Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finding Original Jewellery Online is Easy

Thanks to the growing effectiveness of shopping online the process of finding unique and original jewellery has evolved. A massive selection of handmade jewellery can now be accessed with the click of a mouse. Scrolling through artisan jewellery stores, like those at iCraft, certainly beats strolling past craft tables, and online shopping allows you to find your favourite jewellery designer in seconds rather than days.

One of the best parts about perusing artisan jewelry digitally is that it’s so organized. Choosing a category to refine your search will have you shopping in the right place instantly. Whether your preference is gold or silver, earrings or bracelets, you will always know where to look. You can view many products at a time until you find exactly what you’re looking for. Viewing your favourite crafter’s store online gives you the advantage of getting to see even more of their work. If you have your eye on a particular crafter, you won’t be limited to just one or two sample products. On you will be able to view a wide assortment of their handmade jewellery organized by jewellery categories, holidays and special occasions, like birthdays and Mother’s Day, gender or custom collections, like silver jewellery sets and easily buy unique handmade jewelry online.

When shopping for artisan jewellery online you also have the option of saving things for later. If you see something you like, but can’t afford to buy at this particular moment, it is very easy to save your search and come back to it next week. Shopping for jewellery in person does not afford you this luxury, especially at art shows and craft exhibitions. Doing online shopping makes it easier to return to those coveted rare finds you had every intention of buying eventually. If you’re a craft seeker with a taste for fine handmade jewellery, the online marketplace at has so much to offer.

Purchases can be made quickly from the comfort of your own home. You will not have to rummage and rifle through barrels of questionable goods. You will not have to listen to pushy sales pitches. You will not have to pack up the family and trudge through stores to craft shows in search of that perfect, unique gift. You will have it right in front of you, a virtual interactive list of pages that will guide you through the process effortlessly. At iCraft the online jewellery stores make shopping an experience in confidence as nothing for sale there is mass produced or previously used. Each product available for sale is unique and handmade by each individual artist.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Christmas Beauty Wish List

Christmas is fast approaching and I have started my Christmas shopping already. It was mid of November when I finally have the budget to buy for some presents that on my list. It's not very was not very easy creating a list of gifts that I need to purchase that I will give for my loved ones and godchildren this Christmas. I carefully made a list thinking what is the personality and the likes of everyone and I am wishing that gifts that I bought for them will give a smile on their faces and let them know that I care for them.

I'm almost done with my shopping and the next thing that will keep me busy is wrapping all of them and putting them under my Christmas tree that I still need to put up next week or very early December.

I have my own wish list that I want but not totally in need to have one this Christmas.I just love seeing them and hoping to have one soon if not this Christmas. Aside from owning one of the thomas kincaid furniture, I also want to have some of these beauty products that I saw on various online stores.

1. Happy Skin lipsticks- (image via heard about this on Kris TV and it looks pretty nice and it resembles a fat crayon, only it can be put on our lips. I will try to find one at the mall soon.

2. Essie or other brands Nail colors - would love to color my nails with so many cute colors this holiday.

essie holiday kit 1 ea

3. 'Delectable Eyes - Decadent Truffles' Set from Estee Lauder
4. Bulgari Fragrance
5. Clinique Skin Care Kit

Red Matte Lipstick

Women can never have too many lipstick and it is one of the must-have cosmetic inside her purse. Lipstick can quickly brighten up a women's face even without putting any foundation, blush on or eyeshadow. A woman can just wear her fave lippie for the day and go out and will still look great.

These days, there are various color and brand of lipsticks that women can choose depending on her personality, budget and choice. Some women can also opt for matte (it can be drying to the lips though) or glossy (shiny) lipstick. Trying out various shades on the counter before buying will be very helpful. There are times that we thought that a certain color will look good on us especially when we saw it on a model but when we tried on on our lips the effect is very different. Our skin tone also plays an important role in our lipstick choice so be sure to try it on. There are beauty consultants that will help you choose or will guide you which lipstick will look best on you.

Beauty Trend...Red Matte Lips

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Beauty Products Used by the Stars

Today’s society is bombarded with images of celebrities.  They are seen on the cover of magazines, on the Internet, in movies, and on TV.  Some people see them so much they long to be friends with them.  Others simply want to look like them.  Fortunately, it is not hard to look as good as your favorite celebrity.  All you need to do is use the beauty products and skin system they rely on daily.  Learn more about their must-haves below.

Anti-Aging Products

Since every celebrity needs to look perfect at all time, they invest in the best quality anti-aging products to prevent wrinkles.  These products help them maintain their youth and provide them with the glowing skin that is seen on the red carpet or the big screen.  In particular, they get regular eye wrinkle treatments to minimize the aging around their eyes.

