Friday, November 15, 2013

Special Occasion Dresses for Little Girls

The most wonderful time of the year is coming and I'm actually pretty excited. Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and of course shopping! I have purchased almost half on my Christmas shopping list and I'm still looking for my own dress as well.

Kids are the most excited during Christmas and I have to say that they are already awaiting to know what will be their gifts. Aside from letting them know that they will receive gifts Christmas, we should never forget to let them know that it is the birth of Jesus Christ and what truly is the meaning of this season. All over the world, we celebrate Christmas and we all have different Christmas traditions to follow. We often go to mass on Christmas Eve and share all the food served on the table and later on is Christmas exchange of gifts.

Christmas Day is spent going to relatives to give gifts and mostly kids will get their presents (money or gift form). Kids are clad in their best outfits, girls are mostly wearing dresses whiles boys have their polo shirts or t-shirts with cartoon characters. Dress up your kids comfortably so they can move and play freely.

Here are some cute dresses for girls that I found online.
Youngland Animal Dress & Cardigan Set - Toddler - Sale at $26.40 available at

Hello Kitty Girls Dress, Little Girls Shrug Tutu Dress available at

Tiered ruffle dress - $60.00 - a little bit pricey though

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