Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Open-toe Platform Wedges for Modern Women

Women can never have too many shoes and these days, wedge shoes are one of the favorite type of shoes that women buy. Wedge shoes have thick heels that gives more support and comfort when worn. They often come in different styles and height that can match any outfit. Materials can be made of pure genuine or synthetic leather, canvas, cloth, velvet and more.

Some styles include patterns like floral, stripes or camouflage for women who loves a bolder style. Solid colored wedges will always be available for more classic look but combination of colors or color blocking can also been seen on some styles. If you have some money to spend,why not splurge on a branded or signature platform wedges but get ready to pay for extra $ on the prices. However, if you're budget kinda gal who always love to find good and quality wedge shoes, then there are more affordable open-toe platform wedge sandals that will not break your bank.

These open-toe platform wedge sandals not only can make you look chic and fab but they also can give added height to those women who want few inches more in their height. Wedge sandals can be worn on casual or formal attire depending on the style and can be a great alternative to stilettos and high heeled shoes.

Special Delivery: 6 Open-Toe Platform Wedges

Here's how you can wear your wedge shoes

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To semi formal

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  1. Whoa !! tempting to shop .. love the black strappy sandal,


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