Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gift Ideas: Beauty Products Under $50

Christmas is fast approaching and I hope you already have made or starting to make your Christmas shopping list. Its never too easy to shop the last minute for there are chances that the items that you want to pick are already out of stock. You might end up buying something that you really didn't like in the first place but since you're pressed for time buying gifts, you'll still buy it just to have a gift for Christmas.

Start your Christmas shopping now to save you from so much hassle on Christmas shopping rush. If you are buying online, start putting items on your cart and preview them before check out. Purchasing them early will save you from the delay of shipping later on.

Here are some of the Beauty Products Under $50 that you can give to your girlfriends and loved ones. Perfume, lotions, nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and different types of brushes are always perfect gifts for women.

Gifts under $50

Perfume fragrance
($49) 2,115 PHP -

Bare Escentuals travel kit
($25) 1,080 PHP -

Nars cosmetic
($49) 2,115 PHP -

Lord Taylor beauty product
($30) 1,295 PHP -

Victoria s Secret face brush
($34) 1,470 PHP -

Jonathan Adler gift sets kit
($38) 1,640 PHP -

Christian Dior blush
$ 42 (1,815 PHP) -

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