Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Oracle Exam Program Is Great To Enroll In

Most people think about the exam program that they are going to enroll in, before they do so. If you are thinking about getting into the oracle exam system and want to further your education, you should think what they have to offer to students. This article covers just what you can get out of the oracle program.

First up, you will be able to learn from the actual source of the exams. The same people that are involved in producing the exam program are also very involved in the exam process. The oracle university will also offer you a wide variety of learning plans that are very flexible, and this flexibility allows you to be able to train where you want, at the time that fits into your life. You can also get all of the revision notes for the exam at ExamTrace (click here).

If you are working in the IT industry, then the Oracle certification exam is especially made for those that are actively working in the industry. All of the staff that work for the company are highly qualified. If you are looking to significantly further your education, then this program is perfect for you to be able to rocket your career forward. Also, unlike other programs, it is backed up with a complete satisfaction warranty for all students who take part in the program!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Shopping on a Budget

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Christmas is the wonderful time of the year. It's a time not only to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but also to bring cheers to everyone. Giving gifts to kids, friends and relatives are always special. Nothing beats the smile and warmth of embrace you get from people you care about.

Christmas is just few stones away and the Christmas spirit is definitely in the air already. If you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet, now is the time to do so. Don't jump in the Christmas rush shoppers' bandwagon for it will only make you stress and out of focus. Gift giving doesn't mean you need to give expensive gifts all the time. It's about giving something that will make the receiver feel special and loved not because they got teh most expensive gift there is but because you made them special and you thought about them.

Christmas shopping on a budget is achievable if you only follow some guidelines.
1. Make a list
2. Shop early
3. Stick on your budget
4. Give personalized gifts that you made on your own

If you have the budget to buy classic casio px 780 at musicians friend why not? However, if you have small budget, work around it and don't borrow money just to buy expensive gifts because it's not practical.

SM MOA Holiday Shopping Mall Hours

SM MOA Holiday Shopping Mall Hours

I'm very sure that you are already scheduling your Christmas shopping this year so this SM MOA Holiday Shopping Mall Hours announcement from SM can be your guide. It's good to know that mall hours will be extended up until 11 pm except for some dates.

Shopping is fun especially if have lots of budget to buy presents for your family and relatives. Just make sure to make a list of names and gifts that you want to give them so you'll have an idea and you know where you'll find when you are at the mall already. As Christmas draws near expect a lot of traffic and of course lots of shoppers most especially when 13th month or bonus will be given to employees by next week or so.

Try to come early at the mall to avoid heavy crowds that usually starts after lunch but I bet when the holiday for employees starts, malls will  be full even in the morning. If you have too many gifts to buy or you'll be scouring various stores, try not to bring small kids for they will only make your shopping slower. Also, small kids get tired and bored easily, so if you can, just leave them at home for their safety as well.

Happy shopping !!!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to Choose the Ideal Eyeglass Frames for Your Face's Shape

Shopping for your next pair of eyeglasses should be fun, not annoying. So if you find yourself at the store trying on a variety of different types of frames for hours only to leave yourself confused about which ones really complement your face best, take the following advice into consideration the next time you need new frames.

Figure Out the Shape of Your Face

The first step involves figuring out what the shape of your face is. Categories include oval, round, oblong, diamond, heart, and square. Once you've analyzed your face in the mirror, preferably with your hair pulled back after a shower, and you've figured out what the shape of your face is, you can confidently go shopping for the right pair of frames.

Descriptions of Each Shape

  • Oval – An oval face is pretty balanced. The chin is only a bit narrower than the forehead.

  • Round – If you were to measure a round face, the length and width are pretty much the same. These faces tend to have full cheeks.

  • Oblong – On the other hand, an oblong face is longer. People with oblong faces tend to have longer noses, higher cheekbones, and high foreheads.

  • Diamond – A small chin and a small forehead are characteristic of a diamond shaped face. The eye line and jawline are also narrow, with prominent cheekbones.

  • Heart – Hearts have broader foreheads and narrower chins. You should notice that the wide cheekbones give way to a narrower jawline.

  • Square – A square face has a strong, defined jawline, but the cheeks and forehead, too, are prominent features.

The Best Frames for Each Shape

If you have an oval face, you're pretty lucky because just about any type of frame will work on you. If you want to give some contrast to the soft lines of your face, though, consider getting frames that are rectangular or square, or have fun with geometric shapes.

If you find that your face is round, go with frames that will sharpen and enhance your features. To make your face appear longer and thinner, stick with rectangular options or styles that are very horizontal in appearance. You may also want to go with any frames that are able to draw attention to the top of the face.

Oblong faces do best with frames that shorten them. Choose broad options with a decorative temple or a top rim that really stands out.

Diamonds do great with cat eye styles or even rimless frames, both of which really bring out the cheekbones. You can bring balance to this face by going with oval frames too.

Heart faces need frames that are heavier on the bottom, as this will add width to the otherwise narrow end of the face. Go with styles that have low-set temples, narrow frames, or round frames. All of these will draw attention down and away from the forehead.

Finally, for square faces, stick with round or oval frames, or even butterfly shapes. You can order designer glasses online that also feature center-set temples.

About the author:

LisaSelvaggio is a freelance writer who always hated shopping for her frames, until she learned about how easy it could be to narrow down her choices by going with her face shape. After measuring her face, she was able to go to the store and order a pair that really flattered her features.

Shark Print Designs

I can still remember when I watched Jaws the movie  oh so many years ago when I was just a kid. The big mouth and the sharp teeth haunted me for days that I had to keep on watching cartoons all the time just to veer away from the haunting thoughts that I'm having on my mind. It was a very scary movie and I guess that made me got so afraid to swim in deep waters up to now. It gives me chills.. ahhhh goosebumps.

Anyway, sharks are still ferocious and can kill people without any warning. However, there are some brave individuals who love to be around sharks that they can even swim with them or would dare to see them deep down the water.

These days, there are also shark print designs that are coming up and I bet shark lovers would want them on their shirts or other stuff that they can wear. Here are some shark print designs on various items.

Shark Attack 1

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