Last Christmas, I was thinking of what to give to my 19-year old super kikay niece and I thought why not give her a moisturizing lipstick.  I happen to know HAPPY SKIN Cosmetics because it was featured at my fave morning show, Kris TV and i thought that if Kris will find it nice then it's really worth to buy.

I went to Plains and Prints store located in Greenhills and there I found their products. I looked at the various shades of their lipstick and opted to get the FIRST KISS.
Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie contains Shea Butter and Collagen  that makes the lipstick hydrated therefore we can say to dry, chappy lips when we use some matt lipsticks.

My niece loved the lipstick and she even brought back  home in Sydney. I'll try to ask her to take a photo of her using this lipstick.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie by Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie by Happy Skin - FIRST KISS[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie by Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie by Happy Skin - FIRST KISS[/caption]

Check out more products that they are selling: image via
Available in 6 shades: First Kiss, Girl's Night Out, Crushing on You, Just Married, Summer fling
Price: Php 499.00


Rustan’s Department Store/ Rustan's The Beauty Store
Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Power Plant Mall
Greenbelt 5
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
The Podium
Alabang Town Center
SM Mall of Asia
Eastwood Mall
Robinson’s Magnolia
Ayala Cebu

Glorietta 1
SM Mega Mall
Alabang Town Center
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
SM San Lazaro
Greenhills Shopping Center
SM North Edsa / SM Mall of Asia / SM Bacolod
Robinson’s Galleria
Chimes Specialty Store Davao

Make a Statement with Rocker Chic Fashion

Everyone of us has its own style of dressing up. All of us have various tastes dressing up and when it comes to picking clothes to buy. There are those that only wanted a simple no frill look while others want to be extreme to the point that they wanted to be the center of attraction.

We develop our own style of dressing through the years and no one can really impose on what we need to wear or how we should look because if we tried so hard then our sense of personality may lose. If you’re a simple person that only loves to wear plain shirt and jean, then go for it but don’t be afraid to try other styles or colors too. Experiment from time-to-time, who knows you might find a style or fashion that you’ll love as well.

For those brave individuals who are not afraid to show who they are, it can show in their way of dressing. Some can be rugged or can be a rocker chic that can be fashionable as well.

Just one of the popular fashion styles these days is the rocker chic fashion. Chunky accessories, black jeans or blazer match with black boots and skinny jeans. It can be influenced by those rockers like Avril Lavingne or bands. Even if you’re not a rocker that holds guitar with those EVH Amplifiers, you can definitely make a statement with your rocker chic fashion.

Your style can be like this.

I love rock n roll

Rocker Chic

Friday, January 31, 2014

5 Tips to Increase Workers' Productivity and Satisfaction

70 percent of workers report feeling disengaged with their jobs, their supervisors and their very careers.

Would your employees say the same?

It's a hard world out there for the blue-collar worker, but that doesn't mean they have to bring their troubles to the punch clock. To improve satisfaction and productivity among your staff, here are five tips for increasing their engagement.

1: Offer Rewards
Give your "employee of the month" something more substantial than their picture on the wall. Offer incentives for good customer feedback. Set goals and give prizes to the ones who reach them fastest.

2: Keep An Open Door
Have you established an open line of communication between you and your workers? Do they know they can come to you with any concerns, complaints or queries?

3: Put Them in Uniform
Handsome uniforms inspire a sense of professionalism and camaraderie among your employees. They also help present a united front to your customers. Everyone wins, so shop uniforms today for a high-class tomorrow.

4: Remember Birthdays
People work harder for bosses they like. If you remember to bring them a doughnut on their birthday or give them time off for their child's graduation, you'll build a strong, solid foundation of care and trust that will extend to all aspects of the job.

5: Don't Micro-Manage
You hired them because you thought they could do the job. If that's no longer true, then let them go, but don't stand over their shoulder offering unwanted criticism and unsolicited opinions. Nothing ruins productivity more than a manager who won't stay out from underfoot.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Perfume for Women

Last Christmas, I have received quite a lot of gifts from my family and one of them is this Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Perfume and my youngest sis gave it to me. I remember trying this perfume at the mall and I fell in love with the scent right away. I could not afford to buy that perfume that time so I just said that I will put it on my to-buy list first.