A Great Moisturizer

Along with their anti-aging products, these stars also use a great moisturizer to provide their skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.  The anti-aging products do not contain this nourishment.  They are only meant to treat the skin.  Therefore, it is important to top the skin with a final layer of support at night and before applying makeup.  This will ensure that your skin always looks great and that your makeup goes on smoothly.

Cream Blush

Blush is essential on the red carpet or at a photo shoot.  Most stars prefer cream to powder when it comes to blush.  Although this might not be the norm for most consumers, it is the best way to create a natural flush in your cheeks.  It will make your skin look healthier and youthful.  If you do not own cream blush, you can always use blend a tiny bit of lipstick on your cheeks.

Shimmery Lotion

Since most celebrities have to show off their skin, they usually like to apply a nice lotion that enhances their skin.  A shimmery lotion is the most popular option.  However, some stars do like the tinted versions that provide a little extra color on their skin.  Either way, the shimmer in the lotion will smooth out imperfections on the body and make you look more radiant.

Fake Lashes

It is extremely common for the stars to wear fake lashes on TV and on the red carpet.  This is because they want their eyes to pop.  There are a few types of lashes that stars choose from:

  • Individual flares

  • Strip lashes

  • Lash extensions

However, there are some celebrities who are using eyelash growth products so they no longer need to rely on fake lashes.

Pressed Powder

Finally, celebrities usually have pressed powder on hand to touch up their makeup and minimize shine.  This is especially important prior to picture taking.  The best pressed powders are sheer.  They will remove excess oil from the skin and help the makeup look smooth in the picture.  Ideally, this product should contain no sunscreen.  Otherwise, it distorts the picture.

If you want to look like a star, make sure to invest in these popular products.  Use them everyday so that you look as beautiful as the celebrities on the red carpet.

Image via:

Swarovski Christmas 2013 Collection featuring Miranda Kerr

Who will not fall in love with super model Miranda Kerr? Her smile is so captivating in this TV campaign from Swarovski. Swarovski Christmas 2013 Collection is a perfect gift to give to someone and for yourself this Christmas.

Swarovski's Collection for 2013 is named "Moments to Give" and this 30-second video will certainly make you shop for Swarovski jewelries soon. Stunning bracelets, necklaces and rings plus jewelry sets are available at their online store,

Every woman needs to splurge on something that she loves once in a while and Swarovski jewelries are always a great option to have. I hope Santa is reading this because I want a pair of earrings this Christmas.. hehe

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fashion Isn't Just for Bimbos: 4 Stylish Accessories That Also Have Deep Meanings

When people think of fashion, they often think of individuals with questionable IQs who seem more concerned with what they're getting out of their closet for the day than what's going on in the world. While there are definitely individuals who unfortunately live up to that stereotype, it doesn't mean all of fashion is completely vapid and shallow. Since self-expression is a big part of fashion, it makes sense that there are accessories people wear to convey beliefs that they hold close. Let's go over four different accessories that fall into this category:

Livestrong Bracelet

 photo live_strong_zpse0ea79f7.jpg

When the International Cycling Union officially stripped Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles, it came as a shock to cycling fans all over the globe. While allegations of performance-enhancing drugs had swirled around Armstrong for quite some time, he had always denied them. So when the ICU made this official decision, it was a huge deal. And it also had some major effects.

According to various reports, Armstrong said that this decision cost him $75 million in income that's never coming back. Additionally, there are at least six pending lawsuits that could cost him more than $110 million. Those lawsuits are all in some way related to accusing him of financially benefiting from cheating and lying about his cheating for multiple years.

Another big impact of this scandal was on the Livestrong Foundation. Previously known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the cyclist founded it in 1997 after surviving testicular cancer. In 2003, the foundation launched its yellow Livestrong bracelet. Over the last decade, this bracelet has become one of the most iconic fashion accessories in the world. It seems like just about everyone has had one on their wrist at some point.

The reason Livestrong bracelets seem so prominent is because over 80 million have been sold. That alone has raised closed to $100 million for inspiring and empowering cancer survivors and their families. And while Nike will officially quit making the Livestrong bracelet and all other apparel in 2014, that shouldn't diminish what this foundation has accomplished. In total, the foundation has generated over half a billion dollars since its inception.

Red String Bracelet

 photo Red-String-Bracelet_zps333a1b23.jpg

Celebrities like Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and Gwyneth Paltrow have all been photographed with a red string bracelet on their wrist. Since celebrities are known for being quite fashionable even when they're just going to the gym, it's normal to assume that this bracelet was just a trend that suddenly caught on in Hollywood. However, it's actually a fashion choice that can be traced all the way back to the Bible.

