Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Wear the Rock Chic Fashion Style

Women can still look feminine and edgy at the same time. This can be achieve wearing a rock chic fashion style. You don't even need to be a musician or a rocker playing musical instruments to pull off a rocker chic fashion. All you need to have is attitude and some great rock chic wardrobe that you can even find in your own closet.

There are many rock chic styles that you wear and it all depends on the what you like and what is comfortable for you. Just some of the few items that can start your rock chic fashion.
1. Leather jackets  and pants
2. Leather shoes
3. Spikes or edgy bracelets/necklaces and other accesories
4. Studded belts, shoes and bags
5. Dark eyeliner
6. Dark skinny jeans
7. Oversized sunglasses
8. Blings and other stuff

Leighton Meester rocking the rock chic fashion style,

Leighton Meester Rock Chic

rock ur life!


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