SM MOA Holiday Shopping Mall Hours

December 03, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

SM MOA Holiday Shopping Mall Hours

I'm very sure that you are already scheduling your Christmas shopping this year so this SM MOA Holiday Shopping Mall Hours announcement from SM can be your guide. It's good to know that mall hours will be extended up until 11 pm except for some dates.

Shopping is fun especially if have lots of budget to buy presents for your family and relatives. Just make sure to make a list of names and gifts that you want to give them so you'll have an idea and you know where you'll find when you are at the mall already. As Christmas draws near expect a lot of traffic and of course lots of shoppers most especially when 13th month or bonus will be given to employees by next week or so.

Try to come early at the mall to avoid heavy crowds that usually starts after lunch but I bet when the holiday for employees starts, malls will  be full even in the morning. If you have too many gifts to buy or you'll be scouring various stores, try not to bring small kids for they will only make your shopping slower. Also, small kids get tired and bored easily, so if you can, just leave them at home for their safety as well.

Happy shopping !!!


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