This bracelet is a folk custom among the Jewish population. The reason it's worn is to help ward off all the bad things that can be brought on by the evil eye. And if you're wondering why it's been so prominently seen among celebrities, it's because it's commonly associated with Kabbalah, which is a specific realm within Jewish thought.

Fish Necklace

If you see someone wearing a necklace with a fish on it, you may think they just liked the way it looked. You may even think they just happen to be fond of fishing. While that's a possibility, if the head of the fish faces left and the tail consists of two lines crossing, chances are it's actually something more meaningful. So, what exactly is this fish? It's known as an ichthys. That word is actually Greek for fish. And the reason this accessory has meaning behind it is because it's a very popular Christian symbol. That's the result of several prominent mentions of fish throughout the Bible.

Pink Ribbon Pin

This accessory is actually related to the first item on our list. Most people don't only wear a pink ribbon pin because it looks nice. Instead, they do it to show their support and help spread awareness about breast cancer. While plenty of people wear this accessory throughout the year, it's especially popular during October since that's officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And because breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, as well as the most common cause of cancer death among Hispanic women, it's an accessory that has a deeply personal meaning for many of those who wear it.

Much like tattoos, some fashion accessories are simply about their visual appeal. However, accessories don't only have to serve that purpose. As the above examples show, it's also possible to wear an accessory that shares an important belief with the world.

About the Author:
Cole Westervelt is a journalist and editor from the Midwest. After discovering he had a knack for writing in middle school, it's what he's been busy doing ever since!

My Watch Wishlist

I do love watches and if I have extra money, I buy one or two but not to the point that I go penniless. Last year, I wanted to buy myself a Micheal Kors over-sized watch because it was the ïn" thing that time but since I am on a shopping freeze during those days, I opted not to buy. Until now, I am wishing that I have one but still I would not one simply because I have other priorities.

Maybe soon.. I can buy one of these watches that I am eyeing for a long time now. They are perfect to pair with "arm candies" - multiple layers of bracelets.

Michael Kors Rose Golden Runway Oversized Chronograph Watch $275 - at

Kenneth Cole New York - Multifunction Two-Tone Watch with Silver Link Strap $195.00

Not only are they fashionable but these watches are durable and affordable than other designer watches that you can buy at hefty over thousand dollars.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finding Good Clothing Pieces Online

Shoppers are getting smarter each day when they go shopping. Now, shoppers don’t usually just go to the store and buy something that they instantly see because smart shoppers do some research or scour several shops first to find what they want, a good deal and what will suit their budget.

The various leaflets/catalogues and online promotions of various stores can help consumers find the best deals in town. Shoppers can have the option to buy the items on sale not just on local stores but online as well.

Most shoppers these days are hooked at online shopping because of the various conveniences it can bring to many. Browsing through the online catalogue will save them a lot of time and purchasing in an instant saving them time and even gas for shopping online is fast and easier already. There are also some items that you can’t normally find on some stores and this is a good advantage for people who are busy to go to the malls and look for items that they are finding.

Online shoppers normally shop at well-known stores that have millions of followers already but didn’t you know that you can also find good clothing pieces on other online stores that you may not have heard of yet at a much more affordable prices too.

A lot of women who are fashionistas or those that want to be always up to date with the latest fashion trends and styles may find Rosie True a good source for Michael Stars clothing  and other designers. Every clothes or accessories on the store are hand-picked knowing that those items will match every woman’s sense of style.

The collections are combinations of luxury and casual, hip and flirty, and fashionably chic and stylish. Here are just some of the items that I found.

Run Wild With Leopard Print Pieces

Animal inspired designs have been in trend for a while now and it seems that they are here to stay for a lot of designers are still coming up with different clothing and accessories to tickle those that are head-over heels with animal prints, particularly those of leopard prints.

Not every one can carry or pull off  these leopard prints though so be sure to try those shirts or blouses first if it fits your body type or your personality because if not you'll just end up a fashion victim.

Just some few notes to know when wearing these leopard prints. Just make sure that if you are wearing leopard blouse or shirt pairing it with solid or no print jeans or shirt will be much more appropriate as leopard prints are too "busy" already. You can choose leopard print items as an accent to your wardrobe. Have fun wearing these leopard print pieces and they are worth investing in to bring some jazz into your wardrobe.

Run wild with these leopard print pieces and bring out the diva and wild side in you.! Sometimes we all need some bold and edgy pieces in our closet to break the monotony of our style and bring some new fashion kick in us.

Leopard Prints

Understanding Fine Jewelry

What's the difference between a ruby and a sapphire? How many types of pearls are there? If you're dazzled but bewildered by all the beautiful stones on the market, here's a quick guide to further your understanding of fine jewelry.

