Sunday, December 1, 2013

Shark Print Designs

I can still remember when I watched Jaws the movie  oh so many years ago when I was just a kid. The big mouth and the sharp teeth haunted me for days that I had to keep on watching cartoons all the time just to veer away from the haunting thoughts that I'm having on my mind. It was a very scary movie and I guess that made me got so afraid to swim in deep waters up to now. It gives me chills.. ahhhh goosebumps.

Anyway, sharks are still ferocious and can kill people without any warning. However, there are some brave individuals who love to be around sharks that they can even swim with them or would dare to see them deep down the water.

These days, there are also shark print designs that are coming up and I bet shark lovers would want them on their shirts or other stuff that they can wear. Here are some shark print designs on various items.

Shark Attack 1

Billabong bathing suit

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