Thankfully, my sister who is in Sydney was thinking of some gifts for us. She did ask me if I want a perfume and I replied yes immediately without batting my eyelashes.  She gave a link of store online and asked me to pick which perfume that I like and I said I like to have this Bulgari perfume for I have been longing to have one. I guess there is an ongoing sale at the online store where she got it so she picked some more perfumes for other members of my family.

I was frivolous when I got this perfume along with Pandora bracelet, watches and more. I will make separate posts on them soon.

The scent is not overpowering unlike other perfumes so this one is really a keeper and I would not mind wearing it every time.
Bulgari Omnia Crystalline PerfumeYou can buy 65 ml Bvulgari Omnia Crystalline Perfume for Women at different stores like:
~Macy's -~Amazon - $69 - sale for #39.00
~Nordstrom -
~Sephora - $65.00

Bvulgari Omnia Crystalline Perfume
Bamboo, Nashi, Lotus Flower, Balsa Wood.
Airy. Radiant. Feminine.

High-Waist Colored Leggings with Pockets

Every year before my birthday in arrives, I see to it that I will splurge (a bit) on something or will shop for myself as a birthday gift. It has been my self-tradition for many years already and I have to say that it made November as one of the months that I have the most expenses apart from December and November.

Divisoria, in Manila if you are not familiar yet is the shopping sanctuary for many shoppers who wanted to get good deals on different items. Shoppers can buy by bulk or wholesale and you can save a lot while you can also purchase items individually at a much lower price than some malls.

Air-conditioned malls like 168 mall and 999 mall make shoppers more comfortable while purchasing because they are spacious and air-conditioned. The only thing that you need to be aware is that pickpockets can be roaming around especially in crowded areas so you need to be extra careful and attentive on your belongings all the time. If not for that, Divisoria is one of the best places to shop . I usually just shop there 2x or just once a year but I when I go there I really shop a lot. You may not find moog effects software for your musical paraphernalia but Divisoria is a place for many items whole or not.

It was in November when my sister-in-law and I went there to buy some Christmas gifts and also the birthday gifts to myself. It’s funny how we literally scoured almost all the stores there to the point that we got too exhausted. We arrived at almost 12 noon and end up at around 5 or 6 pm that made us especially me too tired that I got sick few days after our shopping...

Anyway, bought these nice high-waist colored leggings with pockets in various colors. I only wanted to get a red one but I ended up getting other colors because they are cheap. Each legging is worth P250 at some stores but it was only P200 at the store we got them. I bought 6 pcs – which is already wholesale, so they gave it to me at P190.00 only. You can buy these at other stores for 300-350 each.High Waist Colored Leggings with PocketsBought a black one for SIL too and i got the rust, blue, green, brown and black colors. I’ve been using them already by pairing them with white or black shirts or blouse depending on how it looks. I can pair it with my ballerina shoes, thong flats or with a wedge sandal.

Now, I am wishing to have a not so-red color leggings soon. Not so sure though if I can come back soon but who knows by November again, I might buy another one.

What about you, have you owned any colored leggings or pants too?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some Chic Necklace Finds

If some people loves music and playing with musical instruments like student alto saxophone, there are many people particularly women who love bags, shoes and different accessories that they can use. I’m not really fond of wearing necklaces especially those chunky or statement pieces for there are times that it made me so conscious that there is something on my neck. I guess it’s just a weird feeling but I’m trying to overcome it by wearing necklaces most of the times as much as possible.

When my sis-in-law and I went to Divisoria, the shopping haven here in Metro Manila, I can’t help but to buy some beautiful necklaces when we stopped by a store that sells different kinds of accessories. They are so affordable prices ranges from P180 - P100 being the lowest. Bought them at 999 mall but you can find more at 168 mall.

Here are the necklaces that I bought.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Christmas Present: Kardashian Kollection Stud Barrel Bag

There's no doubt that I love bags !

My sister from Sydney came home for their Christmas vacation last year and when I saw her 2 Kardashian Kollection Multi Handle Quilted bags in blue and buttercup (yellow) colors, I immediately asked her to give me the blue one but she declined to give it to She said the yellow one was given by her husband while she bought the blue one and she loves to carry them that;s why she can't give it to me. Poor me..

Anyway, she told me to ask her hubby to buy me instead for he is coming from Sydney before Christmas to be with them. Of course, I'm too shy to ask my BIL to buy me a bag ! However, I know that my sister will ask her hubby to get me one because she showed me some photos of bags where I can choose. I'm also lucky that it is also on sale at one of the shops in Sydney.. yey.

