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How to Choose the Ideal Eyeglass Frames for Your Face's Shape

Shopping for your next pair of eyeglasses should be fun, not annoying. So if you find yourself at the store trying on a variety of different types of frames for hours only to leave yourself confused about which ones really complement your face best, take the following advice into consideration the next time you need new frames.

Figure Out the Shape of Your Face

The first step involves figuring out what the shape of your face is. Categories include oval, round, oblong, diamond, heart, and square. Once you've analyzed your face in the mirror, preferably with your hair pulled back after a shower, and you've figured out what the shape of your face is, you can confidently go shopping for the right pair of frames.

Descriptions of Each Shape

  • Oval – An oval face is pretty balanced. The chin is only a bit narrower than the forehead.

  • Round – If you were to measure a round face, the length and width are pretty much the same. These faces tend to have full cheeks.

  • Oblong – On the other hand, an oblong face is longer. People with oblong faces tend to have longer noses, higher cheekbones, and high foreheads.

  • Diamond – A small chin and a small forehead are characteristic of a diamond shaped face. The eye line and jawline are also narrow, with prominent cheekbones.

  • Heart – Hearts have broader foreheads and narrower chins. You should notice that the wide cheekbones give way to a narrower jawline.

  • Square – A square face has a strong, defined jawline, but the cheeks and forehead, too, are prominent features.

The Best Frames for Each Shape

If you have an oval face, you're pretty lucky because just about any type of frame will work on you. If you want to give some contrast to the soft lines of your face, though, consider getting frames that are rectangular or square, or have fun with geometric shapes.

If you find that your face is round, go with frames that will sharpen and enhance your features. To make your face appear longer and thinner, stick with rectangular options or styles that are very horizontal in appearance. You may also want to go with any frames that are able to draw attention to the top of the face.

Oblong faces do best with frames that shorten them. Choose broad options with a decorative temple or a top rim that really stands out.

Diamonds do great with cat eye styles or even rimless frames, both of which really bring out the cheekbones. You can bring balance to this face by going with oval frames too.

Heart faces need frames that are heavier on the bottom, as this will add width to the otherwise narrow end of the face. Go with styles that have low-set temples, narrow frames, or round frames. All of these will draw attention down and away from the forehead.

Finally, for square faces, stick with round or oval frames, or even butterfly shapes. You can order designer glasses online that also feature center-set temples.

About the author:

LisaSelvaggio is a freelance writer who always hated shopping for her frames, until she learned about how easy it could be to narrow down her choices by going with her face shape. After measuring her face, she was able to go to the store and order a pair that really flattered her features.

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  1. Oh! I don't know my face's shape, if it is round or Thanks for this article. I wear eyeglasses for years now, but only when I am reading or in front of the computer. I hate wearing eyeglasses, plus I am not sure if I look good with my eyeglasses. Haha


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