Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trend Alert: Typography Nails

Typography nails

Already got bored with your typical colored nail polish? Well, why not try this typography nails, which is actually trending right now at the fashion world.

You don;t need to go to a professional nail salon shops to get your nails done because you can do it on your own. All you need to do is creativity and this manicure set that you can buy at SEPHORA.com and voila in no time you'll have this very unique and eye-catching nail art.

This four-piece manicure set is available at Sephora and can create this typography nail design that you can make at the comforts of your home. It's fast frying, glossy and chip resistant

This set contains:
- 0.125 oz Mini Nail Color
- 0.125 oz Transfer Solution
- 0.125 oz Clear Coat
- Typograghy roll

Suggested Usage
-You will need cotton balls and alcohol for this set.
-Always start every manicure by cleaning the nails and removing any oils from the nails with nail polish remover. This helps the polish adhere to the nails better and results in a longer lasting manicure.
-Paint nails with two coats and let dry completely. Be certain that nail color is completely dry before proceeding to next step. It is essential that nails are dry before proceeding.
-Cut a piece of the enclosed newsprint paper close to the size and shape of your nail.
-Begin the following steps one nail at a time:
-Brush Transfer Solution onto nail, making sure to wet the whole nail.
-While solution is wet on nail, place and press paper printed side facing down on your nail. Print may be vertical or horizontal; it’s your choice.
-Apply Transfer Solution to top of newspaper print. Apply generously.
-Moisten a cotton ball with alcohol and hold against paper-pressing very firmly but carefully without moving for 30 seconds.
-Carefully remove paper strip and repeat process on each nail. Do not use the same paper more than one time.
-Wait two minutes to be certain the transfer solution has dried before applying the topcoat.
-Finally, seal the deal with the clear topcoat for a newsworthy manicure that is just your type!

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