Christmas passed and all along I thought my BIL didn't buy me any bag but I got surprised when he handed me this beautiful Kardashian Kollection Stud Barrel Bag one evening while we are having conversations along with my sister. I was so happy!
I love how the faux leather felt and the bag was so spacious inside. It was not that heavy when I carry it because there's not much blings or metals attached on the bag that will make it heavy even without my things inside and that's a plus for me. There's also a detachable shoulder strap that I can always use just in case I want to carry it hands-free.

Love this bag and in fact, I have used it already.

The bag is quite affordable in my opinion since it looks classy and durable. I think that my BIL even got it on sale when he purchased it for me.

Kardashian Kollection Studded Barrel Bag
- faux leather barrel bag with stud feature
- Top zip opening with gold toned hardware
- Signature KK logo plate on front
- Twin handles and detachable shoulder strap included
- KK signature lining with 2 open interior pockets and interior zip pocket
- W 32 X H 20 X D 18cm

Available online at: at AUD 109.99

Check out more KK collections at:

NY 2014: Your Most Stylish Year Ever Starts Here

2014 means a fresh start for everyone, and especially for fashionistas! The beginning of the year is a great excuse to re-organize your wardrobe and get rid of the things you no longer use. And with all that new closet space, there’s plenty of room for new purchases! 2014 is a year with very mixed trends, which is good, because you’ll surely find something for suit your taste! For Hermes, for example, it’s all about earth tones and simple cuts, while for MiuMiu prints and 60s cuts rule once again.

We saw opulence at Dolce&Gabbana for the SS14 collection, and elegant minimalist at Saint Laurent. Which one is more you? Mix and match until you find your perfect style for 2014! And here are our suggestions for two stylish outfits you can try out, one for everyday and one for the evening:

NY 2014: Your Most Stylish Year Ever Starts Here

Day outfit:Denim shirt - Mango; Jeans - Elizabeth & James; Coat - By Marlene Birger; Shoes - Acne Studios; Bag - Michael Kors; Sunglasses - Ray Ban; Necklace -Nasty Gal;

For everyday wear, try the “Canadian tuxedo”, which actually means double denim. Of course, you don’t want to look like a cowboy of sorts, so pick cool jeans and an even cooler shirt. Make it work with this winter’s trendiest coat - a pink pastel one - and a pair of masculine brogues in a pastel color. No denim shirt is cool without a statement necklace on top, and don’t forget your best mirror-lensed sunglasses either. Finally, a leather crossbody bag will be easy to carry and large enough to fit your daily essentials.

Night outfit: Dress - DKNY; Jacket - Kenzo; Tights - Spanx; Ankle boots - Givenchy; Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs; Bangles - Monsoon; Clutch - Street Level;

If you’re headed for the clubs or a party, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress, no matter the year. Keep warm with a pair of opaque tights and a cool shearling jacket. Have fun with your shoes, by picking printed, heeled ankle boots, and colorful bangles all around. A fun clutch will make your outfit whole, and you’ll be happy you brought sunglasses with you when you leave the party the next morning.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Can you Stop those Shopaholics?

If there is an opiate rapid detox center for those that abuse illegal drugs,  is there a rehab center for SHOPAHOLICS hehe?

I know a lot of women are guilty of endless shopping to the point that it has already become their habit or shopping has taken over their "normal" lives already. An addiction can be habit forming and like what experts say, you'll be considered an addict to something if you continuously eat/drink or do the those things all the time and to the point that it can already hinder you from doing other things.

Women can indulge for things they like and shop from time to time for it can relive stress (but stress will come if the bills come) or make they feel good. Some women shop just for the sake of shopping. Have you raid your closet lately and have you found some clothes with tags still intact? If so, then wear them first or you don;t like them anymore, give them to someone or sell it.

Women will never stop shopping for more clothes, bags, shoes, makeup and more .....but every woman should have self control and be responsible for their endless spending.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Pantone Color of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid

Goodbye to PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald: Color of the Year for 2013 and welcome to PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid: Color of the Year 2014!

Pantone, - global color authority choses Radiant orchid color that is captivating, magical and enigmatic color purple as the color of the year. It is believed that who ever wears this color will be more energetic thus oppose to others saying purple as a lonely color.  The color purple is versatile and can match both warm and cool skin undertones.

Expect a lot of purple dress, clothes and other accessories this year.

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