Shop for a quality diamond by remembering the four Cs: Carat, clarity, color and cut. Diamonds are delicate beauties, so if even one of these areas are sub-par, the whole piece will be, too. Never buy a diamond without asking to examine it through magnification, which will highlight any flaws invisible to the naked eye.

Color and luster are the key aspects of choosing a good pearl. Color, of course, because there are a dozen different types of pearls harvested worldwide, and depending on their region of origin they can be anything from a light ivory to a deep blue. Luster, meanwhile, is defined as a pearl's glow, which is a critical factor in determining its value.

The symbol of love, passion and power, blood-red rubies have been revered throughout history as one of nature's most evocative gems. You'll make a statement with a ruby, both by wearing one or giving it as a gift. This isn't the stone of half-hearted emotion.

Like rubies, sapphires have a long and culturally significant history. They also share many similar properties, both of them being semi-precious stones. That said, you can tell them apart by sheen, cut and color, especially if the sapphire is allowed to stay its rich, natural blue. Visit a jeweler like to learn more.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Special Occasion Dresses for Little Girls

The most wonderful time of the year is coming and I'm actually pretty excited. Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and of course shopping! I have purchased almost half on my Christmas shopping list and I'm still looking for my own dress as well.

Kids are the most excited during Christmas and I have to say that they are already awaiting to know what will be their gifts. Aside from letting them know that they will receive gifts Christmas, we should never forget to let them know that it is the birth of Jesus Christ and what truly is the meaning of this season. All over the world, we celebrate Christmas and we all have different Christmas traditions to follow. We often go to mass on Christmas Eve and share all the food served on the table and later on is Christmas exchange of gifts.

Christmas Day is spent going to relatives to give gifts and mostly kids will get their presents (money or gift form). Kids are clad in their best outfits, girls are mostly wearing dresses whiles boys have their polo shirts or t-shirts with cartoon characters. Dress up your kids comfortably so they can move and play freely.

Here are some cute dresses for girls that I found online.
Youngland Animal Dress & Cardigan Set - Toddler - Sale at $26.40 available at

Hello Kitty Girls Dress, Little Girls Shrug Tutu Dress available at

Tiered ruffle dress - $60.00 - a little bit pricey though

Unique and Alternative Prom Dresses

If you’re finishing school or sixth form, or attending a formal event at university, then you’ll no doubt want a prom dress that really looks the part. Your classmates might go to their local designer store for an off-the-shelf ball gown, but what if you’re looking for something a bit different? Something that’s really ‘you’? Something that nobody else is likely to have?

Do you have to make a prom dress on your own, or could you choose something completely different and go against the grain? Here are a few ways to avoid looking like everyone else, whilst still looking your best on prom night:

Mix and Match Your Patterns

A lot of prom dresses are surprisingly plain and simple, and are mono-colour without detailed designs. Buy a patterned prom dress or party dress and you’re sure to stand out. You can either buy a prom dress with a single repeated pattern, or one that mixes a variety of different patterns and designs like the prom dresses and party dresses from Ginger Fizz.

Choose a Shorter Length Dress

Full-length prom dresses have their place, but if you want an alternative prom dress then they’re probably not your style. Knee-length and thigh-length dresses provide you with a lot more options, and a chance to show off your shoes. Want to turn up in a prom dress and a pair of Converse shoes? Nobody’s stopping you! Shorter prom dresses come in a wide range of styles, which means that you’ll have no trouble finding something that flatters your figure.

Go Vintage

Vintage dresses are ideal for parties and proms. If you’re creative enough and brave enough to wear a dress in a style more than three decades old, then you’ll find that you’re flattered by laces, bows and ribbons that add a ‘classic’ look.

Wear Something Dark

Proms aren’t all about pretty pastel colours and sparkling jewels. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with showing up in something darker. How about a gorgeous designer dresses from Worn By, with prints and patterns for that rock star look?

Or Don’t Wear a Dress?

As much as people talk about find their perfect prom dress or party dress, they’re not the only option. In fact, more and more people are finding the confidence to ditch the dress and attend wearing a suit, or something a little more casual. Vila blazers are perfect accompaniments to a skirt or pair of trousers, and with the right accessories you can make any outfit look prom-ready.

Your prom night might be one of the most glamorous nights of your life, but to make an impression you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Instead of visiting high street stores packed full with every other student fighting over the same dress at the same high price, why not find a party style of your own?

When you look back at your prom photograph, do you really want to blend with everyone else? Make sure that your outfit is one that you’ll love on the night, and you might even find that it becomes a wardrobe staple for other important events.

