Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bring Color to your Life: Wear Colored Jeggings/Skinny Jeans

I love wearing skinny jeans, jeggings and leggings from all the time as it is very comfortable to wear that something you feel it's your second skin already.  In fact, I bought 5 colored leggings few days ago and I can't wait to use all of them soon. Though jeggings may not look good on some women, these jeggings have become must-haves clothing for many women as they can be versatile to use and easy to carry around when you travel.

Jeggings come in wide array of colors (rainbow colors indeed) that you can mix and match with your blouses or shirts but if you're not confident wearing colored one, just stick to basic blue jeans color.

You can buy colored jeggings/ skinny jeans or leggings at Zara, Forever 21 and more.
Colored Zip Skinny Jeans at Forever 21 for $22.80

Some celebs wearing colored jeans:

What about you, do you wearing colored jeans, leggings or jeggings?

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