Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Red Matte Lipstick

Women can never have too many lipstick and it is one of the must-have cosmetic inside her purse. Lipstick can quickly brighten up a women's face even without putting any foundation, blush on or eyeshadow. A woman can just wear her fave lippie for the day and go out and will still look great.

These days, there are various color and brand of lipsticks that women can choose depending on her personality, budget and choice. Some women can also opt for matte (it can be drying to the lips though) or glossy (shiny) lipstick. Trying out various shades on the counter before buying will be very helpful. There are times that we thought that a certain color will look good on us especially when we saw it on a model but when we tried on on our lips the effect is very different. Our skin tone also plays an important role in our lipstick choice so be sure to try it on. There are beauty consultants that will help you choose or will guide you which lipstick will look best on you.

Beauty Trend...Red Matte Lips

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