Sarah Mitchell is a fashion writer and a big fan of the prom dress.

Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2013: A Pre-Christmas Bazaar for Chic Shopping Moms

Christmas is fast approaching and in no time the most wonderful time of the here is here now. Chic shopping moms, I hope you are all gearing up to shop for some goodies.

The Mommy Mundo Bazaar will have over 80 booths that will sell all sorts of items perfect for  mommies and kids.  You can get best deals ofn buys as they stack up on clothes, toys, baby products and other items for personal use and for gifts this Christmas.
When: November 10 (Sunday),
December 8, (Sunday)
10am to 8pm
Where: Rockwell Tent, Makati City.

A friend of mine Mai, will have her booth (DAINTY ASHLEY) and she will be selling beautiful headbands for babies and kids

There are a lot of fun activities for mom and for kids like FREE Face Painting and Makeover sessions from Parteizeit, Game booths, and Inflatables. Don't forget this pre-Christmas bazaar and bring home stuff for yourself and kids.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

4 Ways to Give Yourself an Amazing Spa Day

Most spas have a certain etiquette to keep in mind when visiting which helps set the mood for whatever you are about to experience. A trip to the spa isn’t like a trip to the salon. There is a certain etiquette that's followed to optimize your treatments. Recognizing these dos and don’ts of spa behavior will also help you to get the most out of your treatment. Here are some etiquette essentials when it comes to visiting the spa.

1.  Decide what kind of experience you're looking for.  The best way to get the most out of going to a spa is to choose the right kind of spa and treatments.  For some people, a spa visit means a quick day spa trip with a massage and a manicure; for other people, immersive spa retreats that offer wellness classes as well as treatments are the only true spa experience.  There is no inferior spa experience, but factors like your budget, your schedule, and your desire to escape the outside world all affect which type of spa visit will be best for you.

2.  Take advice from the experts.  When it comes to spa info, there are many online resources that will help you find exciting new services and products - see more at You can sign up for any treatment that you would like at a spa, but there are probably some that will benefit you more than others.  For instance, if you aren't an athlete, aren't injured, and don't suffer from chronic pain, a therapist would likely recommend a Swedish or hot stone massage for you rather than a deep tissue massage.  If you're younger, a specialist might recommend an exfoliating facial scrub rather than a rejuvenating chemical peel.  Again, you can choose whatever treatment you want, but remember that the specialists are experts and they are there to help you have the best experience.

3.  Respect spa etiquette.  Spas are one place where it is essential to be polite and respect etiquette; this helps maintain a good environment both for other visitors and for employees.  When you visit a spa you should leave as much of the outside world at the door as possible.  You should turn your cell phone off or refrain from talking on it and checking it constantly.  This will help you relax while improving the experience of other guests.  You should try to bring a positive attitude, which shouldn't be difficult, and be respectful to employees and other visitors.  You should also show up early for appointments and make sure that, if you have to cancel, you do it as early as possible.

4.  Be open with the spa specialists.  Whether you're a seasoned spa-goer or relatively new to the experience, it's always important to communicate.  The person who is providing your treatment needs to be aware of whether you are pregnant and have any allergies or injuries so that you can receive the most appropriate treatment.  If you're having an unfamiliar treatment like a mud wrap or a more forceful treatment like a deep tissue massage, you'll have a better experience if you talk about what to expect and vocalize any pain or discomfort during the treatment.

When you're new to visiting spas, it's important to be open to new things, respectful of policies and employees, and up front about the kind of experience you are looking for.  Besides keeping these things in mind, however, you shouldn't have to put any work into having an enjoyable spa experience.

Video by Live Love Spa

Gift Ideas: Beauty Products Under $50

Christmas is fast approaching and I hope you already have made or starting to make your Christmas shopping list. Its never too easy to shop the last minute for there are chances that the items that you want to pick are already out of stock. You might end up buying something that you really didn't like in the first place but since you're pressed for time buying gifts, you'll still buy it just to have a gift for Christmas.

Start your Christmas shopping now to save you from so much hassle on Christmas shopping rush. If you are buying online, start putting items on your cart and preview them before check out. Purchasing them early will save you from the delay of shipping later on.

Here are some of the Beauty Products Under $50 that you can give to your girlfriends and loved ones. Perfume, lotions, nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and different types of brushes are always perfect gifts for women.

