Friday, November 1, 2013

3 Lip Make-Up Trends to Watch Out for This Season

It’s no news anymore that this autumn/winter season came with a lot of interesting new trends in fashion and make-up. The famous smoky and cat eyes, the revival of the grunge style or the revamping of the Italian eye makeup style have made the headlines of many beauty and lifestyle magazines in the past few months. Movie and TV celebrities started experiencing with the new trends and you can find quite a handful of useful written and video tutorials on how to create a perfect smoky eye look with Kim Kardashian’s tips and tricks or a Vanessa Hudgensstylehotcat-eyes appearance. You will need high quality liquid liners, an extremely steady hand and some fashionable products all great labels are more than willing to provide besides the spectacular creamy, satin metallic glam and earthly colored eye make-ups.

But since the eyes are this season’s highlight, one must wonder how to use this season’s lipstick trends, as they are also very spectacular and daring. There are at least four major such trends, although the designers and the big fashion houses have already started to envision and promote next spring’s style.

        1.  Smokey eyes and nude lipstick

Beauty consultants say that perfectly-crafted smoky eyes represent a statement for women who are cool, with an underground allure and a very sophisticated attitude. And since this type of eye make-up is meant to take the cake and be the highlight, fashion designers displayed a combination of big, impressive eyes and nude or pale pink lips for a striking contrast and a dash of innocence to soften the grunge aspect of their models. Pale pink, pale peach, these are the best choices of lipstick when it comes to show off your cat eye style, in perfect harmony with an impeccable skin tone and contoured features

    2.  Light make-up with dark purple lips

It is indeed an act of bravery to get out of the house wearing dark purple or plum lipstick, but it made a riot on fashion podiums and beauty magazines. It is fascinating, intriguing and demanding, as not many women have the perfect lips for such a color, nor the clean, smooth skin tone to match this courageous style. History has witnessed some moments of dark lipstick display and even today some rock concerts count among the participants fans of the gothic style, but this is something completely different. Purple lipstick goes great with nude and light eye make-up, has nothing to do with any type of underground movement and is a preferred make-up tendency by huge labels such as Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta or Fendi.

3.  Shady lips and bright eyes

Summer is gone and so is the perfect contoured lips and mate lipstick textures. This season comes with shady lips in burgundy, dark red wine and forest fruit nuances. The shades can be created from the interior to the exterior and the other way around, depending on what effect you intend to obtain and major labels such as Armani or Marni seem to be very fond of this style, which is indeed a beauty statement. However, it requires even more skill to obtain the lip shades and to play with nuances transgressing progressively from dark burgundy to fruity, but if you can do it, the results will be spectacular. No much effort is needed for the eyes in this case, either, as light make-up is all you need when your lips are the guests of honor.

Also, you should remember that red is still a fashionable color for this season’s lipsticks, in mate textures and intense nuances. Vibrant effects can be obtained with strawberry nuances and pigments. However, take a look over the trends subjected to debate for the next season, as you will have the surprise of your life when seeing neon orange lipstick as a major 2014 make-up trend, matched with more natural make-up and fashion styles.

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