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Beauty Products Used by the Stars

Today’s society is bombarded with images of celebrities.  They are seen on the cover of magazines, on the Internet, in movies, and on TV.  Some people see them so much they long to be friends with them.  Others simply want to look like them.  Fortunately, it is not hard to look as good as your favorite celebrity.  All you need to do is use the beauty products and skin system they rely on daily.  Learn more about their must-haves below.

Anti-Aging Products

Since every celebrity needs to look perfect at all time, they invest in the best quality anti-aging products to prevent wrinkles.  These products help them maintain their youth and provide them with the glowing skin that is seen on the red carpet or the big screen.  In particular, they get regular eye wrinkle treatments to minimize the aging around their eyes.

A Great Moisturizer

Along with their anti-aging products, these stars also use a great moisturizer to provide their skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.  The anti-aging products do not contain this nourishment.  They are only meant to treat the skin.  Therefore, it is important to top the skin with a final layer of support at night and before applying makeup.  This will ensure that your skin always looks great and that your makeup goes on smoothly.

Cream Blush

Blush is essential on the red carpet or at a photo shoot.  Most stars prefer cream to powder when it comes to blush.  Although this might not be the norm for most consumers, it is the best way to create a natural flush in your cheeks.  It will make your skin look healthier and youthful.  If you do not own cream blush, you can always use blend a tiny bit of lipstick on your cheeks.

Shimmery Lotion

Since most celebrities have to show off their skin, they usually like to apply a nice lotion that enhances their skin.  A shimmery lotion is the most popular option.  However, some stars do like the tinted versions that provide a little extra color on their skin.  Either way, the shimmer in the lotion will smooth out imperfections on the body and make you look more radiant.

Fake Lashes

It is extremely common for the stars to wear fake lashes on TV and on the red carpet.  This is because they want their eyes to pop.  There are a few types of lashes that stars choose from:

  • Individual flares

  • Strip lashes

  • Lash extensions

However, there are some celebrities who are using eyelash growth products so they no longer need to rely on fake lashes.

Pressed Powder

Finally, celebrities usually have pressed powder on hand to touch up their makeup and minimize shine.  This is especially important prior to picture taking.  The best pressed powders are sheer.  They will remove excess oil from the skin and help the makeup look smooth in the picture.  Ideally, this product should contain no sunscreen.  Otherwise, it distorts the picture.

If you want to look like a star, make sure to invest in these popular products.  Use them everyday so that you look as beautiful as the celebrities on the red carpet.

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