Gifts under $50

Perfume fragrance
($49) 2,115 PHP -

Bare Escentuals travel kit
($25) 1,080 PHP -

Nars cosmetic
($49) 2,115 PHP -

Lord Taylor beauty product
($30) 1,295 PHP -

Victoria s Secret face brush
($34) 1,470 PHP -

Jonathan Adler gift sets kit
($38) 1,640 PHP -

Christian Dior blush
$ 42 (1,815 PHP) -

What's the Fuss? Why The World Loves to Talk About Miley's Hair

The Miley Cyrus we knew on Disney is long gone. The former Hannah Montana star that inspired girls around the nation teamed up with producer Pharrell Williams to inject her new rebel image into her music. In a bid to shed her innocent star image, the singer/actress took an extreme haircut and dyed her hair platinum blonde. This new look spurred a lot of talk as people began to see the real Miley.

Miley’s Haircut Inspired by a Jonas Brothers Wig
Miley told V magazine that the Jonas Brothers were a source of inspiration for her first haircut. She revealed that the idea of cutting her hair took effect after wearing a wig with a Jonas swoop. She liked the look of the short do and went for it.

Two weeks after wearing the wig, Miley had her hairstylist Chris McMillan shape her new do, and Pharell was the first to hear of the new makeover.

According to Cyrus, the new cut signaled her determination to change and to be different. And she certainly achieved what she set out to do. The new image, including the haircut, took the world by storm. While some people are all for it, a lot more people expressed their disapproval of Miley’s new image. But according to Miley, she’s not looking for other people’s opinions – she loves the new look and that’s all that matters. Subscribe to satellite TV at and get a firsthand look at celebrities with edgy haircuts.

Miley Reveals The Secret To Her Long Hair
Miley’s healthy brown hair became her trademark as the star of Hannah Montana. But Miley set the record straight, and no doubt disappointed her fan base when she revealed that her brown hair came down to extensions.

She pointed to a picture on the front page of Harper’s Bazaar – taken many years before – and reflected that it was a simple life then. But that simple life included 350 extensions in her hair. The hair was not real – at least not hair that grew out of her head.

Miley Loves Her Short Hair
While there’s a lot of buzz about the singer’s daring, edgy cut, Miley claims that she has no regrets. In fact, she loves it so much that she can’t imagine ever going back to having long hair. Women would agree that longer hair is more versatile. The problem is that most women style their long hair in a ponytail or bun. According to Cyrus, a bold new haircut is the best way to get out of a hairstyling rut.

A stylist suggested that Miley can always switch her look and add extensions if she wants to go long again. But according to the singer, that is out of the question because she hates extension. She goes so far as to say that they’re creepy.

The new style is low maintenance – just wash and wear. Miley claims it’s easier than that because the style looks fabulous even when it goes unwashed.

So as some onlookers lament the loss of Miley’s long hair, others are getting used to it because it’s here to stay.

Charlotte Button is a stylist to the stars. She loves to write about celebrity styles on fashion blogs.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bring Color to your Life: Wear Colored Jeggings/Skinny Jeans

I love wearing skinny jeans, jeggings and leggings from all the time as it is very comfortable to wear that something you feel it's your second skin already.  In fact, I bought 5 colored leggings few days ago and I can't wait to use all of them soon. Though jeggings may not look good on some women, these jeggings have become must-haves clothing for many women as they can be versatile to use and easy to carry around when you travel.

Jeggings come in wide array of colors (rainbow colors indeed) that you can mix and match with your blouses or shirts but if you're not confident wearing colored one, just stick to basic blue jeans color.

You can buy colored jeggings/ skinny jeans or leggings at Zara, Forever 21 and more.
Colored Zip Skinny Jeans at Forever 21 for $22.80

Some celebs wearing colored jeans:

What about you, do you wearing colored jeans, leggings or jeggings?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trend Alert: Typography Nails

Typography nails

Already got bored with your typical colored nail polish? Well, why not try this typography nails, which is actually trending right now at the fashion world.

You don;t need to go to a professional nail salon shops to get your nails done because you can do it on your own. All you need to do is creativity and this manicure set that you can buy at and voila in no time you'll have this very unique and eye-catching nail art.

This four-piece manicure set is available at Sephora and can create this typography nail design that you can make at the comforts of your home. It's fast frying, glossy and chip resistant

This set contains:
- 0.125 oz Mini Nail Color
- 0.125 oz Transfer Solution
- 0.125 oz Clear Coat
- Typograghy roll

Suggested Usage
-You will need cotton balls and alcohol for this set.
-Always start every manicure by cleaning the nails and removing any oils from the nails with nail polish remover. This helps the polish adhere to the nails better and results in a longer lasting manicure.
-Paint nails with two coats and let dry completely. Be certain that nail color is completely dry before proceeding to next step. It is essential that nails are dry before proceeding.
-Cut a piece of the enclosed newsprint paper close to the size and shape of your nail.
-Begin the following steps one nail at a time:
-Brush Transfer Solution onto nail, making sure to wet the whole nail.
-While solution is wet on nail, place and press paper printed side facing down on your nail. Print may be vertical or horizontal; it’s your choice.
-Apply Transfer Solution to top of newspaper print. Apply generously.
-Moisten a cotton ball with alcohol and hold against paper-pressing very firmly but carefully without moving for 30 seconds.
-Carefully remove paper strip and repeat process on each nail. Do not use the same paper more than one time.
-Wait two minutes to be certain the transfer solution has dried before applying the topcoat.
-Finally, seal the deal with the clear topcoat for a newsworthy manicure that is just your type!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Where To Find Beautiful Party Dresses For The Holidays

Christmas time is fast approaching and time for me to shop for dresses for holiday parties. And when it comes to shopping for party dresses and gowns, I know just where to find them. So for those of you are having troubles on finding you dress resource for the coming holidays, I suggest you read along because I am going to share to you some places where you can go to find beautiful party dresses for the holidays.

1. Online Stores – If you have a knack for shopping online, then I suggest you visit some of the many online stores today selling cocktail dresses. I happen to do a little dress shopping of my own a few weeks ago and I found these dresses online to be very beautiful. I’m really impressed by their extensive dress collection and I wouldn’t mind buying a dress again online pretty soon. Check these pictures below and see how elegant these dresses are:

Click here to see more dresses of similar styles.

2. Retail chains – If you’re tired of doing the usual shopping chores and want to save money, then it’s time you head to the retail stores and check out their dress collection today. Some of the top names in the retail chain industry have already ventured into selling designer dress and you don’t have to worry on the quality and the money because all their goods are reasonably priced as usual.

3. Used clothing stores – If you’re and adventurous type of a shopper, then maybe it’s fitting that you shop for dresses at used clothing stores. Our dwindling economy paved way for these markets to become a popular choice to the practical shopper and you’ll be bound to find a nice-looking dress minus the heavy tag price.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Four Ways to Wear Head Scarves

Having a bad hair day or just want something to uplift your look for the day? A head scarf can be your lifesaver for those days when you are tired or too lazy to make your hair look tamed and beautiful.

Headscarves are so versatile piece of women's accessories for you can use them in so many ways and purposes. You can tie it into your head to cover your messy hair, those that undergoing a chemo therapy can hide their losing hair underneath a headscarf , use it as a protection against gusty winds/drizzle and can use it as fashion statement and even a piece of accessory for your costume outfit.

Various materials like cotton, silk, and more can be chosen while various prints and colors can match your personality and mood for the day.

Here are 4 fun and cute ways to wear head scarves that I found in Youtube and it can become a stylish fashion statement.
1. Bohemian
2. Funky Bow
3. Hidden Bow
4. Turban

4 Things A Great Facial Skin Care Routine Should Have

All of us want to have a pretty face. One thing that a pretty face needs is a great facial skin. If you want to have a pretty face with a healthy glow, you need to spend some time and money on it. Of course, you will need to shell out some money to avail of professional skin care products like DDF skin care. In addition to that, you will need some time to do your research and get to know more about the five processes that are involved in a great facial skin care regimen. With that in mind, here is the information that you need in terms of caring for your face.

The face is exposed to the pollution and dirt of the world. If you wish to make your skin glow healthy, then it is a must that you remove the contaminants, dirt as well as the extra oil that are damaging your skin. This can be done with the use of a cleansing cream. Apply this on the parts of your neck and face. Massage the cream gently into the skin by using gentle and upward strokes. Allow it to settle then pat your face dry with the use of a tissue or a cloth. Avoid rubbing at all costs. The rule of the thumb is to clean your skin twice a day-- once in the morning and once in the evening before you sleep.

When you cleanse your face properly, it can be a great substitute for toning. However, this extra step will remove any extra dirt, grime or cleanser in your face. Keep in mind that this should not be done on a daily basis. You can opt for skin toning two to three times a week. This is best done once your skin has been exposed to harmful chemicals and conditions.

This is also optional but is highly recommended if you wish to avoid having to deal with blackheads and pimples since this extra step allows you to get rid of the dead skin cells that may clog your pores. When you exfoliate, you are allowing your skin to replenish for every three weeks. This should also be done twice or thrice a week only.

This is a very vital step of the facial skin care process. When you moisturize, you are preventing your skin from drying up. When you have dry skin, you will look old and weary and no one wants that. When your skin is dry, it will be easy for the epidermis to break and this may result to higher number of skin cells.

A lot of women are already aware of these four elements of a good facial skin care. However, the importance of these processes should not be overlooked as all the processes work hand in hand with each other. Never skip any of these and ensure that you are using a high quality professional skin care product like DDF skincare. With the right knowledge and the right ammunition, your face will surely be on its way to beauty and youthful glow.

Limited Edition Perfume Gift Sets by Katy Perry & Taylor Swift

Women choose their perfumes meticulously just like when they buy their bags, shoes and clothes. It needs to be perfect and goes well with her body chemistry so she'll exude a certain scent that is so personal to her. There are actually lots of perfumes in the  market today with different scents available for every woman to choose.

Choosing a particular scent can be daunting at times but it really depends on the preference and personality of the wearer. Some may opt for strong scents that can quickly attract anyone that goes near her while some women just want mild or fine scents that will not annoy some people. Perfumes can come in various scents like fruity, woody, floral, oriental, fresh, and citrus just to name a few.

If you are looking for new scents, why not try these Limited Edition Perfume Gift Sets by Katy Perry & Taylor Swift that are not only perfect for personal use but great gift for women this coming holiday or any occasions?

Katy Perry
Killer Queen Gift Set $64.00
This set contains:
- 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum
- 0.5 oz Eau de Parfum
- 2.5 oz Royal Shower Gel
-2.5 oz Royal Body Lotion

It has an oriental scent with luscious notes of Wild Berries, Red Velvet Flower.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Gift Set $65 (orig $74)
This set contains:
- 3.4oz Eau de Parfum Spray
- 3.4oz Scented Body Lotion
- Shimmer Powder Blush with brush

It has fruits, blushing florals, and soft woods fragrance


Friday, November 1, 2013

3 Lip Make-Up Trends to Watch Out for This Season

It’s no news anymore that this autumn/winter season came with a lot of interesting new trends in fashion and make-up. The famous smoky and cat eyes, the revival of the grunge style or the revamping of the Italian eye makeup style have made the headlines of many beauty and lifestyle magazines in the past few months. Movie and TV celebrities started experiencing with the new trends and you can find quite a handful of useful written and video tutorials on how to create a perfect smoky eye look with Kim Kardashian’s tips and tricks or a Vanessa Hudgensstylehotcat-eyes appearance. You will need high quality liquid liners, an extremely steady hand and some fashionable products all great labels are more than willing to provide besides the spectacular creamy, satin metallic glam and earthly colored eye make-ups.

But since the eyes are this season’s highlight, one must wonder how to use this season’s lipstick trends, as they are also very spectacular and daring. There are at least four major such trends, although the designers and the big fashion houses have already started to envision and promote next spring’s style.

        1.  Smokey eyes and nude lipstick

Beauty consultants say that perfectly-crafted smoky eyes represent a statement for women who are cool, with an underground allure and a very sophisticated attitude. And since this type of eye make-up is meant to take the cake and be the highlight, fashion designers displayed a combination of big, impressive eyes and nude or pale pink lips for a striking contrast and a dash of innocence to soften the grunge aspect of their models. Pale pink, pale peach, these are the best choices of lipstick when it comes to show off your cat eye style, in perfect harmony with an impeccable skin tone and contoured features

    2.  Light make-up with dark purple lips

It is indeed an act of bravery to get out of the house wearing dark purple or plum lipstick, but it made a riot on fashion podiums and beauty magazines. It is fascinating, intriguing and demanding, as not many women have the perfect lips for such a color, nor the clean, smooth skin tone to match this courageous style. History has witnessed some moments of dark lipstick display and even today some rock concerts count among the participants fans of the gothic style, but this is something completely different. Purple lipstick goes great with nude and light eye make-up, has nothing to do with any type of underground movement and is a preferred make-up tendency by huge labels such as Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta or Fendi.

3.  Shady lips and bright eyes

Summer is gone and so is the perfect contoured lips and mate lipstick textures. This season comes with shady lips in burgundy, dark red wine and forest fruit nuances. The shades can be created from the interior to the exterior and the other way around, depending on what effect you intend to obtain and major labels such as Armani or Marni seem to be very fond of this style, which is indeed a beauty statement. However, it requires even more skill to obtain the lip shades and to play with nuances transgressing progressively from dark burgundy to fruity, but if you can do it, the results will be spectacular. No much effort is needed for the eyes in this case, either, as light make-up is all you need when your lips are the guests of honor.

Also, you should remember that red is still a fashionable color for this season’s lipsticks, in mate textures and intense nuances. Vibrant effects can be obtained with strawberry nuances and pigments. However, take a look over the trends subjected to debate for the next season, as you will have the surprise of your life when seeing neon orange lipstick as a major 2014 make-up trend, matched with more natural make-up and fashion styles.

How to Use Healing Crystal Necklaces

A crystal is a solid material whose components are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure that forms a crystal lattice extend...